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from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

For and here
`` For instance, Djakarta, Indonesia, has three groups of dancers interested in coming here.
For we must number here not only the names of Bushnell, Clarke, and Rauschenbusch, not to mention those of `` the Chicago School '' and Macintosh, but those of the brothers Niebuhr and ( if America may claim him!!
::" For here is the chief and most confounding objection to excessive skepticism, that no durable good can ever result from it ; while it remains in its full force and vigor.
For a small category of votes a quorum of 6000 was required, principally grants of citizenship, and here small coloured stones were used, white for yes and black for no.
For simplicity, we shall here use the shorthand notation for representing the over operator.
For Arthur Schopenhauer aesthetic contemplation of beauty is the most free that the pure intellect can be from the dictates of will ; here we contemplate perfection of form without any kind of worldly agenda, and thus any intrusion of utility or politics would ruin the point of the beauty.
For it was here you started to go down the island, in summer.
For normal calculation a number zero is often needed, here most notably when calculating the number of years in a period that spans the epoch ; the end years need only be subtracted from each other.
For the writer of the Book of Hosea, this idea of marriage is not far from the truth, but it is a " male perspective " that is being endorsed here.
For almost 150 years researchers came here to consult the Museum's vast library.
For a list of current trustees, see here.
For Chicanos, the term usually implies being " neither from here, nor from there " in reference to the US and Mexico.
For example, Justice Harlan in 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson landmark Supreme Court opinion, wrote, ' There is no caste here.
For instance, here is the CLU syntax for a cluster that implements complex numbers:
For example, Psalm 34 is attributed to David on the occasion of his escape from the Abimelech ( king ) Achish by pretending to be insane-according to the narrative in 1 Samuel 21, instead of killing the man who had exacted so many casualties from him, Abimelech allows David to depart, exclaiming, " Am I so short of madmen that you have to bring this fellow here to carry on like this in front of me?
For example, chair does not change form between " the chair is here " ( subject ) and " I saw the chair " ( direct object ).
For technical reasons, E # redirects here.
For example, here is a cell diagram of a Daniell cell:
The impressionists exaggerated his stiffness, raised shoulders, and nasal tenor phrasing, along with some of his commonly used introductions, such as " And now, right here on our stage ...", " For all you youngsters out there ...", and " a really big shew " ( his pronunciation of the word " show ").
For example, " It will be raining here in one million years " is theoretically falsifiable, but not practically so.
For organization and ease of reference here, the relevant major terrorist attacks are listed by date below, with a brief summary for each, identifying the terror cells most directly responsible for the attack.
For example, here is a passage from Dyson's review of The God of Hope and the End of the World from John Polkinghorne:
For positive integer m the derivative of gamma function can be calculated as follows ( here γ is the Euler – Mascheroni constant ):
For all X guitars currently available and for more information, check the Ibanez X Series page here.

For and if
For three straight years, Tom Horn patrolled the southern Wyoming pastures, and how many men he killed after Lewis and Powell ( if he killed Lewis and Powell ) will never be known.
William Wimsatt and Cleanth Brooks, it seems to me, have a penetrating insight into the way in which this control is effected: `` For if we say poetry is to talk of beauty and love ( and yet not aim at exciting erotic emotion or even an emotion of Platonic esteem ) and if it is to talk of anger and murder ( and yet not aim at arousing anger and indignation ) -- then it may be that the poetic way of dealing with these emotions will not be any kind of intensification, compounding, or magnification, or any direct assault upon the affections at all.
For if Serenissimus made the sign of the Cross with his right hand, and meant it, with his left he beckoned lewdly to any lady who happened to catch his eye.
For the sad truth is that while one might write well without having read Bartleby The Scrivener, one is more likely, to write well if one has `` read it, and much else.
`` For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: but if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive -- your trespasses ''.
For a while there was such shrill girlish commotion I couldn't have made myself heard if I'd had the equivalent of the message to Garcia.
For instance -- what about all those people Harold Rhodes went toward unhesitatingly, as if this were the one moment they would ever have together, their one chance of knowing each other??
For those communities which have financial difficulties in effecting adjustments, there are a number of alternatives any one of which alone, or in combination with others, would minimize if not even eliminate the problem.
For, if so, the path leads through a complex process of parliamentary diplomacy which adds still another dimension to the problem.
For some unusual photographic subjects, if your vacation takes you nearby, try these events: the 600-mile auto race in Charlotte, N.C.,, on May 27 ; ;
For me, these will belong more completely to their surroundings if they are conceived in this early stage, though I freely admit that I do not hesitate to add or eliminate figures on the full sheet when it serves my final purpose.
For example, the marksman gets 5 shots, but we take his score to be the number of shots before his first bull's-eye, that is, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 ( or 5, if he gets no bull's-eye ).
For if it did, the plane of L and l' would contain two generators of Af, which is impossible.
For if such were the case, either the plane of the two lines would meet **zg in more than K points or, alternatively, the order of the image regulus of the pencil determined by the two lines would be too high.
For instance, the following statement was rated low in compulsivity, `` She's naturally quite neat about things, but it doesn't bother her at all if her room gets messy.
For such an industry, it is only `` safe '' to raise its price if such an increase is manifestly `` justified '' by rising costs ( due to rising wages, etc. ).
For example, property `` used in the trade or business '' of a transferor corporation, as defined in section 1231, presumably would not retain its special status following a non-taxable reorganization if it is not so used in the business of the acquiring corporation.
For if the small group notion involves the implicit claim that the phenomena of sociological investigations are of atomic or subatomic proportions, the philosopher needs to know the extent to which such entities are valid.
For the same reason, the output fiber plate is planoconcave, its exposed flat side permitting contact photography if a permanent record is desired.
For example, if you are a reasonably well-adjusted person, there are certain ways that are reasonable and appropriate for addressing your mother.
For every criterion which defines what something is, at the same time proclaims -- implicitly if not openly -- what that something is not.

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