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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 548
from Brown Corpus
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For and innocence
For a decade, the nation was divided between " dreyfusards " and " anti-dreyfusards ", and far-right Catholic agitators inflamed the situation even when proofs of Dreyfus's innocence came to light.
For example, the presumption of innocence places a legal burden upon the prosecution to prove all elements of the offense ( generally beyond a reasonable doubt ) and to disprove all the defenses except for affirmative defenses in which the proof of non-existence of all affirmative defense ( s ) is not constitutionally required of the prosecution.
For example, a prisoner seeking habeas corpus relief from capital punishment must prove his factual innocence by clear and convincing evidence.
In its central movement, Coming Up For Air is an unembarrassedly affirmative recovery of early-century innocence: boyhood, family life and country rambling in the town of Lower Binfield.
For the rest of her life she maintained her innocence and insisted all her tenants had died of " natural causes ".
For the disappeared person, these include the right to liberty, the right to personal security and humane treatment ( including freedom from torture ), the right to a fair trial, to legal counsel and to equal protection under the law, and the right of presumption of innocence among others.
For example, in the 1970s the term was applied to Nixon's own handling of the Vietnam War and subsequently to the discrepancy between evidence of Richard Nixon's complicity in the Watergate break-in and his repeated claims of innocence.
For a " good " ending, Guys must befriend Vallewida enough to get his logical deduction and knowledge of sword wounds to prove his innocence.
For example, white has long suggested purity, but it can also take slightly different meanings such as peace, or innocence.
The evidence against Rowe was overwhelming ... For the better understanding of those who have listened to this judgment and of those who may report it hereafter this is not a finding of innocence, far from it.

For and all
For better or for worse, we all now live in welfare states, the organizing principle of which is collective responsibility for individual well-being.
For the present it is enough to note that in the grotesque figure of Jacoby, at the moment of his collapse, all these elements come together in prophetic parody.
For him Mercer produced the lyric to `` Out Of Breath Scared To Death Of You '', introduced in that most successful of all the Gaieties, by Sterling Holloway.
'', and `` Too Marvelous For Words '' ( all with Richard Whiting ) ; ;
William Wimsatt and Cleanth Brooks, it seems to me, have a penetrating insight into the way in which this control is effected: `` For if we say poetry is to talk of beauty and love ( and yet not aim at exciting erotic emotion or even an emotion of Platonic esteem ) and if it is to talk of anger and murder ( and yet not aim at arousing anger and indignation ) -- then it may be that the poetic way of dealing with these emotions will not be any kind of intensification, compounding, or magnification, or any direct assault upon the affections at all.
For them only a little more needed to be learned, and then all physical knowledge could be neatly sorted, packaged and put in the inventory to be drawn on for the solution of any human problem.
For by now the original cause of the quarrel, Philip's seizure of Gascony, was only one strand in the spider web of French interests that overlay all western Europe and that had been so well and closely spun that the lightest movement could set it trembling from one end to the other.
For Adams had made up his mind before all the facts were available.
For as his companions gradually dissolve back into a state of primitive confrontation with elemental necessity, as they lose all the appanage of their acquired culture, he is overcome by the feeling that he is at last being confronted with the essence of mankind.
For one thing, there wasn't going to be any ceremony at all this year.
For a few brief minutes they had all been part of one little drama.
For some compulsive reason which would have fascinated Dr. Freud, Communists of all shapes and sizes almost invariably impute to others the very motives which they harbor themselves.
For it is such a distinguished place, with such fine works of art and such a big library, that there can be little doubt but that the owner has become depraved by all this culture.
For instance -- what about all those people Harold Rhodes went toward unhesitatingly, as if this were the one moment they would ever have together, their one chance of knowing each other??
For the oyabun to make such a trip was either a sign of great weakness or an indication of equally great confidence, and from all the available information it was probably the latter.
For both economic and political reasons all segments of the population must be able to share in the growth of a country.
For the dignity, the influence, and the power of the legislative branch of our Government -- it is a privilege for us to do honor to this great man who represents not alone his own district but all the people of our country.
For the purpose of maintaining international peace and promoting the advancement of all people, the United States of America joined in founding the United Nations.
( For each State, make all computations set forth in items 1 to 8 above, and then add the results obtained for each State in item 8.
For a few details of the system the lines are 1-1/4'' '' X-Tru-Coat, a product of Republic Steel Corp., and all lines are welded.
For all meteorites, the average nickel content is about 2.5 per cent.
For an experiment to qualify as a binomial experiment, it must have four properties: ( 1 ) there must be a fixed number of trials, ( 2 ) each trial must result in a `` success '' or a `` failure '' ( a binomial trial ), ( 3 ) all trials must have identical probabilities of success, ( 4 ) the trials must be independent of each other.
For instance, the following statement was rated low in compulsivity, `` She's naturally quite neat about things, but it doesn't bother her at all if her room gets messy.
For what concerns all scientific disciplines is precisely that which can be captured for the rational, i.e., for the scientific determination of what in past ages was considered ultimate and irrational.

For and graces
For example, a man might give homage to a lady, so honouring her beauty and other graces.
Calvin Coolidge summed up his marriage to Grace in his autobiography: " For almost a quarter of a century she has borne with my infirmities, and I have rejoiced in her graces.

For and spirit
For in the modern world neither `` spirit '' nor `` matter '' refer to any generally agreed-upon elements of experience.
For it is primarily in community that we know and experience spirit.
An example of ancient aesthetics in Greece through poetry is Plato's quote: " For the authors of those great poems which we admire, do not attain to excellence through the rules of any art ; but they utter their beautiful melodies of verse in a state of inspiration, and, as it were, possessed by a spirit not their own.
For Hegel all culture is a matter of " absolute spirit " coming to be manifest to itself, stage by stage, changing to a perfection that only philosophy can approach.
For further evidence, Jehovah's Witnesses note that in Mark 1: 9-10, after Jesus was baptised in water by John the Baptist, he was baptised by the spirit symbolised by a dove.
Also, in Acts 1: 5, Jesus assured his disciples that they too would soon be baptised in holy spirit: " For John truly baptized with water ; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence.
Benito Mussolini stated in 1922, " For us the nation is not just territory but something spiritual ... A nation is great when it translates into reality the force of its spirit.
The Southern belle was bred to conform to a subspecies of the nineteenth-century " lady "... For Scarlett, the ideal is embodied in her adored mother, the saintly Ellen, whose back is never seen to rest against the back of any chair on which she sits, whose broken spirit everywhere is mistaken for righteous calm ...
For the majority of Christians, the Holy Spirit ( prior English language usage: the Holy Ghost from Old English gast,spirit ”) is the third person of the Holy Trinity — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and is Almighty God.
# For iconoclasts, the only real religious image must be an exact likeness of the prototype – of the same substance – which they considered impossible, seeing wood and paint as empty of spirit and life.
For, since there are four zones of the world in which we live, and four principal winds, while the church is scattered throughout all the world, and the “ pillar and ground ” of the church is the gospel and the spirit of life ; it is fitting that she should have four pillars, breathing out immortality on every side, and vivifying men afresh.
Also significant is the clear warning against paying heed to those who say that Jesus was not a flesh-and-blood figure: “ For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh .” This establishes that, from the time the epistle was first written, there were those who had docetic Christologies, believing that the human person of Jesus was actually pure spirit.
For instance, the historian Thucydides, who is known for his critical spirit, considers it a true event but doubts that 1, 186 ships were sent to Troy.
For example, a young woman is convinced that the spirit of her dead husband has possessed the family dog, and after some soul-searching, begins a sexual relationship with the dog.
For example, in a Chukchi version of the widespread myth of the Raven, in which Raven recovers the sun and the moon from an evil spirit by seducing his daughter, the angry father throws the daughter from a high cliff and, as she drops into the water, she turns into a walrus – possibly the original walrus.
For example, the 19th century Lowell Mill Girls, who, without any reported knowledge of European marxism or anarchism, condemned the " degradation and subordination " of the newly emerging industrial system, and the " new spirit of the age: gain wealth, forgetting all but self ", maintaining that " those who work in the mills should own them.
For centuries, Datura stramonium has been used as a mystical sacrament which brings about powerful visions ( lasting for days ) and opens the user to communication with spirit world.
For the opening performance, it was intended that the soloists should be Galina Vishnevskaya ( a Russian ), Peter Pears ( an Englishman ) and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau ( a German ), to demonstrate a spirit of unity.
For instance, The Golden Arrow Holy Face Devotion ( Prayer ) first introduced by Sister Marie of St Peter in 1844 is recited " in a spirit of reparation for blasphemy ".
For both the Yu ' piak and Iñupiaq, the meaning is closest to an understanding of a world in which " Most Arctic peoples believe all the world is animate, and that animals have souls or spirits ", ( Berlo and Phillips 161 ) a foundational belief of the continuum and interconnectivity of all life and spirit of all that which is, that which has been, and that which is yet to be.
For by his nostrils nature had given free passage for the high spirit which bubbled up from his heart.
For many, it captured the spirit of the march — the song reaches across racial and religious lines to offer a message of redemption and forgiveness.
For example, Henry's " I know not what to say, my title's weak " ( 1. 1. 135 ), " All will revolt from me, and turn to him " ( 1. 1. 152 ), " And I with grief and sorrow to the court " ( 1. 1. 211 ), and " Revenged may she be on that hateful Duke ,/ Whose haughty spirit, wing'd with desire ,/ Will cost my crown, and like an empty eagle / Tire on the flesh of me and my son " ( 1. 1. 267 – 270 ); Exeter's " And I, I hope, shall reconcile them all " ( 1. 1. 274 ); the entirety of York's soliloquy in Act 1, Scene 4 ; Warwick's pause to get his breath during the Battle of Barnet ( 2. 3. 1 – 5 ); all of Act 2, Scene 5 ( including dialogue from Henry, the father and the son ) up to the entry of Prince Edward at line 125 ; all of Henry's monologue in Act 3, Scene 1, prior to his arrest ( ll. 13 – 54 ); Richard's entire soliloquy in Act 3, Scene 2 ( ll. 124 – 195 ); Margaret's " Ay, now begins a second storm to rise ,/ For this is he that moves both wind and tide " ( 3. 3. 47 – 48 ); Warwick's soliloquy at the end of the Act 3, Scene 3 ( ll. 257 – 268 ); Richard's " I hear, yet say not much, but think the more " ( 4. 1. 85 ) and " Not I, my thoughts aim at a further matter :/ I stay not for love of Edward but the crown " ( 141. 124 – 125 ); Warwick's " O unbid spite, is sportful Edward come " ( 5. 1. 18 ); the entirety of Richard's soliloquy in Act 5, Scene 6, after killing Henry ( ll. 61 – 93 ) and Richard's " To say the truth, so Judas kissed his master / And cried ' All hail ', whenas he meant all harm " ( 5. 7. 33 – 34 ).

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