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For and instance
`` For instance, regarding the fact that the Gross Committee issued two interim announcements to the press during its investigation.
For instance, college-educated people consistently show up in study after study as more often than others supporters of the Bill of Rights and other democratic rights and liberties.
For instance, so-called `` conservative '' organizations, some of them secret, are sprouting in the garden of joining where `` liberal '' organizations once took root.
For instance -- what about all those people Harold Rhodes went toward unhesitatingly, as if this were the one moment they would ever have together, their one chance of knowing each other??
For instance, a site adjoining other publicly owned lands, such as a national forest or a public road, may be desirable, whereas a site next to an industrial plant might not.
( For instance, see Example 2 of Section 5-5, on red cards in hands of 5.
For instance, the following statement was rated low in compulsivity, `` She's naturally quite neat about things, but it doesn't bother her at all if her room gets messy.
For instance, in giving school grades or in making recommendations for the award of a college scholarship, does he consciously or unconsciously favor students of one or another social class??
For instance, there have been two Presidential Commissions on higher education since World War 2.
For instance, the dreamer sees himself seated behind neighbor Smith and, with photographic realism, sees Smith driving the car ; ;
For instance:
`` For instance, Djakarta, Indonesia, has three groups of dancers interested in coming here.
For instance, the Edwin Pauleys Jr., formerly of Chantilly Rd., are now at home on North Arden Dr. in Beverly Hills.
For instance, we cannot know whether even for church members the degree of conformity to Christian standards of morality increased or declined as the proportion of church members in the population rose.
`` For instance, Hesperus agreed to help me find my property, and I agreed to take him to Earth.
For instance, a C-Leg knee alone is not a prosthesis, but only a prosthetic part.
For instance, the word " bank " has several distinct lexical definitions, including " financial institution " and " edge of a river ".
For instance, a local society in the middle of a large city may have regular meetings with speakers, focusing less on observing the night sky if the membership is less able to observe due to factors such as light pollution.
For instance, according to Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic, the Arabic root ( to sacrifice ) can be derived the forms ( he sacrificed ), ( you ( masculine singular ) sacrificed ), ( he slaughtered ), ( he slaughters ), and ( slaughterhouse ).
For instance, we read of Whiting, the last abbot of Glastonbury, judicially murdered by Henry VIII, that his house was a kind of well-ordered court, where as many as 300 sons of noblemen and gentlemen, who had been sent to him for virtuous education, had been brought up, besides others of a lesser rank, whom he fitted for the universities.
For instance, the n
For instance, in 51, Agrippina ordered the execution of Britannicus ’ tutor Sosibius because he had confronted her and was outraged by Claudius ’ adoption of Nero and his choice of Nero as successor, instead of choosing his own son Britannicus.
For instance, antibacterial resistance genes can be exchanged between different bacterial strains or species via plasmids that carry these resistance genes.
For instance, iron changes from a body-centered cubic structure ( ferrite ) to a face-centered cubic structure ( austenite ) above 906 ° C, and tin undergoes a transformation known as tin pest from a metallic phase to a semiconductor phase below 13. 2 ° C.

For and member
For example, suppose that each member of the collection X is a nonempty subset of the natural numbers.
For many years he was a member of Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, pastored from 1905 to 1926 by Social Gospel exponent Henry Sloane Coffin, while his wife and daughter belonged to the Brick Presbyterian Church.
For example, the Bundestag can conduct a question hour ( Fragestunde ), in which a government representative responds to a previously submitted written question from a member.
For instance, 4 is a member of the set of all even integers.
For international banks, including the 55 member central banks of the Bank for International Settlements, the threshold is 8 % ( see the Basel Capital Accords ) of risk-adjusted assets, whereby certain assets ( such as government bonds ) are considered to have lower risk and are either partially or fully excluded from total assets for the purposes of calculating capital adequacy.
For this reason, it has been suggested that Lovecraft might as well be referred to as a member of a " Smith " circle as Smith as a member of a Lovecraft one.
For many years, cardinal Giovanni di San Paolo ( elevated in 1193 ) was identified as member of the Colonna family and therefore its first representative in the College of Cardinals, but modern scholars have established that this was based on the false information from the beginning of 16th century.
For their fourth album, Together Alone, Crowded House used New Zealand-based producer Martin Glover ( aka Youth ) and invited touring musician Mark Hart ( guitar & keyboards ) to become a permanent band member.
For example, in 1988 the United Church of Canada, that country's largest Protestant denomination, affirmed that " a ) All persons, regardless of their sexual orientation, who profess Jesus Christ and obedience to Him, are welcome to be or become full member of the Church ; and b ) All members of the Church are eligible to be considered for the Ordered Ministry.
For example, while in a conversion to Judaism a convert must accept basic Jewish principles of faith, and renounce all other religions, the process is more like a form of adoption, or changing national citizenship ( i. e. becoming a formal member of the people, or tribe ), with the convert becoming a " child of Abraham and Sarah.
For example, each record in a " Faculty and Their Courses " table might contain a Faculty ID, Faculty Name, Faculty Hire Date, and Course Code — thus we can record the details of any faculty member who teaches at least one course, but we cannot record the details of a newly hired faculty member who has not yet been assigned to teach any courses except by setting the Course Code to null.
For academics with doctorates from non-EU member states, the qualification must be recognised formally (" validated ") by the Federal Educational Ministry in Bonn.
For example, Cyprus is approximate to Anatolia ( or Asia Minor ), but is usually considered part of Europe and currently is a member state of the EU.
In the 2004 European Parliament election the EFA was reduced to four MEPs two of the SNP ( Ian Hudghton and Alyn Smith ), one of PC ( Jill Evans ) and one of the Republican Left of Catalonia ( ERC ; Bernat Joan i Mari, replaced at the mid-term by MEP Mikel Irujo of Basque EA ) plus two affiliate members ( Tatjana Ždanoka of For Human Rights in United Latvia ( PCTVL ) and László Tőkés, independent MEP and former member of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania ( UMDR ).
For example, a member bank ( private bank ) is not permitted to give out too many loans to people who cannot pay them back.
For example, in the Dauphiné the provincial assembly agreed to double the number of members of the third estate, hold membership elections, and allow one vote per member, rather than one vote per estate.
For example, a Dinosaur is a member who was active before the first Worldcon ( World Science Fiction Convention ) held on July 4, 1939, while Associate Membership requires provable activity in fandom for more than three decades.
For instance, a club membership list may contain only a hundred or so member names, out of the very large set of all possible names.
For example, it would be an unfair situation to reward the entire team for a job well done if only one team member did the great majority of the work.
For this he was elected a member of the Royal Society.
For example, in Europe, the European Court of Justice has been given jurisdiction as the ultimate appellate court to the member states on issues of European law.
For example, the member states of the EEC signed the Brussels Convention in 1968 and, subject to amendments as new states joined, it represents the default law for all twenty-seven Member States of what is now termed the European Union on the relationships between the courts in the different countries.

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