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Page "fiction" ¶ 1031
from Brown Corpus
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For and many
For three straight years, Tom Horn patrolled the southern Wyoming pastures, and how many men he killed after Lewis and Powell ( if he killed Lewis and Powell ) will never be known.
For Matilda, it was the first she had known in many a night.
For it was the millions of buffalo and prairie chicken and the endless seas of grass that symbolized for a whole generation of Americans the abundant supply that was to take many of them westward when the Ohio and Mississippi valleys began to fill.
For the most part, however, the new version is contemporary and, as such, should be the means for many to attain a clearer comprehension of the meaning of those words recorded so many hundreds of years ago by the first followers of Christ.
For many years a state tax on cities and towns was paid by the several municipalities to the state from the proceeds of the general property tax.
For many of these measurements the chest must be opened, but the blood vessels and the heart itself remain undisturbed.
For example, instead of putting in your driveways last ( as many builders do ) you can now save money by putting them in first.
For one thing, although considerable numbers of men have been trained, bureaucracies are still deficient in many respects ; ;
For a statement of costs per kilowatt-hour would ignore the fact that many of these costs are not a function of kilowatt-hour output ( or consumption ) of energy.
For example, the BBB has reported it was receiving four times as many inquiries about quack devices and 10 times as many complaints compared with two years ago.
For many years the Northwest Company had its southern headquarters at Prairie Du Chien on the Mississippi River, some 300 miles southeast of present-day St. Paul, Minnesota.
For many of these unwed mothers, the data on their family life and early childhood experiences revealed several indications and sources of their basic mistrust of their parents in particular and of the world in general.
For over the years he had received many such calls.
For many years he had provided music and entertainment for functions throughout the Northwest.
For many reasons, the demand to buy shares in the Dallas-headquartered company was tremendous.
For A good many seasons I've been looking at the naughty stuff on television, so the other night I thought I ought to see how immorality is doing on the other side of the fence in movies.
For most of them, it will be their first experience in membership training, since this is a recent development in many churches.
For example, in Burma and Ceylon many Buddhists argue that Buddhism ought to be the official state religion.
For many readers Thurber comes closer than anyone else in sight.
For many immigrants, for many children, the first thing they knew of Israel and freedom was your mother.
For many Muslims, i ' thar must be practiced as a religious obligation during specific Islamic holidays.

For and nights
For three days and three nights Jonah languishes inside the fish's belly.
Which states " For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly ; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.
For it was the case that in these parts the nights were very short, in some places two, in others three hours long, so that the sun rose again a short time after it had set.
* Matthew 12: 40 For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the < U > whale </ U >' s belly ; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.
For their three New York performances, the band members wore exactly the same clothes to facilitate seamless editing of the film, except for John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page who wore different sets of attire on some of the nights, which created continuity problems.
In a letter written to his mother, McCrae described the battle as a " nightmare ": " For seventeen days and seventeen nights none of us have had our clothes off, nor our boots even, except occasionally.
For forty years, Hewitt was Canada's premier hockey play-by-play broadcaster for the General Motors ( later Imperial Oil ) Hockey Broadcast on Saturday nights.
" For seven days and seven nights came the storm " — Atrahasis III, iv, 24
For three days and three nights, the people searched the river for the girls, but they could not find them.
For example, KTRV in Boise, Idaho aired the show at first on Tuesday, then Saturday nights at 6: 30 PM, while WNBC in New York City aired it first on Sundays at 1: 00 PM then moved it back to 9: 00 AM.
For nine Saturday nights in winter of 1969, Vartan starred in the Doppia coppia variety nights of RAI, performing her hits " Irrésistiblement " (" Irresistibilmente ") and " Le jour qui vient " (" Una cicala canta ") in Italian.
For the next two years, the family spent the days confined together in Lafayette's original two rooms, while the daughters spent the nights in a third, adjacent room.
For the majority of its run, the show had aired on Thursday nights, whether on ABC or CBS.
For the series ' twelfth season, 1971 – 72, CBS initially decided the show would remain on Saturday nights, but its time slot would be moved from 8: 30 P. M. to 8: 00 P. M. At the last minute, CBS President Fred Silverman ordered that My Three Sons be moved to Monday nights at 10: 00 P. M. and that the hugely popular All in the Family be scheduled for Saturday nights at 8: 00 P. M. As a result, the ratings for My Three Sons plummeted.
For much of the 1970s, ' 80s, and ' 90s, the FCC imposed a rule requiring networks that broadcast programming on Saturday morning and Sunday nights at 7 PM / 6 PM Central to air bumpers (" We'll return after these messages ...", "... now back to our programming " and variations thereof ) to help younger audiences distinguish programs from advertisements.
For seven nights, the narrator opens the door of the old man's room, a process which takes him a full hour.
For example, on clear nights the Earth's surface cools down faster than on cloudy nights.
For example, in the Russian tradition, the " all-night vigil " is served in every church on Saturday nights and the eves of feast days ( all though it may be abridged to be as short as two hours ) while elsewhere, it is usual to have matins on the morning of the feast ; however, in the latter instance, vespers and matins are rather less abridged but the Divine Liturgy commences at the end of matins and the hours are not read, as was the case in the extinct cathedral rite of Constantinople.

For and afterward
For some time afterward the war was carried on, the advantage being invariably on the side of David.
For safety reasons, the building was initially slated to be demolished shortly afterward.
" For more than two thousand years after the Old Kingdom ( c. 2700-2180 BC ), had a dominating and significant influence over its southern neighbour, and even afterward, the legacy of Egyptian cultural and religious introductions remained important.
" For 19th century readers, his career seemed to decline afterward, but during the early 20th century it was seen as the beginning of a career that peaked with Moby-Dick ( 1851 ).
For decades afterward, this is called " football's upset of the century.
For years afterward members of her community would attribute the child's curiosity, intelligence, and lively personality to the incident.
For years afterward, Winfield's appearances in Toronto were greeted by fans standing and flapping their arms — until he became a fan favorite when he joined the Blue Jays in 1992.
For many years afterward it was operated successively by Jephtha Kidder, Kidder & McCreedy, Kidder & North, Nelson P. Aken and Nicholas P. Kane.
James P. Johnson, reminiscing about Tatum's debut afterward, simply said, " When Tatum played Tea For Two that night I guess that was the first time I ever heard it really played.
For about ten years afterward, speed records were exchanged between Easy Racers with Freddy Markham in the cockpit and the Lightning Team.
For perhaps years afterward, hot gas moved to the surface and slowly cemented ash and pumice together in channels and escaped through fumaroles.
For years afterward, the bullpens were known as " Williamsburg ".
For this series, Woody's appearance was redesigned to look more like his mid-1940s look instead of the classic look he had sported for years afterward.
For the rest of their school years in Avonlea, they compete as intellectual rivals for the top of the class, although the competition is entirely good-natured on Gilbert's side ; immediately afterward, they also go to Queen's College together and split the most prestigious prizes between them.
For his part, O ' Brien refused to accept the title, and afterward the league never officially awarded it at all.
For decades afterward, dog fighting clandestinely took place in pockets of working-class Britain and America.
For years afterward a tracking shot was referred to by both cameramen and directors as a ' Cabiria ' shot.
For a while afterward it shared that status with Newburgh, moved into Orange as compensation for the lost territory, but since the late 19th century all county government functions have been centralized in Goshen.
For decades afterward, dog fighting clandestinely took place in pockets of working-class Britain and America.
For years afterward, he always looked for Nat when he traveled around the South.
For several hundred years afterward, with the cultural taboo of dissection, no major progress occurred in neuroscience.
For safety reasons, the building was to be demolished shortly afterward.
For some years afterward, he played the flute with the help of a special mouthpiece.
For centuries afterward, this profile remained constant with only the continuous building of the main Cathedral making any change in the skyline.

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