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For and much
For several generations much fiction has appeared dealing with the steprelationship.
`` For six years my father had had to do too much commanding and convincing, '' writes the narrator, `` not to understand that man begins with ' the other ' ''.
For the sad truth is that while one might write well without having read Bartleby The Scrivener, one is more likely, to write well if one has `` read it, and much else.
For example, the importance of the Regulus 2, a very promising aerodynamic ship-to-surface missile designed to be launched by surfaced submarines, was greatly diminished by the successful acceleration of the much more advanced Polaris ballistic missile launched by submerged submarines.
For example, the interest of past members of the Foundation's Advisory Board remains such that they place their knowledge and judgments at our disposal much as they had done when they were, formally, members of that Board.
For example, probably very few people know that the word `` visrhanik '' that is bantered about so much today stems from the verb `` bouanahsha '': to salivate.
For example, the steering committee might announce that the group felt a topic under study should not be dropped for an additional week as there was still too much of it untouched.
For the first time in history, the U.S. has produced a society in which less than one-tenth of the people turn out so much food that the Government's most embarrassing problem is how to dispose inconspicuously of 100 million tons of surplus farm produce.
For example, the subprogram in Euclid's algorithm to compute the remainder would execute much faster if the programmer had a " modulus " ( division ) instruction available rather than just subtraction ( or worse: just Minsky's " decrement ").
For much of the 19th and early 20th centuries, many linguists who studied Turkic, Mongolic, and Tungusic regarded them as members of a common Ural – Altaic family, together with Finno-Ugric and Samoyedic, based on such shared features as vowel harmony and agglutination.
For much of the 5th century at least democracy fed off an empire of subject states.
For a Mandarin speaker, to whom and are separate phonemes, the English distinction is much more obvious than it is to the English speaker who has learned since childhood to ignore it.
For galaxies ( which are of course themselves much larger than 10 parsecs, and whose overall brightness cannot be directly observed from relatively short distances ) the absolute magnitude is defined by reference to the apparent brightness of a point-like or star-like source of the same total luminosity as the galaxy, as it would appear if observed at the standard 10 parsecs distance.
For much more distant objects the Euclidean approximation is not valid, and General Relativity must be taken into account when calculating the luminosity distance of an object.
For much of the history of the series ( Volumes 4 through 29 ), settings in Gaul and abroad alternated, with even-numbered volumes set abroad and odd-numbered volumes set in Gaul, mostly in the village.
For Oscar Wilde the contemplation of beauty for beauty's sake was not only the foundation for much of his literary career but was quoted as saying " Aestheticism is a search after the signs of the beautiful.
For much of military history the manufacture of metal armour in Europe has dominated the technology and employment of armour.
For example, cold weather crops like rye, oats, wheat, and apples are expected to decline by about 15 % in the next fifty years and strawberries will drop as much as 32 % simply because of projected climate changes of a few degrees.
For example the United States uses NTSC-M, the UK uses PAL-I, France uses SECAM-L, much of Western Europe and Australia uses PAL-B / G, most of Eastern Europe uses PAL-D / K or SECAM-D / K and so on.
For much of artillery's history during the Middle Ages and the Early modern period, artillery pieces on land were moved with the assistance of horse teams.
For much of its history Aberdour was two villages, Wester Aberdour and Easter Aberdour, on either side of the Dour Burn.
For m ≥ 4, however, it grows much more quickly ; even A ( 4, 2 ) is about 2, and the decimal expansion of A ( 4, 3 ) is very large by any typical measure.
For many years, early Anglo-Saxon history was essentially a retelling of the Historia, but recent scholarship has focused as much on what Bede did not write as what he did.
For example, the first assumption has been tested by observations showing that largest possible deviation of the fine structure constant over much of the age of the universe is of order 10 < sup >− 5 </ sup >.

For and its
For lawyers, reflecting perhaps their parochial preferences, there has been a special fascination since then in the role played by the Supreme Court in that transformation -- the manner in which its decisions altered in `` the switch in time that saved nine '', President Roosevelt's ill-starred but in effect victorious `` Court-packing plan '', the imprimatur of judicial approval that was finally placed upon social legislation.
For this love of the boy for his mother is a hopeless and forbidden love, doomed by its nature.
`` For instance, regarding the fact that the Gross Committee issued two interim announcements to the press during its investigation.
For here if anywhere in contemporary literature is a major effort to counterbalance Existentialism and restore some of its former lustre to the tarnished image of the species Man, or, as Malraux himself puts it, `` to make men conscious of the grandeur they ignore in themselves ''.
For me it has more of both elements than the majority of its competitors.
For almost 3,000 years Europe and Asia have rubbed shoulders in its streets.
For the central storage, Tri-State buys one acre, Buries its tanks and simply holds permanent title to that piece.
For this first development the supplier signing the lease is a major oil company but in turn the deal is being transferred for operation to its local fueloil distributor.
For outdoor signs and displays, acrylic, with its outstanding optical characteristics, weather resistance and formability, strongly dominates the picture.
For mounting to corrugated plastic backgrounds, very small holes may be drilled in the sides of the letters and stainless steel wire threaded through the openings, its ends twisted behind the panels.
For example, the marked susceptibility of the monkey to respiratory infection might be related to its delicate, long alveolar ducts and short, large bronchioles situated within a parenchyma entirely lacking in protective supportive tissue barriers such as those found in types 1, and 3.
For such an industry, it is only `` safe '' to raise its price if such an increase is manifestly `` justified '' by rising costs ( due to rising wages, etc. ).
For example, property `` used in the trade or business '' of a transferor corporation, as defined in section 1231, presumably would not retain its special status following a non-taxable reorganization if it is not so used in the business of the acquiring corporation.
For the same reason, the output fiber plate is planoconcave, its exposed flat side permitting contact photography if a permanent record is desired.
For many years the Northwest Company had its southern headquarters at Prairie Du Chien on the Mississippi River, some 300 miles southeast of present-day St. Paul, Minnesota.
For its part the Hudson's Bay Company was troubled by the approach of American settlement.
-- For a second month in a row, Multnomah County may be short of general assistance money in its budget to handle an unusually high summer month's need, the state public welfare commission was told Friday.
For while the past needs of the Church in this country may have been adequately met by collegiate institutions, which in temper and tone closely resembled junior colleges and finishing schools, it would seem that today's need is for the college which more closely resembles the university in its `` pursuit of excellence ''.
For the year, the road earned 133 per cent of its interest costs, against 121 per cent in the preceding period.
This is one of the main reasons for National Library Week, April 16-22, and for its theme: `` For a richer, fuller life, read ''!!
For the Lo Shu square was a remarkably complete compendium of most of the chief religious and philosophical ideas of its time.
For example, in 1693 the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends declared that its members should emancipate their slaves and in 1776 it determined to exclude from membership all who did not comply.
A Sonata For Violin And Piano, called `` Bella Bella '', by Robert Fleming, was given its first United States performance.
Wisely, the Comedie has brought Moliere's `` Tartuffe '' on its tour and has left `` The School For Wives '' at home.
-- For its final change of bill in its London season, the Leningrad State Kirov Ballet chose tonight to give one of those choreographic miscellanies known as a `` gala program '' at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

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