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For and nineteen
`` For one thing you can stop keeping that child in starched dresses and changed from the skin out nineteen times a day ''.
For example, the years 1900 – 1999 are sometimes referred to as the nineteen hundreds ( 1900s ).
For example, nineteen ( 19 ) is written as four dots in a horizontal row above three horizontal lines stacked upon each other.
For administrative purposes the Maldives government organized these atolls into nineteen administrative divisions.
He wrote: For nineteen years my vision was bounded by forests, but today, emerging from a multitude of tropical plants, I beheld the Gulf of Mexico stretching away unbounded, except by the sky.
For the 1768 general election, Henry Fox bought his son the West Sussex constituency of Midhurst, though Charles was still nineteen and technically ineligible for Parliament.
One publicity release about him read in part: " For breakfast, Primo has a quart of orange juice, two quarts of milk, nineteen pieces of toast, fourteen eggs, a loaf of bread and half a pound of Virginia ham.
For example, Elisabeth von Plotho did not marry her husband at the age of seventeen as does Effi Briest, but when she was nineteen years of age, with Armand von Ardenne being just five and not twenty years her senior.
Gibson ended his tenure by stating, " For nineteen years, my mornings have been not just good — they've been great.
For more than twenty five days Croatian captain Nikola Jurišić and his garrison of 800 Croats held out against nineteen full-scale assaults and an incessant bombardment by the Ottomans.
During the early 1980s, Murphey had significant commercial success with hits like " Still Taking Chances ", " Disenchanted ", " Don't Count the Rainy Days ", " Will It Be Love By Morning ", " Radio Land ", and the number one hit " What's Forever For ", written by Rafe VanHoy, which also crossed over to number three at AC Radio and number nineteen on the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart.
For the purposes of local government, nineteen of Italy ’ s twenty regions are further divided into a total of 109 provinces.
For his first New York solo show, in 1973, Buren suspended a set of nineteen black and white striped squares of canvas on a cable that ran from one end of the John Weber Gallery to the other, out the window to a building on the other side of West Broadway and back.
For his bravery under Rodney in the action near Cape St Vincent in January 1780, Sidney Smith was, on 25 September, appointed lieutenant of the 74-gun third-rate Alcide, despite being under the required age of nineteen.
For a short while, after the alliance between France and Spain had been concluded, in 1795, Lángara co-operated with Napoléon Bonaparte during his Italian campaign of 1796, and sailed from Cádiz with nineteen ships of the line and ten frigates, brushing aside Rear-Admiral Man's division which Jervis had posted to watch Cádiz, and passed into the Mediterranean Sea.
For the first nineteen years of his life he lived on his family's farm, which cultivated his love for the natural environment.
For example, only seven living people have a tenth dan in judo and only nineteen have been promoted to the rank since its inception.
For nineteen years he wrote a survey of the commercial history of the year in The Economist.
For the city nine declared buildings distribute National Monument, and nineteen declared ones Well of Cultural Interest ( BIC ), to which it is necessary to add other two in its municipal area.
For its part, the Romanian 1st Armored Division lost 60 % of its combat strength and crossed the Chir River with only nineteen of its original eighty four serviceable R-2s.
For nineteen years, the political consultant, raconteur, and author Gus Weill hosted the acclaimed " Louisiana Legends " program on LPB.

For and consecutive
For the 1999 season, Cleveland added relief pitcher Ricardo Rincón and second baseman Roberto Alomar, brother of catcher Sandy Alomar, Jr, and won the Central Division title for the fifth consecutive year.
For instance, for several consecutive years Estonia had led the world in the production of sulfur dioxide per capita.
* Belief that an event is " due " to happen: For example, " The roulette wheel has landed on red in three consecutive spins.
For example, in a 10 card deck, if a 7 card cut and a 4 card cut are made, that is, 7 cards are moved from the top of the deck to the bottom and then the resulting top 4 cards are also moved to the bottom, then those two consecutive cuts are equivalent to a cut the size of ( 7 + 4
During the coalition government's brief tenure, Somalia topped the Fund For Peace's Failed States Index for three consecutive years.
For eight consecutive years ( 1995 – 2002 ), all films nominated for an Academy Award for Distinguished Achievement in Visual Effects were created on Silicon Graphics computer systems.
* For the first time in four consecutive years, the film The Wizard of Oz is not telecast.
For instance – provided that steps are stored in consecutive order – crossing over may sum a number of steps from maternal DNA adding a number of steps from paternal DNA and so on.
For reliable clock recovery at the receiver, one usually imposes a maximum run length constraint on the generated channel sequence, i. e., the maximum number of consecutive ones or zeros is bounded to a reasonable number.
For example, the sequence 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, … ( the Fibonacci sequence ) is formed by starting with 0 and 1 and then adding any two consecutive terms to obtain the next one: an implicit description.
For instance a unit of about 5, 000 Wuhuan cavalry that usually resided in You Province ( part of modern northeastern Hebei and western Liaoning Province ) was deployed in Southern Jing Province ( in Hunan Province ) for three consecutive years.
For three consecutive years ( 2009 – 2011 ), the human-resource-consulting firm Mercer ranked Vienna first in its annual " Quality of Living " survey of hundreds of cities around the world.
For instance, in one recent representative series of a consecutive experience, most patients were older and not working.
For instance, the concrete semantics of an imperative programming language may associate to each program the set of execution traces it may produce – an execution trace being a sequence of possible consecutive states of the execution of the program ; a state typically consists of the value of the program counter and the memory locations ( globals, stack and heap ).
For the role of Angela de Marco, she donned a curly brunette wig and a Brooklyn accent, and received her first Golden Globe Award nomination as Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, beginning a six-year streak of consecutive Best Actress nominations at the Golden Globes.
For example, Krusty once revealed that he was banned from television for consecutive 10-and 22-year periods taking him from 1957 to 89.
For 1993 – 94, Terry Simpson was hired as the new head coach in hopes that the Flyers would finally return to playoff contention after four consecutive off-years.
For example, if there are 16 bits per pixel, each pixel is represented in two consecutive ( contiguous ) 8-bit bytes in the framebuffer ( a. k. a. screen buffer ).
For differing reasons, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, and Albania ( who declared an Olympic-record fourth consecutive boycott ) did not participate in the Games.
For 10 consecutive years, NMSU has been rated as one of America's 100 Best College Buys for offering " the very highest quality education at the lowest cost " by Institutional Research & Evaluation Inc., an independent research and consulting organization for higher education.
For the second consecutive season Udinese qualified for the Champions League, clinching third place on the final day of the season with a 2-0 away win against Catania.
* Van der Waerden's theorem: For any given c and n, there is a number V, such that if V consecutive numbers are coloured with c different colours, then it must contain an arithmetic progression of length n whose elements are all the same colour.
* For the twelfth consecutive year, Fortune Magazine included in 2011 Nestlé in their list of The 10 Most Admired Companies in the World.
For 16 consecutive years, beginning in 1994, The University of Scranton has been ranked in the top 10 schools in U. S. News & World Report's rankings of the Best Master's Universities-North.

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