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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 12
from Brown Corpus
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For and one
`` For Christ's sake, don't waste your powder on one of 'em ''!!
For several weeks we eyed one another almost like sparring partners, and then one day Uncle was slightly indisposed and stayed home ; ;
For one thing, there is a natural belt of rock across the river bed ; ;
For one thing, the world that Beckett sees is already shattered.
For the occasion on which everyone already knows everyone else and the host wishes them to meet one or a few honored newcomers, then the `` open house '' system is advantageous because the honored guests are fixed connective points and the drifting guests make and break connections at the door.
For this change is not a change from one positive position to another, but a change from order and truth to disorder and negation.
For paradigmatic history `` breaks '' rather than unfolds precisely when the movement is from order to disorder, and not from one order to a new order.
For innocence, of all the graces of the spirit, is I believe the one most to be prayed for.
For what we propose, however, a psychoanalyst is not necessary, even though one aim is to enable the reader to get beneath his own defenses -- his defenses of himself to himself.
For a freshman Congressman to read political Lessons to graybeard Democrats was poor policy for one who needed to make friends.
For this reason, then, poetry tends to weaken the power of control, the reason, because it tempts one to indulge his passions, and even the best of men, he maintains, may be corrupted by this subtle influence.
For one thing, Aristotle mentions that plays may corrupt the audience.
For by now the original cause of the quarrel, Philip's seizure of Gascony, was only one strand in the spider web of French interests that overlay all western Europe and that had been so well and closely spun that the lightest movement could set it trembling from one end to the other.
In his recent book, Hurray For Anything ( 1957 ), one of the most important short poems -- and it is the title poem for one of the long jazz arrangements -- is written for recital with jazz.
For the sad truth is that while one might write well without having read Bartleby The Scrivener, one is more likely, to write well if one has `` read it, and much else.
For one thing, there wasn't going to be any ceremony at all this year.
For a few brief minutes they had all been part of one little drama.
For that is the one an increasingly large number of prominent Americans are now proposing.
For discouragement, or the temptation to abandon our efforts, `` would show that one placed excessive trust in purely human means without thinking of the omnipotence of God, the irresistible efficacy of prayer, the action of Christ or the power of the Divine Spirit ''.

For and thing
`` For a time I thought of trying to reach the Free Polish Forces, but one thing led to another.
For what Sam Rayburn's life in this House teaches us is that loyalty and character are not divisive and there is no such thing as being for your country and neglecting your district.
For one thing, the driver usually sees less and has less fun than his passengers since it becomes pretty necessary for him to keep at least one eye on the road.
For one thing, although considerable numbers of men have been trained, bureaucracies are still deficient in many respects ; ;
`` For one thing you can stop keeping that child in starched dresses and changed from the skin out nineteen times a day ''.
For many immigrants, for many children, the first thing they knew of Israel and freedom was your mother.
For eleven days they'd done the same thing, leaving the cottage quietly before breakfast, before Esperanza Beach got jammed with tourists and beach balls and show-offy lifeguards.
For one thing, the organs of speech of the Ozagen natives differed somewhat from Earthmen's ; ;
For one thing, it put paid to his idea of taking up medicine as a career ... His uniqueness lay in his universalism.
" For what happens to the sons of men also happens to animals ; one thing befalls them: as one dies, so dies the other.
Like Jehovah's Witnesses, Adventists use key phrases from the Bible, such as " For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward ; for the memory of them is forgotten " ( Eccl.
For example, there are more than six signs for birthday in ASL, just as in English one can say couch and sofa, or soda and pop, to mean the same thing.
For example, there is no such thing as heart disease.
For example, a body appears to be one thing and yet it is distributed into many parts.
For one thing they had too good an opinion of their own ability ... Another point was their faulty field dispositions, and in addition there was rampant indiscipline and inexperience displayed ...
For example, Baldrick is reduced to making coffee from mud and cooking rats, while General Melchett hatches a plan for the troops to walk very slowly toward the German lines, because " it'll be the last thing Fritz will expect.
For example, a multi-sited ethnography may follow a " thing ," such as a particular commodity, as it is transported through the networks of global capitalism.
For one thing, it seems to violate the principle of parsimony, by postulating an invisible entity that is not necessary to explain what we observe.
For one thing, if verbal reports are treated as observations, akin to observations in other branches of science, then the possibility arises that they may contain errors — but it is difficult to make sense of the idea that subjects could be wrong about their own experiences, and even more difficult to see how such an error could be detected.
" For example: in mathematics, it is known that 2 + 2 = 4, but there is also knowing how to add two numbers and knowing a person ( e. g., oneself ), place ( e. g., one's hometown ), thing ( e. g., cars ), or activity ( e. g., addition ).

For and is
For better or for worse, we all now live in welfare states, the organizing principle of which is collective responsibility for individual well-being.
For the family is the simplest example of just such a unit, composed of people, which gives us both some immunity from, and a way of dealing with, other people.
Even so astute a commentator as Harold Clurman of The Nation has said that `` Waiting For Godot '' is `` the concentrate of the contemporary European mood of despair ''.
Harold Clurman is right to say that `` Waiting For Godot '' is a reflection ( he calls it a distorted reflection ) `` of the impasse and disarray of Europe's present politics, ethic, and common way of life ''.
For the beatnik, like the hipster, is in opposition to a society that is based on the repression of the sex instinct.
For this reason, too, their language is more forthright and earthy.
For the present it is enough to note that in the grotesque figure of Jacoby, at the moment of his collapse, all these elements come together in prophetic parody.
For Plato, `` imitation '' is twice removed from reality, being a poor copy of physical appearance, which in itself is a poor copy of ideal essence.
For both Plato and Aristotle artistic mimesis, in contrast to the power of dialectic, is relatively incapable of expressing the character of fundamental reality.
For Hammer, nothing is forbidden.
For example, suppose a man wearing a $200 watch, driving a 1959 Rolls Royce, stops to ask a man on the sidewalk, `` What time is it ''??
For this love of the boy for his mother is a hopeless and forbidden love, doomed by its nature.
For this purpose a degree of intellectual and emotional involvement is necessary ; ;

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