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For and private
For private suits the minimum jury size was 201 ( increased to 401 if a sum of over 1000 drachmas was at issue ), for public suits 501.
For instance: the pottery shop was discontinued when the school moved from Weimar to Dessau, even though it had been an important revenue source ; when Mies van der Rohe took over the school in 1930, he transformed it into a private school, and would not allow any supporters of Hannes Meyer to attend it.
For private households, it is argued to be insufficient to merely dismiss debts after a certain period.
For example, the nature of the business entity may be one that is traded on a public market ( public company ), not traded on a public market ( a private, limited or closely held company ), owned by family members ( a family business ), or exempt from income taxes ( a non-profit, not for profit, or tax-exempt entity ).
" For a short time he attended King Edward VI Grammar School in Totnes, South Devon, but his health forced him back to private tutors for a time.
For instance, since 2006, annual Canada Day celebrations have been held at Trafalgar Square — the location of Canada House — in London, England ; initiated by the Canadian community in the United Kingdom, endorsed by the Canadian High Commission, and organised by a private promotions company, the event features Canadian performers and a demonstration of street hockey, among other activities.
Nonetheless, Wilson believed that, in all cases, corporations “ should be erected with caution, and inspected with care .” The actions of corporations were clearly circumscribed: “ To every corporation a name must be assigned ; and by that name alone it can perform legal acts .” For non-binding external actions or transactions, corporations enjoyed the same latitude as private individuals ; but it was with an eye to internal affairs that many saw principal advantage in incorporation.
For instance prior to 1914 most officers of British cavalry regiments came from a socially privileged background and the considerable expenses associated with their role generally required private means, even after it became possible for officers of the line infantry regiments to live on their pay.
For example, in Spain, unrepentant Jews were exiled, and it was only those crypto-Jews who had accepted baptism under pressure but retained Jewish customs in private, who were punished in this way.
For the first time since Vladimir Lenin's New Economic Policy, the law permitted private ownership of businesses in the services, manufacturing, and foreign-trade sectors.
For most of the world, door swings, or handing, are determined while standing on the outside or less secure side of the door while facing the door ( i. e., standing on the side you use the key on, going from outside to inside, or from public to private ).
For some scholars, a dictatorship is a form of government that has the power to govern without consent of those being governed ( similar to authoritarianism ), while totalitarianism describes a state that regulates nearly every aspect of public and private behavior of the people.
For example a virtual network adapter is used with a virtual private network, while a virtual disk device is used with iSCSI.
For example, in the United States and Canada " only a licensed engineer may seal engineering work for public and private clients ".
For example, a member bank ( private bank ) is not permitted to give out too many loans to people who cannot pay them back.
For instance, the license may be " free for private, non-commercial use ".
For example, Keynesians support a role for government in providing corrective measures, such as use of fiscal policy for economy stimulus, when decisions in the private sector are believed to lead to suboptimal economic outcomes, such as depression or recession, which manifest in widespread hardship.
# For performance reasons, static content that is not specific to the user or transaction, and thus not private, is usually delivered through a non-crypted front server or separate server instance with no SSL.
For example, people may state different sexual orientations depending on whether their immediate social environment is public or private.
For example, some laws restrict carrying knives in public while other laws restrict private ownership of certain knives, such as switchblades.
For the first few years the Dolphins full-time training camp and practice facilities were at Saint Andrew's School, a private boys boarding prep school in Boca Raton.
For example in Australia, methadone maintenance treatment ( MMT ) is delivered by private pharmacies for a nominal fee to the client ( regardless of the fact it is free as it is subsidised by the Federal government ).
For example, in Milan, Italy, 60 % of La Scala's annual budget of € 115 million is from sales and private donations, with the remaining 40 % coming from public funds.
For then the Roman Pontiff is not pronouncing judgment as a private person, but as the supreme teacher of the universal Church, in whom the charism of infallibility of the Church itself is individually present, he is expounding or defending a doctrine of Catholic faith.

For and suits
For years he wore hand-me-down suits and homemade paper collars, was even driven to scrounging for cigarette butts in Vienna's gutters.
For particularly important public suits the jury could be increased by adding in extra allotments of 500.
For example, when the Supreme Court says that the First Amendment applies in a specific way to suits for slander, then every court is bound by that precedent in its interpretation of the First Amendment as it applies to suits for slander.
For example, in 2010 ABC Color managing director Aldo Zuccolillo faced criminal charges relating to defamation suits brought against him by former government officials.
For example, the old style of the King's head was more rectangular, had a crown with identifiable card suits on it ( club, diamond, heart ), his mustache and beard always hid his mouth, and his beard frequently extended to a curved point when the King was shown in profile ( see The Wondrous Wizard of Id, 1970, Fawcett Publications ).
For a time, Demosthenes made his living as a professional speech-writer ( logographer ) and a lawyer, writing speeches for use in private legal suits.
For easy identification, Altena's followers are mostly people who dress up as nuns and common villagers who are skilled at fighting while her opposers are mainly men in black suits.
For most of his life, Spock wore Brooks Brothers suits and shirts with detachable collars, but, at 75, for the first time in his life, Mary Morgan got him to try blue jeans.
* Civil Tort law: For example, class action by smokers, various product liability suits.
For general functions, the graphic representation cannot be applied and the formal definition of the graph of a function suits the need of mathematical statements, e. g., the closed graph theorem in functional analysis.
For this reason the wild card is considered very dangerous and is often passed to keep it out of hands with few suits.
For example, the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvement Act of 1976 ( 15 USC 15 ( c )), through Section 4C of the Clayton Act, permits state attorneys general to bring parens patriae suits on behalf of those injured by violations of the Sherman Antitrust Act.
For Bomb Disposal Operations, Canadian Naval Divers wear Bomb suits.
For example, supermarkets often have different customers types requiring alternative shopping options ; one group may wish to see the goods directly before purchase and like the convenience of quickly shopping on-the-fly, while another group may require a different convenience of shopping online and getting the order delivered when it suits them.
For additional warmth, some drysuit users inflate their suits with argon, an inert gas which has superior thermal insulating properties compared to air.
: For other garments ( protective, etc ) sometimes called suits, see Suit ( disambiguation ).
For women, a dress or skirts are acceptable suits ; a blouse ( usually white ) takes the place of a shirt.
For example, he has supported Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement ( CAFTA ) and other free trade agreements, harsher bankruptcy laws, and increased restrictions on the right to bring class action suits.
For small crimes ( punishable by a fine or lighter punishment ) and civil suits ( involving claims not exceeding 900, 000 yen ), 448 summary courts have jurisdiction.

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