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For and residential
For example, the monthly bill of a residential consumer might be the sum of a $1 customer charge, a $5 charge for 250 kilowatt-hours of energy at
" For 2012, the residential property tax rate in Cambridge is $ 8. 48 per $ 1, 000.
For residential variations of DSL, this is usually the Ethernet ( RJ-45 ) port or a USB port ; in rare models, a FireWire port is used.
For their environmental benefit and sizable energy savings, hot water heat recycling units are being installed in residential buildings.
For example in 1995, following the lobbying done by The Affiliated Residential Park Residents Association Incorporated ( ARPRA ) and other interested tenant organizations, the Government created new legislation to provide residential park residents with improved protection.
For instance, test on a product for used in an industrial environment will not be as stringent as a product used in a residential area.
For example, Eric Hobsbawm's book The age of revolution: 1789 – 1848 ( published 1962 and 2005 ) chapter 11, stated " Urban development in our period was a gigantic process of class segregation, which pushed the new labouring poor into great morasses of misery outside the centres of government and business and the newly specialised residential areas of the bourgeoisie.
His book, Gardens Are For People, and numerous campus master planning and residential design projects influenced environmental design in California, and so the country.
For 18 months the authorities have been excavating the site of the church which is buried under a residential area.
* For students in a double degree program ( 1st year of engineering degree ), a room is automatically booked at the school ’ s student residential home " Max Schmitt ".
* For students in a study stay, research stay and accepted on the Masters degrees, there are rooms available in a university residential home near the campus.
For years the center of the free black residential area was Pocahontas Island, a peninsula on the north shore of the Appomattox River.
For residents and visitors alike, the city features a wide array of business and industrial enterprises, retail and residential areas, and historical sites.
For administrative purposes, the borough is split into North and South Hillingdon with more industrial units to the south and residential suburban areas in the north.
For these reasons, cities such as Berkeley, California, and Vancouver, British Columbia, among many others, transformed existing residential streets part of a grid plan into permeable, linked culs-de-sac.
For example, they are obliged to make every effort to avoid damaging people and property not involved in combat, but they are not guilty of a war crime if a bomb mistakenly hits a residential area.
For a long time, it was assumed that this indicated that she was a teacher by profession ( for this reason, Flinders Petrie donated the portrait to Girton College, Cambridge, the first residential college for women in Britain ), but today, it is assumed that the term indicates her level of education.
For instance, the Virginia Pilot is a project which focuses on redeveloping the grounds adjacent to the old mines into low-to moderate-income residential space.
For example, a non journeyman worker of some 20 or 30 years experience may have most or all of his experience in only residential, commercial or industrial applications.
For many residents, Nyali has now become a self-contained residential area, with two Nakumatts, a multiplex cinema, shopping malls, banks, schools and post offices.
For example, in 2006 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors considered a controversial zoning plan to limit the number of motor vehicle parking spaces available in new residential developments.
For example, the 45 stories of the original office tower were converted into a 52-story residential building, enabled by the lower ceiling height of residential spaces.
For impoverished inner-city residents, the role of highway planning policies and other government-spurred initiatives instituted by the planner Robert Moses and others have been criticized as unsightly and unresponsive to residential needs.
For example, an airport would not be surrounded immediately by residential properties, but rather by industrial and commercial properties.

For and property
For many years a state tax on cities and towns was paid by the several municipalities to the state from the proceeds of the general property tax.
For example, property `` used in the trade or business '' of a transferor corporation, as defined in section 1231, presumably would not retain its special status following a non-taxable reorganization if it is not so used in the business of the acquiring corporation.
`` For instance, Hesperus agreed to help me find my property, and I agreed to take him to Earth.
For example, if we abbreviate by BP the claim that every set of real numbers has the property of Baire, then BP is stronger than ¬ AC, which asserts the nonexistence of any choice function on perhaps only a single set of nonempty sets.
For example, in the Schrödinger picture, there is a linear operator U with the property that if an electron is in state right now, then in one minute it will be in the state, the same U for every possible.
For example, in England and Wales and in most states of the United States, the basic law of contracts, torts and property do not exist in statute, but only in common law ( though there may be isolated modifications enacted by statute ).
For this purpose, an agreement was signed with the French government, represented by the High Commissioner for French Polynesia, whereby Clipperton became French state property.
For a certain class of Green functions coming from solutions of integral equations, Schmidt had shown that a property analogous to the Arzelà – Ascoli theorem held in the sense of mean convergence — or convergence in what would later be dubbed a Hilbert space.
For the preceding property of unions of non-decreasing sequences of convex sets, the restriction to nested sets is important: The union of two convex sets need not be convex.
For over a year after the Japanese surrender, rumors circulated throughout China that the Japanese had entered into a secret agreement with Chiang, in which the Japanese would assist the Nationalists in fighting the Communists in exchange for the protection of Japanese persons and property there.
For example, extra costs, repair or replacement of damaged property, lost earnings ( both historically and in the future ), loss of irreplaceable items, additional domestic costs, and so on.
For example, Datura have the property of being able to change size of plant, size of leaf, and size of flowers, all depending on location.
For example, it has deputized sister states to act as contingency fee auditors for unclaimed property.
For the sole ' property ' of matter, with whose recognition philosophical materialism is bound up, is the property of being an objective reality, of existing outside of the mind.
For instance, the democracy of ancient Athens did not allow women, foreigners, or slaves to vote, and the original United States Constitution left the topic of suffrage to the states ; usually only white male property owners were able to vote.
For example, a basic property of addition is commutativity which states that the order of numbers being added together does not matter.
Axiom 6: For any property P, if P is positive, then being necessarily P is positive.
For example, the property
For example, at very high temperature and high pressure, unless there are sufficiently many flavors of quarks, the theory of quantum chromodynamics ( QCD ) predicts that quarks and gluons will no longer be confined within hadrons < i > because the strength of the strong interaction diminishes with energy .</ i > This property, which is known as asymptotic freedom, has been experimentally confirmed in the energy range between 1 GeV ( gigaelectronvolt ) and 1 TeV ( teraelectronvolt ).
For example, pharmaceutical companies that produce, apply intellectual property rights in order to prevent other companies from manufacturing their product without the additional cost of research and development.
For if this argument works, then any property that has changed from the last time we looked at a thing would mean that the thing does not exist anymore, and there is a new thing in its place.
For this rule to be applicable, each element y ∈ Y must correspond to no more than one x ∈ X ; a function ƒ with this property is called one-to-one, or information-preserving, or an injection.
For Stirner, property simply comes about through might: " Whoever knows how to take, to defend, the thing, to him belongs property.

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