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For and several
For several weeks we eyed one another almost like sparring partners, and then one day Uncle was slightly indisposed and stayed home ; ;
For several months now, Jack Carter, a big overgrown boy of fifteen with a fuzzy, pimpled face and greenish catlike eyes with a lot of red in them, had been haunted by a dream, a vision, of a Woman.
When Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen began their collaboration in 1940, Mercer, like Arlen, had several substantial film songs to his credit, among them `` Hooray For Hollywood '', `` Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride '', `` Have You Got Any Castles, Baby??
For many years a state tax on cities and towns was paid by the several municipalities to the state from the proceeds of the general property tax.
For the president, a master plan looking ahead five years ( the maximum reach for sound forecasting ), offers several practical advantages.
For a number of years Kentucky, Louisiana and several other states have been building state-sponsored vocational education schools that serve nearby school districts in several counties.
For several days, she was ill as a result of Lee's treatment.
For hundreds of years, the evidence available consisted of ( 1 ) the captain's fragmentary journal, ( 2 ) a highly prejudiced account by one of the survivors, ( 3 ) a note found in a dead man's desk on board, and ( 4 ) several second-hand reports.
For, in the process of decanting, the bottle is only tilted once instead of several or more times at the table: hence, a minimum of the undesirable mixture of wine and dregs.
For many of these unwed mothers, the data on their family life and early childhood experiences revealed several indications and sources of their basic mistrust of their parents in particular and of the world in general.
For instance, the word " bank " has several distinct lexical definitions, including " financial institution " and " edge of a river ".
For example, Pyrethrum ( refers to several Old World plants of the genus Chrysanthemum ) is a natural insecticide with minimal environmental impact.
For several years, Solomonoff's work was better known in the Soviet Union than in the Western World.
For several years he continued the war against Miletus begun by his father, but was obliged to turn his attention towards the Medes and Babylonians.
For this reason, a low dose of a benzodiazepine is often used for several weeks when initiating SSRI / SNRI therapy in order to counteract the initial anxiety caused by the drugs until the therapeutic delay of the SSRI / SNRI is finished and the drug becomes effective.
For the movie's poster, Universal brought Campbell in to take several reference head shots and asked him to strike a sly look on his face.
For a detailed discussion of the differences including a more comprehensive table ( several essential tables are given below ) of Biblical scripture for both Testaments and the intertestamental period with regard to canonical acceptance in Christendom's various major traditions, see Wikipedia's article on " Biblical canon ".
For several years, the National League and American Association champions met in a postseason championship series — the first attempt at a World Series.
For affected animals which do not die, recovery is very slow, lasting several months.
For the next several years, the BPCA made slow progress.
For more than two months, Nelson chased the French, on several occasions only missing them by a matter of hours.
For many such patients stable doses of benzodiazepines retain their efficacy over several years.
For several decades from the 1970s to early 2000s, the focus in designing high performance general purpose CPUs was largely on achieving high ILP through technologies such as pipelining, caches, superscalar execution, out-of-order execution, etc.

For and generations
For example, in modern Western cultures, there are alternative styles of clothing that characterized older and younger generations.
For decades the generations of few remaining sighthounds were regarded as hunting-suited, when showing enough attacking initiative for fox hunting.
For example, in one of the Four Great Classical Novels of China, The Dream of the Red Chamber ( believed to be a semi-autobiographical account of author Cao Xueqin's own family life ), three generations of the Jia family are supported by one favorite concubine of the Emperor.
For Jews, the Torah-written and oral-is the primary guide to the relationship between God and man, a living document that has unfolded and will continue to unfold whole new insights over the generations and millennia.
For Dewey education was social that helped bring together generations of people.
For the purposes of this article, history is taken to mean written history recorded in a narrative format for the purpose of informing future generations about events.
For fifty years he trained two generations of future Conservative rabbis.
For example, the Beautiful music format that developed into today's Easy listening and Soft rock formats is nearly extinct due to a lack of interest from younger generations, whereas classic rock has become popular over the last 20 years or so and Jack FM has arisen only since 2000 or so.
For several generations, his family had been small-scale bankers in Florence, but his father, Ludovico di Leonardo di Buonarotto Simoni, failed to maintain the bank's financial status, and held occasional government positions.
For the initiated this union was the symbol of the eternity of human life that flows from the generations which spring from each other.
For example, classical scholar Alexis de Tocqueville differentiated between 1 ) political revolutions 2 ) sudden and violent revolutions that seek not only to establish a new political system but to transform an entire society and 3 ) slow but sweeping transformations of the entire society that take several generations to bring about ( ex.
For five generations, the House of Billung ruled the Duchy of Saxony.
For the Swedish Greens ( Miljöpartiet de Gröna ), in the 1980s they were called the Four Solidarities: " Solidarity with the ecological systems ", " Solidarity with the people throughout the world ", " Solidarity with future generations ", and " Solidarity with the underprivileged people in our own country ".
For Mexicans of that generation, and generations to come, the San Patricios were heroes who came to the aid of fellow Catholics in need.
For generations they operated their own newspapers and broadcasting association.
In August 1967 after Israel's capture of the Mount, the Chief Rabbis of Israel, Isser Yehuda Unterman and Yitzhak Nissim, together with other leading rabbis, asserted that " For generations we have warned against and refrained from entering any part of the Temple Mount.
For controller and CRT terminal use, this was an acceptable design, but it was rather cumbersome to use for most other tasks, at least compared to the next generations of microprocessors.
For some generations monks trained by Irish missionaries continued to use the Rule and to found new monasteries using it, but most converted to the Benedictine Rule over the 8th and 9th centuries.
For a couple of generations during the 20th century it was thought that basking sharks settled to the floor of the North Sea and hibernated.
For generations it has been known to the traditionally living San people as an appetite suppressant.
For untold generations, American Indians traversed the county on well-worn trails to reach fishing, hunting, foraging, and trading areas ; but had claimed no tribal lands.
For many thousands of years before non-indigenous peoples arrived into the region, Goold Island, neighbouring islands and surrounding seas were occupied, used and enjoyed by generations of the Bandjin peoples ancestors, leaving behind an array of stone fish traps and shell middens still to be found on and around the island to this day.
For generations, mineral-rich spring water welling up in the midst of Arkansas's southern woodlands has drawn people in search of cures and those offering spiritual healing.
For later generations of historians, the focus shifted from constitutional to personal issues.

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