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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1341
from Brown Corpus
Promote Demote Fragment Fix

Some Related Sentences

For and six
For example, in a typical store installation, fifty 24-in. and six 36-in. red acrylic letters were mounted against a white painted wood background.
For four of the six ( the anaconda and the amethystine python cannot be included for lack of data ) there is also a correlation between size at maturity and maximum length, the boa constrictor being the smallest and the Indian python the next in size at the former stage.
For the first six ceremonies, the eligibility period spanned two calendar years.
For most of the year, aardwolves spend time in shared territories consisting of up to a dozen dens, which are occupied for six weeks at a time.
For example, there are more than six signs for birthday in ASL, just as in English one can say couch and sofa, or soda and pop, to mean the same thing.
For the next five years, Anne spent no more than five or six weeks a year with her family, during holidays at Christmas and in June.
For example, if the player rolls a 6 and a 3 ( notated as " 6-3 "), that player must move one checker six points forward, and another or the same checker three points forward.
The sleeve notes conclude: " For six years Bill Haley was a musical director of Radio Station WPWA in Chester, Pennsylvania, and led his own band all through this period.
:" For Sweden, six were consecrated: Adalvard the Elder ( Adalwardum ) and Acilinum, also Adalvard the Younger ( Adalwardum ) and Tadicum, and furthermore Simeon ( Symeonem ) and the monk John ( Iohannem ).
For example, in the United Kingdom, the Companies Act 2006 requires directors of companies " to promote the success of the company for the benefit of its members as a whole " and sets out the following six factors regarding a director's duty to promote success:
For example, he refutes the claim made by Latsis that only 22 executions were carried out in the first six months of the Cheka's existence by providing evidence that the true number was 884 executions.
For six months, she served as regent of England while Henry VIII was in France.
For seventy-four years ( 1689-1763 ) there were six colonial wars, which involved continuous warfare between New England and Acadia ( see the French and Indian Wars as well as Father Rale's War and Father Le Loutre's War ).
For example: clairsentience is one of the six human special functions mentioned or recorded in Buddhism.
For instance, in a perfect sheet of graphite ( graphene ) all atoms are in rings containing six atoms.
For nine years after his father died, he worked the night shift wrapping bread at a Los Angeles bakery, attended USC, reviewed some movies, and wrote 88 short stories and six novels that were rejected for publication.
For the 1991 award, the United States Department of Defense ' swept the first six places in the Doublespeak top ten ' for using euphemisms like " servicing the target " ( bombing ) and " force packages " ( warplanes ).
For this, he was again arrested and this time was sentenced to six months in prison for illegally wearing a uniform.
For instance, since the last six verses of Revelation were missing from his Greek manuscript, Erasmus translated the Vulgate's text back into Greek.
For about six months, their study went relatively unnoticed.
For example, children who take the very same IQ test a second time usually gain five or six points.
" He wrote: " For quite six years the English admirers of Hitler contrived not to learn of the existence of Dachau and Buchenwald.
For example, generally German-style games do not have a fixed number of players like chess or bridge ; though there is a sizable body of German-style games that are designed for exactly two players, most games can accommodate anywhere from two to six players ( with varying degrees of suitability ).
For wizards, Gygax included six spells that could be used to affect a battle, plus two " missiles " ( fire ball and lightning bolt ).

For and years
For his first five years in prison, they had shared a cell.
For three straight years, Tom Horn patrolled the southern Wyoming pastures, and how many men he killed after Lewis and Powell ( if he killed Lewis and Powell ) will never be known.
For fifty years his guns and ham-like fists shot holes through and battered the daylights out of the enemies of law and order in the frontier towns of the West.
For over a hundred years Southerners have felt that the North was picking on them.
For example, there are persons who are in physical science, in the field of mineralogy, trained in crystallography, who use only X-rays, applying only the powder technique of X-ray diffraction, to clay minerals only, and who have spent the last fifteen years concentrating on the montmorillonites ; ;
Later Helion wrote of this phase: `` For years I built for myself a subtle instrument of relationships -- colors and forms without a name.
For years Papa and Mama had been large taxpayers.
For the most part, however, the new version is contemporary and, as such, should be the means for many to attain a clearer comprehension of the meaning of those words recorded so many hundreds of years ago by the first followers of Christ.
For ten years a small group of European and U.S. critics has been calling attention to the half-forgotten Austrian expressionist Egon Schiele, who died 42 years ago at the age of 28.
For years he wore hand-me-down suits and homemade paper collars, was even driven to scrounging for cigarette butts in Vienna's gutters.
For, after leaving the Army in 1956, I spent five years in Graduate School first at Boston College and then at the University of Toronto.
For the old preacher who had been there twenty-five years was dead, and the city mourned him.
For many years a state tax on cities and towns was paid by the several municipalities to the state from the proceeds of the general property tax.
For the past 40 years Congress has advocated a carefully planned, balanced and competitive railway system.
For years the United States had been trying to get these countries to exclude Castro's representative from secret military talks.
For each State ( except Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and, prior to 1962, Alaska and Hawaii ) determine average per capita income based on the last three years.
For each State ( except the Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and, prior to 1962, Alaska and Hawaii ), determine the average per capita income for the last three years.
For the near term, however, it must be realized that the industrial and commercial market is somewhat more sensitive to general business conditions than is the military market, and for this reason I would expect that any gain in 1961 may be somewhat smaller than those of recent years ; ;
For the president, a master plan looking ahead five years ( the maximum reach for sound forecasting ), offers several practical advantages.
For some time this writer has been suggesting a Junior Judging Class for Intermediates over 16 and under 20 years of age who are ineligible to compete in the Junior Class.
For almost 3,000 years Europe and Asia have rubbed shoulders in its streets.
For indeed it seemed incredible that anyone could go on committing murder for ten years and not get caught at it, even in Hollywood.
For the last two years, this frontier of the arts has produced a number of so-called `` non-dramas '' which have left indelible, bittersweet impressions on the psyche of this veteran theatregoer.

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