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For and studies
For this purpose we now draw upon data from sociological and psychological studies of students in American colleges and universities, and particularly from the Cornell Values Studies.
For the figure of Vincent Berger Malraux has obviously drawn on his studies of T. E. Lawrence ( though Berger fights on the side of the Turks instead of against them ), and like both Lawrence and Malraux himself he is a fervent admirer of Nietzsche.
For example, he cites the following data from two studies on job satisfaction: in the first study, 85 per cent of professionals and executives, 64 per cent of white collar people, and 41 per cent of factory workers expressed satisfaction with their jobs ; ;
For instance, relatively new biostatistics departments have been founded with a focus on bioinformatics and computational biology, whereas older departments, typically affiliated with schools of public health, will have more traditional lines of research involving epidemiological studies and clinical trials as well as bioinformatics.
For bipolar I, the ( probandwise ) concordance rates in modern studies have been consistently put at around 40 % in monozygotic twins ( same genes ), compared to 0 to 10 % in dizygotic twins.
For instance, genetic studies of African-American people show an ancestry that is on average 17 – 18 % European.
For studies on behavior, ethograms are used.
For example, programming language theory studies approaches to description of computations, while the study of computer programming itself investigates various aspects of the use of programming languages and complex systems, and human-computer interaction focuses on the challenges in making computers and computations useful, usable, and universally accessible to humans.
For instance, at the Stanford Research Institute, in 1972, Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ initiated a series of human subject studies to determine whether participants ( the viewers or percipients ) could reliably identify and accurately describe salient features of remote locations or targets.
For example, symplectic topology — a subbranch of differential topology — studies global properties of symplectic manifolds.
For example, there have been a number of epidemiological studies of looking for a relationship between cell phone use and brain cancer development, which have been largely inconclusive, save to demonstrate that the effect, if it exists, cannot be a large one.
For example, the Oxford Centre for Evidence-based Medicine suggests levels of evidence ( LOE ) according to the study designs and critical appraisal of prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, therapy, and harm studies:
For the theoretical studies only, Ettore Majorana also took part in what was soon nicknamed " the Via Panisperna boys " ( after the name of the street where the Physics Institute was ).
For instance, several recent studies and surveys by sociologists and political scientists that utilize more complex definitional parameters have estimated the number of evangelicals in the U. S. at about 25 – 30 % of the population, or roughly between 70 and 80 million people.
For the following years with his family, till he left for studies in Paris in 1525, Francis ' life in the Kingdom of Navarre, then partially occupied by Spain, was surrounded by a war that lasted over 18 years, ending with the Kingdom of Navarre being partitioned into two territories, and the King of Navarre and some loyalists abandoning the south and moving to the northern part of the Kingdom of Navarre ( currently France ).
For example, boric acid was widely used as a food preservative from the 1870s to the 1920s, but was banned after World War I due to its toxicity, as demonstrated in animal and human studies.
For instance, in two studies by the American Mosaic Project, racial inequality in the United States was framed as either “ Black Disadvantage ” or “ White Privilege .” When the term “ black disadvantage ” was used to describe racial inequality, white participants felt less collectively responsible for the harm done to the out-group, which lessened collective guilt.
For example, recent studies have suggested genetic variants in deer mice that help explain how deer mice that live in the mountains are able to survive in the thin air that accompanies high altitudes.
" For his failing to tell students they had the option not to participate in his studies without incurring additional work, the university barred Rushton for two years from using students as research subjects.
For instance, scholarly studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that jurors conflate reasonable doubt with the civil standard of preponderance of the evidence.
For much of his life, Leonardo was fascinated by the phenomenon of flight, producing many studies of the flight of birds, including his c. 1505 Codex on the Flight of Birds, as well as plans for several flying machines, including a light hang glider and a machine resembling a helicopter.
* For each category of illness, the authors outline the conventional medical treatment, provide references to medical studies, and then discuss the macrobiotic approach.
" For his thesis, Atta focused his studies on the ancient city of Aleppo in Syria.
For this reason most negotiation studies are done under laboratory conditions, and focus only on some aspects.

For and starting
For it is clear that the total number of ordinary intersections of C and Af must be even ( otherwise, starting in the interior of C, Af could not finally return to the interior ), and the center of rotation at T is the argument of the function, not a value.
For Euclid ’ s method to succeed, the starting lengths must satisfy two requirements: ( i ) the lengths must not be 0, AND ( ii ) the subtraction must be “ proper ”, a test must guarantee that the smaller of the two numbers is subtracted from the larger ( alternately, the two can be equal so their subtraction yields 0 ).
For example, if the black pawn has just advanced two squares from g7 ( initial starting position ) to g5, then the white pawn on f5 may take it via en passant on g6 ( but only on white's next move ).
For example, if a player's " home " or destination corner is empty ( not an opponent's starting corner ), the player can freely arrange his / her pieces to serve as a ' ladder ' or ' bridge ' between the two opposite ends.
For instance, many periodization schemes use the First Opium War as the starting point for the modern period.
For a time-dependent process of heating of the calorimetric material, defined by a continuous joint progression of and, starting at time and ending at time, there can be calculated an accumulated quantity of heat delivered,.
For a number of years this volunteer led festival has concentrated mostly around film but, starting in the Year of Highland Culture-Highland 2007, its scope was widened, and it dropped the ' film ' from its title.
For example, the string GGGAAACCC, if read from the first position, contains the codons GGG, AAA, and CCC ; and, if read from the second position, it contains the codons GGA and AAC ; if read starting from the third position, GAA and ACC.
For example, if only the first four colors ( values 0 to 3 ) of the palette are used, the symbols can taken to be 2 bits wide with codes starting at 3 bits.
For example, airplanes registered in the United States have tail numbers starting with N.
He has also dabbled in the art of directing, starting with 1996's For Better or Worse and 1999's Just Looking.
For example, in Adobe Systems Flash, the animator can specify, in keyframes, the starting and ending position of an object, such as a circle.
For three days starting 21 March 2008, they revisited each dwelling and counted the inhabitants.
For example, when a string is coerced, the parser turns as much of the string ( starting from the left ) into a number as it can, then discards the rest.
For example, starting with a circle of ten objects,
For a deck of given size, the number of Mongean shuffles that it takes to return a deck to starting position, is known.
For example ; a vaulter on a " ten count " ( referring to the number of counted steps from the starting point to the box ) would count backwards from ten, only counting the steps taken with the left foot, until the last three steps taken and both feet are counted as three, two, one.
For Heinlein, personal liberation included sexual liberation, and free love was a major subject of his writing starting in 1939, with For Us, The Living.
For the serialisation then, as long as the page is encoded in an extension of ASCII ( such as UTF-8, and thus, not if the page is using UTF-16 ), a element, like or ( starting with HTML5 ) can be used.
For the 2012 commercial whaling season, starting in April and lasting six months, the quota was set to 216 minke whales.
For a time ( starting in 1810 ), Wordsworth and Coleridge were estranged over the latter's opium addiction.
For instance, starting with n = 6, one gets the sequence 6, 3, 10, 5, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1.
For a voltage pulse, starting at and moving in the positive-direction, then the transmitted pulse at position can be obtained by computing the Fourier Transform,, of, attenuating each frequency component by, advancing its phase by, and taking the inverse Fourier Transform.

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