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For and 1927
For some, Chiang was a national hero who led the victorious Northern Expedition against the Beiyang Warlords in 1927, achieving Chinese unification, and who subsequently led China to ultimate victory against Japan in 1945.
After splitting with Langdon, Capra directed a picture for First National, For the Love of Mike, ( 1927 ).
For example, in his classic study Aspects of the Novel ( 1927 ), E. M. Forster harshly criticized Scott's clumsy and slapdash writing style, " flat " characters, and thin plots.
For instance, on February 4, 1927, Frank Trumbauer and His Orchestra recorded " Trumbology ", " Clarinet Marmalade ", and " Singin ' the Blues ", all three of which featured some of Beiderbecke's best work.
Beiderbecke plays piano on his recordings " Big Boy " ( October 8, 1924 ), " For No Reason at All in C " ( May 13, 1927 ), " Wringin ' and Twistin '" ( September 17, 1927 )— all with ensembles — and his only solo recorded work, " In a Mist " ( September 8, 1927 ).
* " For No Reason at All in C " ( 1927 ) with Frank Trumbauer
* " For No Reason at All in C " / " Trumbology ", recorded on May 13, 1927, in New York and released as Okeh 40871, Columbia 35667, and Parlophone R 3419
Colbert's first film, For the Love of Mike ( 1927 ), had been directed by Frank Capra, and it was such a disaster that she vowed to never make another with him.
For the 1927 Nankin Jiken, see Nanjing Incident.
Colbert was noticed by the theatrical producer Leland Hayward, who suggested her for a role in Frank Capra's film For the Love of Mike ( 1927 ), now believed to be lost.
For example, in Love ( 1927 ) a title card reads, " I like to be alone "; in The Single Standard ( 1929 ) her character says, " I am walking alone because I want to be alone "; in Susan Lenox ( Her Fall and Rise ) ( 1931 ) she says to a suitor, " This time I rise ... and fall ... alone "; in Inspiration ( 1931 ) she tells a fickle lover, " I just want to be alone for a little while "; in Mata Hari ( 1931 ) she says to her new amour, " I never look ahead.
For example, with his sister Adele, he co-introduced the Gershwins ' " I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise " from Stop Flirting ( 1923 ), " Fascinating Rhythm " in Lady, Be Good ( 1924 ), " Funny Face " in Funny Face ( 1927 ); and, in duets with Ginger Rogers, he presented Irving Berlin's " I'm Putting all My Eggs in One Basket " in Follow the Fleet ( 1936 ), Jerome Kern's " Pick Yourself Up " and " A Fine Romance " in Swing Time ( 1936 ), along with The Gershwins ' " Let's Call The Whole Thing Off " from Shall We Dance ( 1937 ).
For 22 years between 1919 and 1941 Drees also held a seat on the Provincial Council of South Holland and for 19 years between 1927 and 1946 one on the Social Democratic Workers ' Party executive.
For a few years he enjoyed a meteoric celebrity, including participating in a recording of William Walton's Façade with Edith Sitwell .< ref > Lambert's best known composition is The Rio Grande ( 1927 ) for piano and alto soloists, chorus, and orchestra of brass, strings and percussion.
For example a " 1927 " model was mostly produced in 1928.
*" For No Reason at All in C " with Frankie Trumbauer and Bix Beiderbecke, recorded on May 13, 1927, in New York and released as Okeh 40871, Columbia 35667, and Parlophone R 3419
For this material, the original score was composed by Arthur Honegger in 1927 in France.
For the 1927 season, Lloyd Wright built a pyramidal shell, with a vaguely Southwestern look, out of left-over lumber from a production of Robin Hood.
For the 1926 1927 season the NHL expanded to ten teams and was divided into an American and Canadian divisions.
: For the Yoshiwara nightclub in the 1927 Fritz Lang film see Metropolis.
For 1927, this car was sold as a junior Paige.
For the rest of the 1920s his military career was a steady upward curve: he was appointed GOC Curragh Training Camp in August 1925, Quartermaster General in March 1927, and Chief of Staff in February 1929.

For and
For example, " biweekly " can mean " fortnightly " ( once every two weeks 26 times a year ), or " twice a week " ( 104 times a year ).
For much of the 19th and early 20th centuries, many linguists who studied Turkic, Mongolic, and Tungusic regarded them as members of a common Ural Altaic family, together with Finno-Ugric and Samoyedic, based on such shared features as vowel harmony and agglutination.
For Altaicists, the version of Altaic they favor is given at the end of the entry, if other than the prevailing one of Turkic Mongolic Tungusic Korean Japanese.
For example, the Banach Tarski paradox is neither provable nor disprovable from ZF alone: it is impossible to construct the required decomposition of the unit ball in ZF, but also impossible to prove there is no such decomposition.
For 18 months, during 1841 1842, Nobel went to the only school he ever attended as a child, the Jacobs Apologistic School in Stockholm.
For a time he took into his family the young student Antoine-Frédéric Ozanam ( 1813 1853 ), one of the founders of the Conference of Charity, later known as the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.
* 1996 President of Turkey Süleyman Demirel approved to " Law of ban For Casino in Turkey "
For example, antibacterial selection within whole bacterial populations for strains having previously acquired antibacterial-resistance genes was demonstrated in 1943 by the Luria Delbrück experiment.
For some elements, allotropes have different molecular formulae which can persist in different phases for example, two allotropes of oxygen ( dioxygen, O < sub > 2 </ sub > and ozone, O < sub > 3 </ sub >), can both exist in the solid, liquid and gaseous states.
For geopolitical purposes, the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt east of the Suez Canal is often considered part of Africa.
For the 2010 2011 season, Gertjan Verbeek, coming from Heracles Almelo, will be the new manager.
For their 60th season in a row ( 79th overall ), Roma competed in Serie A for the 2011 12 season.
* 1972 Vietnam War: For the first time since November 1967, American B-52 bombers reportedly begin bombing North Vietnam.
* 1988: Short Form Music Video of the Year " Stay For a While "
: For the city in the late Roman and the Eastern Roman or Byzantine periods ( 330 1453 ), see Constantinople.
For recent events the Chronicle, like his Ecclesiastical History, relied upon Gildas, upon a version of the Liber pontificalis current at least to the papacy of Pope Sergius I ( 687 701 ), and other sources.
For the Grand Alliance Austria, England, and the Dutch Republic the battle had followed an indecisive campaign against the Bourbon armies of King Louis XIV of France in 1705.
For Queen Anne also, the Ramillies campaign had one overriding significance " Now we have God be thanked so hopeful a prospect of peace.
For the remainder of the 1950s, the Orioles crawled up the standings, reaching as high as fifth place with a 76 76 record in 1957.
For example in the case of anthrax, it is likely that by 24 36 hours after an attack, some small percentage of individuals ( those with compromised immune system or who had received a large dose of the organism due to proximity to the release point ) will become ill with classical symptoms and signs ( including a virtually unique chest X-ray finding, often recognized by public health officials if they receive timely reports ).

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