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For and 1998
Charles has appeared on celebrity editions of University Challenge ( 1998 ), Can't Cook, Won't Cook ( 1998 ) and The Weakest Link ( 2004 ), and comedy panel shows such as Have I Got News For You ( 1995 ), Just a Minute ( 1995 ) and They Think It's All Over ( 1996 ).
For example, Helmut Kohl's CDU governed for years in coalition with the Free Democratic Party ( FDP ), from 1998 to 2005 Gerhard Schröder's SPD was in power with the Greens and from 2009 Angela Merkel, CDU / CSU was in power with the FDP.
For this reason, stories about earthquakes generally begin with the disaster and focus on its immediate aftermath, as in Short Walk to Daylight ( 1972 ), The Ragged Edge ( 1968 ) or Aftershock: Earthquake in New York ( 1998 ).
Relatively small modifications were introduced in the Firearms Act, 1964, the Firearms ( Proofing ) Act, 1968, the Firearms Act, 1971, the Firearms and Offensive Weapons Act, 1990, the Firearms ( Temporary Provisions ) Act, 1998 and the Firearms ( Firearm Certificates For Non-Residents ) Act, 2000.
* Encore une fois si vous permettez, 1998 ( For The Pleasure of Seeing Her Again )
For the November 1998 election, the Ajeya Bharat had a list of 100 candidates for the Assembly.
For example, in the 1998 North Carolina Writing Assessment, less than 1 percent of fourth graders received the highest possible score for writing content.
For example, Tony Blair, whose Labour party was elected in 1997 partly on a promise to enact a British Bill of Rights and to create devolved governments for Scotland and Wales, subsequently stewarded through Parliament the Human Rights Act ( 1998 ), the Scotland Act ( 1998 ) and the Government of Wales Act ( 1998 ).
In the 1990s Raimi moved into other genres, directing such films as the western The Quick and the Dead ( starring Sharon Stone and Gene Hackman ), the critically acclaimed crime thriller A Simple Plan ( 1998 ) ( starring Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thornton ), and the romantic drama For Love of the Game ( 1999 ) ( starring Kevin Costner ).
For the first time in his NHL career, Gretzky was not named captain, although he briefly wore the captain's ' C ' in 1998 when captain Brian Leetch was injured and out of the lineup.
For a small basin in the Italian Alps ( area = 1. 76 km² ) affected by a debris flow, Chiarle and Luino ( 1998 ) estimated a peak discharge of 750 m < sup > 3 </ sup >/ s for a section located in the middle stretch of the main channel.
For instance, positron emission tomography ( PET ) studies report increases in dopamine release in the dorsal striatum ( as measured by displacement of endogenous dopamine by radioligands ) when participants are presented with potential rewards, such as the opportunity to gain money ( Koepp et al., 1998 ; Zald et al., 2004 ) or even when presented with food stimuli while in a state of hunger ( Volkow et al., 2002 ).
For a detailed account of adapting The Brick Foxhole for the screen and the producers ' battles with the censors, please refer to pages 114-123 in More Than Night: Film Noir in its Context by James Naremore ( Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1998 ).
For example, a GAA triplet expansion in the first intron of the X25 gene appears to interfere with transcription, and causes Friedreich Ataxia ( Bidichandani 1998 ).
* List of countries by past GDP ( nominal )— For historical GDP ( nominal ) figures from 1998 to 2003
* For the Future of Israel ( 1998 ) ( ISBN 0-8018-5928-X )
For example, in 1998, ethnic Chinese made up just 1 % of the population of the Philippines and 3 % of the population in Indonesia, but controlled as much as 60 % of the Philippines private economy and roughly 70 % of the Indonesian private economy.
For example, the anti-Chinese Kuala Lumpur Racial Riots of 13 May 1969 and Jakarta Riots of May 1998 were believed to have been motivated by these racially-biased perceptions.
For example, the " safe " daily exposure amount at 85 dB A, known as an exposure action value, is 8 hours, while the " safe " exposure at 91 dB ( A ) is only 2 hours ( National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 1998 ).
Without using countable choice, it is not possible to constructively prove the fundamental theorem of algebra for complex numbers based on the Dedekind real numbers ( which are not constructively equivalent to the Cauchy real numbers without countable choice < ref > For the minimum necessary to prove their equivalence, see Bridges, Schuster, and Richman ; 1998 ; < cite > A weak countable choice principle </ cite >; available from .</ ref >).
In 1998 The Cure contributed to the soundtrack album for The X Files feature film as well as the Depeche Mode tribute album For the Masses, with their cover of " World in My Eyes ".
Since 1990, he has been voiced by Jim Cummings ( who is also the voice of Pooh ), with the exception of Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin ( 1997 ), A Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving ( 1998 ), and Winnie the Pooh: A Valentine For You ( 1999 ), in which Winchell reprised the role of Tigger.

For and 1999
For example Darrell Schweitzer writing to the New York Review of Science Fiction in 1999 quoted a passage from the original van Vogt novelette “ The Mixed Men ”, which he was then reading, and remarked:
For instance, the euro hit $ 1. 42 in October 2007, the strongest it has been since its birth in 1999.
For example, Danish nittonhundratalet ( or 1900-talet ), Danish and Norwegian nittenhundredetallet ( or 1900-tallet ) and Finnish tuhatyhdeksänsataaluku ( or 1900-luku ) refer unambiguously to the years 1900 – 1999.
For example, the years 1900 – 1999 are sometimes referred to as the nineteen hundreds ( 1900s ).
For example, Australian left-wing " true believers " levelled it at supporters of the failed republic referendum of 1999 ( where the vote was split not along conventional party lines but very much along socio-economic divides, with the rich overwhelmingly supporting the change while the less well-off were opposed – a superficially bizarre pattern for a non-economic issue ).
For the 1999 season, Cleveland added relief pitcher Ricardo Rincón and second baseman Roberto Alomar, brother of catcher Sandy Alomar, Jr, and won the Central Division title for the fifth consecutive year.
For example, " 11 December 1999 " can be written in some contexts as " 1999345 " or " 99345 ", for the 345th day of 1999.
Lee also plays bass on Canadian rock band I Mother Earth's track " Good For Sule ", which is featured on the group's album " Blue Green Orange ", released in 1999.
His second book, The American Family: Discovering the Values that Make Us Strong, was published in 1996 and a third book, Worth Fighting For, in 1999.
* Worth Fighting For, W Publishing Group, July 1999, ISBN 0-8499-1606-2
For example, in the 1999 merger of Glaxo Wellcome and SmithKline Beecham, both firms ceased to exist when they merged, and a new company, GlaxoSmithKline, was created.
* Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor ( 1999 ; Windows )
* 1999 – 2000: " For Those Who Think Young "/" The Joy of Pepsi-Cola " ( commercial with Britney Spears / commercial with Mary J. Blige )
For example, there were more than 40 high ozone days reported between 1997 and 1999, a figure which fell to fewer than 15 between 2007 and 2009 and just 10 between 2008 and 2010.
For example, Iocaine Powder, which won the First International RoShamBo Programming Competition in 1999, uses a heuristically designed compilation of strategies.
For example, in 1999, Strassmeier reported the largest cool starspot ever seen rotating the giant K0 star XX Triangulum ( HD 12545 ) with a temperature of, together with a warm spot of.
In May, 1999, The Onion ran a front-page article headlined " Society For Creative Anachronism Seizes Control Of Russia " featuring photos of actual SCA participants from the Madison, Wisconsin Barony of Jaravellir.
For two seasons, the team was known as the Tennessee Oilers before changing its name to Titans in 1999.
For example: Activision acquired Raven ( 1997 ), Neversoft ( 1999 ), Z-Axis ( 2001 ), Treyarch ( 2001 ), Luxoflux ( 2002 ), Shaba ( 2002 ), Infinity Ward ( 2003 ) and Vicarious Visions ( 2005 ).
For its shareholders, SCI returned value through more than $ 335 million in share repurchases, and it resumed payment of a regular quarterly dividend in early 2005, the first since 1999.
It has also been adapted to films, The Sacrifice ( 1909 ), Love's Surprises Are Futile ( 1916 ), The Gift of the Magi ( 1917 ), Dary magów ( Poland, 1972 ), part of O. Henry's Full House ( 1952 ), The Gift of Love ( 1978 ), The Gift of the Magi ( 1958 ), Christmas Eve on Sesame Street ( 1978 ), Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas gift ( 1999 ), The Gift of the Magi ( 2004 ) and the short film for the Irish band The Script in 2010 called For the First Time.
* Margaret Brodniewicz-Stawicki: For Your Freedom and Ours: The Polish Armed Forces in the Second World War, Vanwell Publishing, 1999, ISBN 978-1-55125-035-9.
For instance, in 2010 Cisco occupied a meaningful share of the packet-optical market, revenues were still not on par with US $ 7 billion price tag paid in 1999 for Cerent.

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