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For and band's
For the band's fourth album, Eldorado, A Symphony, a concept album about a daydreamer, Lynne stopped overdubbing strings and hired an orchestra and choir instead.
For the band's R30 tour, one dryer was replaced with a rotating shelf-style vending machine.
The following year finally marked the release of Snow Patrol's second album ' When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up ', which, despite slightly disappointing initial sales, would eventually go gold in the wake of the band's later fame, along with their debut ' Songs For Polarbears '.
In October 1996, in support of Test For Echo, the band embarked on a North American tour, the band's first without an opening act and dubbed " An Evening with Rush ".
Mixed by producer Paul Northfield and engineered by Terry Brown, it contained three discs packed with recorded performances from the band's Counterparts, Test For Echo, and A Farewell to Kings tours, marking the fourth officially released live album by the band.
For example, Led Zeppelin was largely written off by Rolling Stone magazine critics during the band's most active years in the 1970s.
Roxy Music performed seven dates around the UK in January and February 2011, in a tour billed ' For Your Pleasure ', to celebrate the band's 40th anniversary.
According to the documentary For the Record, he stated that he was unhappy with his musical ideas not being taken seriously by lead singer Barlow and Nigel Martin-Smith, because his desire to explore hip hop and rap conflicted with the band's usual ballads.
For example, Floren was the band's assistant conductor throughout the show's run.
Tyranny ( For You ), released in 1991, became the band's highest charting album, reaching # 95 on the Billboard 200.
Reviews of B-Sides and Rarities were generally good ; Devin Grant of The Post and Courier wrote that " For an album full of odds and ends, this Cake release is every bit as good, and every bit as fun, as the band's previous studio releases ", while Catherine P. Lewis of The Washington Post noted that, although several live tracks reduced the album's strength, " there are still enough charming nuggets to make this album less disposable than the typical rarities compilation ".
The band's second album, Cool for Cats ( 1979 ), contained the band's two highest charting UK singles in " Cool For Cats " and " Up The Junction ", both of which peaked at No. 2.
For reasons that remain a mystery, the album was shelved by Solid Rock until its long overdue release in April 1981, nearly three years after it had been recorded and just weeks before the band's follow up on Newpax Records, ยก Alarma !, hit record stores.
For their next album, Too Much Too Soon, the quintet hired producer George " Shadow " Morton, whose productions for the Shangri-Las and other girl-groups in the mid-1960s had been among the band's favorites.
For many Buffalo Springfield fans it is " Bluebird ", a Stephen Stills composition, that was then and remains the band's peak.
For the release of the band's first recording Come On Pilgrim ( 1987 ), Deal used the nom de disque " Mrs. John Murphy " in the liner notes.
The band's song " Die For Your Government " was sung by anti-war protesters who briefly blocked a road to prevent US troops from deploying to Iraq in August 2010.
Although the band's singles were written by some of the top songwriters of the day, Noone, Leckenby, Hopwood and Green contributed songs such as " My Reservation's Been Confirmed ", " Take Love, Get Love ", " Marcel's ", " For Love ", " Tell Me Baby ", " Busy Line ", Moon Shine Man ", " I Know Why " and " Gaslight Street ".
The album was preceded by the band's first UK top 40 single, " For Love.
1995 saw the unofficial release of the band's first demo tape: For All the Fucked Up Children of This World We Give You Spacemen 3.
The band's sound began to evolve beyond its early garage roots with their second ( nine minute long ) LP, Toolin ' For A Warm Teabag, which saw the band drifting towards a more truculent punk rock sound, influenced by GG Allin.
For the better part of the band's career, it was a popular belief that Noodles liked to pick on and annoy Greg K, The Offspring's bassist.
Lange would go on to produce the band's next two albums, Back in Black and For Those About to Rock We Salute You.

For and first
For his first five years in prison, they had shared a cell.
For men who had left cattle alone after getting their first notices had received no second.
For Matilda, it was the first she had known in many a night.
For ten minutes they ran beneath the squall, raising their arms and, for the first time, shouting and capering.
For this reason, then I want to describe, first, two examples of the puritanical attacks: Stephen Gosson's The School Of Abuse, 1579, and his later Playes Confuted, published in 1582.
For the most part, however, the new version is contemporary and, as such, should be the means for many to attain a clearer comprehension of the meaning of those words recorded so many hundreds of years ago by the first followers of Christ.
For the first time in history the entire world is dominated by two large, powerful nations armed with murderous nuclear weapons that make conventional warfare of the past a nullity.
For, after leaving the Army in 1956, I spent five years in Graduate School first at Boston College and then at the University of Toronto.
For the first time, he be sad about the move.
For he knows that the first and sometimes most difficult job is to know what the question is -- that when it is accurately identified it sometimes answers itself, and that the way in which it is posed frequently shapes the answer.
Chicago was also a welcome host: there, in 1921, Prokofieff conducted the world premiere of the Love For Three Oranges, and played the first performance of his Third Piano Concerto.
For this first development the supplier signing the lease is a major oil company but in turn the deal is being transferred for operation to its local fueloil distributor.
For example: If your bodily injury claims start payment after the first $250, a 25% premium saving is often made.
For example, instead of putting in your driveways last ( as many builders do ) you can now save money by putting them in first.
For example, the marksman gets 5 shots, but we take his score to be the number of shots before his first bull's-eye, that is, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 ( or 5, if he gets no bull's-eye ).
For Athabascan, with a greater range of stems, the first two of five corresponding columns were identical, 1 and 2 stems ; ;
For the reason just suggested, I shall assume the use of the first subtype of fully distributed cost apportionment in the following simplified example.
For example, he cites the following data from two studies on job satisfaction: in the first study, 85 per cent of professionals and executives, 64 per cent of white collar people, and 41 per cent of factory workers expressed satisfaction with their jobs ; ;
For a chemical process the first of these might involve the concentrations of the different chemical species, and the temperature or pressure of the stream.
For any choice of admissible policy Af in the first stage, the state of the stream leaving this stage is given by Af.
For the first three weeks, the ship skirted up the east coast of Great Britain, then turned westward.
For the first fifteen or twenty minutes it's possible to be more or less interested in window displays, then in people passing by.
For the first time in his life he forgot the lyrics midway through and had to cover up by humming the rest.
For most of them, it will be their first experience in membership training, since this is a recent development in many churches.
A Sonata For Violin And Piano, called `` Bella Bella '', by Robert Fleming, was given its first United States performance.

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