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For and case
For the case of Jupiter, the radio emission spectrum is definitely not like the spectrum of a black-body radiator, and it seems very likely that the radiation reaching the earth is a combination of thermal radiation from the atmosphere and non-thermal components.
For if such were the case, either the plane of the two lines would meet **zg in more than K points or, alternatively, the order of the image regulus of the pencil determined by the two lines would be too high.
For the case of a purely inertial autonavigator consisting of three restrained gyros, a coordinate system is used where the sensitive axis of the X accelerometer is parallel to the east-west direction at the base point, and the Y accelerometer sensitive axis is parallel to the north-south direction at the base point.
For the incremental case ( i. e., ), this simplifies to:
For an ideal gas, the temperature remains constant because the internal energy only depends on temperature in that case.
For private suits only the victims or their families could prosecute, while for public suits anyone ( ho boulomenos, ' whoever wants to ' i. e. any citizen with full citizen rights ) could bring a case since the issues in these major suits were regarded as affecting the community as a whole.
For example a two dimensional array with three rows and four columns might provide access to the element at the 2nd row and 4th column by the expression: ( in a row major language ) and ( in a column major language ) in the case of a zero-based indexing system.
For this last case, the cohesive fracture can be said to be “ cohesive near the interface ”.
For some specializations within conservation this is still the case.
For the frequent case of propositional logic, the problem is decidable but Co-NP-complete, and hence only exponential-time algorithms are believed to exist for general proof tasks.
For the simple case where the direction of the light beam along the line SE is perpendicular to the motion of the observer then only light emitted at an angle equal to the arc cosine of the ratio of the observer's speed to the speed of light will reach the telescope.
For the case of an object that is small compared with the radial distance to its axis of rotation, such as a tin can swinging from a long string or a planet orbiting in a circle around the Sun, the angular momentum can be expressed as its linear momentum,, crossed by its position from the origin, r. Thus, the angular momentum L of a particle with respect to some point of origin is
For larger quantities one must go to a beverage distributor which sells beer only by the case or keg.
For example, bacteria catalyse the breakdown of the mineral pyrite ( FeS < sub > 2 </ sub >) by oxidising the sulfur and metal ( in this case ferrous iron, ( Fe < sup > 2 +</ sup >)) using oxygen.
For case of single stranded DNA / RNA units of nucleotides are used, abbreviated nt ( or knt, Mnt, Gnt ), as they are not paired.
For example in the case of anthrax, it is likely that by 24 36 hours after an attack, some small percentage of individuals ( those with compromised immune system or who had received a large dose of the organism due to proximity to the release point ) will become ill with classical symptoms and signs ( including a virtually unique chest X-ray finding, often recognized by public health officials if they receive timely reports ).
For the case of a non-commutative base ring R and a right module M < sub > R </ sub > and a left module < sub > R </ sub > N, we can define a bilinear map, where T is an abelian group, such that for any n in N, is a group homomorphism, and for any m in M, is a group homomorphism too, and which also satisfies
For case,
For example, most areas of law in most Anglo-American jurisdictions include " statutory law " enacted by a legislature, " regulatory law " promulgated by executive branch agencies pursuant to delegation of rule-making authority from the legislature, and common law or " case law ", i. e., decisions issued by courts ( or quasi-judicial tribunals within agencies ).
For example, civil law can be clearer than case law when the legislature has had the foresight and diligence to address the precise set of facts applicable to a particular situation.
For example, in the case of acetic acid dissolved in water and forming acetate and hydronium ions,
For example, the 1972 Constitution designates the Prime Minister as constitutional successor of the Head of State in case of incapacity, death, resignation or unaccountable absence of the incumbent.
For example, in one case, a prominent Chicana feminist writer and poet has indicated the following subjective meaning through her creative work.
For example in the Netherlands, the law assumes the stronger participant ( e. g. a car driver ) is liable in the case of an accident with a weaker participant ( e. g. a cyclist ) unless it can be proved that the cyclist's behavior could not have been expected.
) For the casuist, the circumstances of a case are essential for evaluating the proper response.

For and 1979
For eleven weeks, between August and October 1979, industrial action forced Coronation Street and the whole of the ITV network ( apart from the Channel Islands ) off the air.
For example in 1979 The Voyager 1 and The Voyager 2 spotted 9 erupting volcanoes while passing Io.
Even heavy metal music group Kiss jumped in with " I Was Made For Lovin ' You " ( 1979 ).
For example, in June 1979, the California Department of Health Services was permitted to use DDT to suppress flea vectors of bubonic plague.
For the 1927 28 season, the Cougars moved into the new Detroit Olympia, which would be their home rink until December 27, 1979.
For contributions to the unification of the weak and electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles, Abdus Salam, Sheldon Glashow and Steven Weinberg were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979.
For higher education, the city has only one university, Umm al-Qura University, which was established in 1949 as a college and became a public university in 1979.
Lansky's 1979 computer music piece " Her Song ", from the Six Fantasies On A Poem By Thomas Campion ( re-released on the album Fantasies and Tableaux, 1994 ), has also been sampled by Caural for his song " I Won't Race You ", from his 2006 album Mirrors For Eyes, with the main synthesized vocal line of Lansky's piece being used ( and being the basis for the title of the latter ).
For example, the progressive / psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd used a metaphorical wall to represent the isolation felt by the protagonist of their 1979 concept album The Wall.
His 1979 film Tess was dedicated " For Sharon ", as Tate had read Thomas Hardy's Tess of the d ' Urbervilles during her final stay with Polanski in London, and had left it for him to read with the comment that it would be a good story for them to film together.
For the Venice Biennale in 1979 he designed a floating Teatro del Mondo that seated 250 people.
For example, the seaweed production in the area was as high as 1. 5 million tonnes in 1979 for China alone.
For example, " Monday, Monday " ( 1966 ) from the Mamas & the Papas, " Rainy Days and Mondays " ( 1971 ) from the Carpenters, " I Don't Like Mondays " ( 1979 ) from the Boomtown Rats, and " Manic Monday " ( 1986 ) from the Bangles.
For its last two seasons, the show's affiliate count went down significantly due in large part to a daily syndicated version that debuted in September 1979 ( although some markets, like New York, kept both shows on the air as WABC-TV continued to air episodes of Match Game PM into its final season ).
For example, in the lead-up to the 1979 election when Clark's riding was merged into the riding of another Tory MP during a redistribution of ridings, the other MP refused to step aside ( even though Clark was now party leader ), forcing Clark to run in nearby Yellowhead.
References: For more information about the historical employment of vibrato by classical vocalists, see Michael Scott's two-volume survey The Record of Singing ( published by Duckworth, London, in 1977 and 1979 ); John Potter's Tenor: History of a Voice ( Yale University Press, New Haven & London, 2009 ); and Herman Klein's 30 Years of Music in London ( Century, New York, 1903 ).
The band's second album, Cool for Cats ( 1979 ), contained the band's two highest charting UK singles in " Cool For Cats " and " Up The Junction ", both of which peaked at No. 2.
For the first-ever election for the European Parliament in 1979, the PFN had become part of an attempt to build a " Euro-Right " alliance of European far-right parties, and was in the end the only one of the two that contested the election.
For these he won the 1979 and 1980 Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer.
For example, in Canada between 1979 and 1999 the number of multiple birth babies increased 35 %.
After relocating to the UK in the mid-1970s, Mulcahy made successful music videos for several noted British pop acts — his early UK credits included XTC's " Making Plans For Nigel " ( 1979 ) and his landmark video for The Buggles ' " Video Killed The Radio Star " ( 1979 ) which became the first music video played on MTV in 1981.
For Sumerian references to onagers, see Heimpel ( 1968 ) and Maekawa ( 1979 ).
For nearly 50 years, Cooper remained the youngest Oscar nominee in any category, until he was surpassed by Justin Henry's nomination, at age 8, in the Supporting Actor category for Kramer vs. Kramer ( 1979 ).

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