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For and next
For instance, a site adjoining other publicly owned lands, such as a national forest or a public road, may be desirable, whereas a site next to an industrial plant might not.
For four of the six ( the anaconda and the amethystine python cannot be included for lack of data ) there is also a correlation between size at maturity and maximum length, the boa constrictor being the smallest and the Indian python the next in size at the former stage.
For the next hour he scrambled happily up and down the ladder, sharing the excitement of reporters who had seen McKinley's assassination, the Iroquois Theater fire in Chicago, and the Hall-Mills trial.
For example, three isomers exist for cresol because the methyl group and the hydroxyl group can be placed next to each other ( ortho ), one position removed from each other ( meta ), or two positions removed from each other ( para ).
For the next 100 years the Anadyr was the main route from the Arctic to the Pacific and Kamchatka.
For the next twelve months Alexei was kept constantly on the move.
For the next five years, the Danes occupied other parts of England.
For the next five years, they were educated at home, largely by their father and aunt.
For the next five years, Anne spent no more than five or six weeks a year with her family, during holidays at Christmas and in June.
For example, cold weather crops like rye, oats, wheat, and apples are expected to decline by about 15 % in the next fifty years and strawberries will drop as much as 32 % simply because of projected climate changes of a few degrees.
For the next two years he taught alongside his father.
For the next half-century, Fuller developed many ideas, designs and inventions, particularly regarding practical, inexpensive shelter and transportation.
For the next thirty years Gladstone and Liberalism were synonymous.
For the next several years, the BPCA made slow progress.
For the next five years he and the Northern Alliance were busy fighting the Taliban until the 2001 US-led Operation Enduring Freedom in which the Taliban government was toppled.
For the next ten years, the team would winter at NAS Key West, Florida.
For example, if the black pawn has just advanced two squares from g7 ( initial starting position ) to g5, then the white pawn on f5 may take it via en passant on g6 ( but only on white's next move ).
For his next film Chaplin returned to comedy.
For the next decade, this was the name the nation was listed under.
For almost the next 1, 000 years, these states, their relations with each other, and their effects on the peoples who lived in stateless societies along their peripheries dominated Chad's political history.
For the next forty years, Chile's armed forces would be distracted from meddling in politics by skirmishes and defensive operations on the southern frontier, although some units got embroiled in domestic conflicts in 1851 and 1859.
For the next four centuries, the Kingdom of Croatia was ruled by the Sabor ( parliament ) and a Ban ( viceroy ) appointed by the king.
For the next half-century, Constantinople was the seat of the Latin Empire.
For example, if you bet on " 5 and 1 " on the hop, you are betting that the next roll will have a 5 on one die and a 1 on the other die.

For and few
For the occasion on which everyone already knows everyone else and the host wishes them to meet one or a few honored newcomers, then the `` open house '' system is advantageous because the honored guests are fixed connective points and the drifting guests make and break connections at the door.
For a few minutes there was nothing to hear.
For a few brief minutes they had all been part of one little drama.
For decades it was the most popular dish served in the Ladies' Grill at breakfast, and it is one of the few old Palace dishes that still survive.
For a few details of the system the lines are 1-1/4'' '' X-Tru-Coat, a product of Republic Steel Corp., and all lines are welded.
For example, probably very few people know that the word `` visrhanik '' that is bantered about so much today stems from the verb `` bouanahsha '': to salivate.
For a few giddy months that coincided with one of Moscow's smiling moods, he was the sensation of Washington.
For new galaxies to be created, Professor Bondi declares, it would only be necessary for a single hydrogen atom to be created in an area the size of your living room once every few million years.
For the first few months of their marriage she had tried to be nice about Gunny, going out with him to watch this pearl without price stamp imperiously around in her stall.
For a few innings the Anniston team couldn't figure him out.
" Swift extends the metaphor to get in a few jibes at England ’ s mistreatment of Ireland, noting that " For this kind of commodity will not bear exportation, and flesh being of too tender a consistence, to admit a long continuance in salt, although perhaps I could name a country, which would be glad to eat up our whole nation without it.
For the last few years, however, no permits have been issued for collecting abalone ( perlemoen ), but commercial harvesting still continues as does illegal collection by syndicates.
For example, Alfonso halted his army in pious respect before the birthplace of a Latin writer, carried Livy or Caesar on his campaigns with him, and his panegyrist Panormita even stated that the king was cured of an illness when a few pages of Quintus Curtius Rufus ' history of Alexander the Great were read to him.
For socket numbers, a few well-known numbers were reserved for special purposes specific to the AppleTalk protocol itself.
For the young composer there would be few, if any, new compositional commissions to receive from the court.
For the first few decades of indirect fire, the firing data were often calculated by the observer who then adjusted the fall of shot onto the target.
For example, the broch ' villages ' which occur at a few places in Orkney have no parallel in the Western Isles.
For decades the generations of few remaining sighthounds were regarded as hunting-suited, when showing enough attacking initiative for fox hunting.
For a few years, this group of animals was regarded as a subfamily, called the Callitrichinae, of the family Cebidae.
For a few recent years, marmosets, tamarins, and lion tamarins were placed as a subfamily ( Callitrichinae ) in Cebidae, while moving other genera from Cebidae into the families Aotidae, Pitheciidae and Atelidae.
For a few illustrative examples: German speakers use " Wasserstoff " ( water substance ) for " hydrogen ", " Sauerstoff " ( acid substance ) for " oxygen " and " Stickstoff " ( smothering substance ) for " nitrogen ", while English and some romance languages use " sodium " for " natrium " and " potassium " for " kalium ", and the French, Italians, Greeks, Portuguese and Poles prefer " azote / azot / azoto " ( from roots meaning " no life ") for " nitrogen ".
For example, a scene may be improved by cutting a few frames out of an actor's pause ; a brief view of a listener can help conceal the break.
For example, a perfect crystal of diamond would only contain carbon atoms, but a real crystal might perhaps contain a few boron atoms as well.

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