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For and part
For his part, Thompson had explained in a previous letter that there would be nothing but an honorable friendship between Katie and himself.
For my part I find it difficult to conceive such a state of affairs.
For a few brief minutes they had all been part of one little drama.
For the most part, however, the new version is contemporary and, as such, should be the means for many to attain a clearer comprehension of the meaning of those words recorded so many hundreds of years ago by the first followers of Christ.
For continuous control, feed 1 part phenothiazine to 9 parts minerals or salts.
For the most part, this discussion will be confined to results obtained since the introduction of the reference standard.
For example, the huge postwar demand on the part of veterans for housing under the VA home loan guaranty program seems to have largely exhausted itself.
For its part the Hudson's Bay Company was troubled by the approach of American settlement.
For erysipelas a mixture of one dram borax and one ounce glycerine was applied to the afflicted part on linen cloth.
For such an emergency he had included Fourth-of-July cannon crackers as part of their equipment.
For you, readers, are an all-important part of the spiritual experiment that is Guideposts.
The American part of the evening consisted of Paul Creston's Dance Overture, William Schuman's `` Chester '' From `` New England Triptych '' and two works of Wallingford Riegger, Dance Rhythms, Op. 58, and a Romanza For Strings, Op. 56A.
For the most part, his writing rambles and jogs, preventing easy access by the reader to his true thoughts.
For instance, a C-Leg knee alone is not a prosthesis, but only a prosthetic part.
For his part Conan Doyle acknowledged basing his detective stories on the model of Edgar Allan Poe's C. Auguste Dupin, and his anonymous narrator, and basing his character Sherlock Holmes on Joseph Bell, who in his use of " ratiocination " prefigured Poirot's reliance on his " little grey cells ".
For the most part however, Armenia is considered one of the more pro-democratic nations in the Commonwealth of Independent States.
For example, he asked students to question if Biblical miracles were literal and suggested that all people are part of God.
For various reasons, however, poverty and personal inclination among others, he did not take a prominent part in the military operations of this period.
For geopolitical purposes, the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt – east of the Suez Canal – is often considered part of Africa.
For the most part American vocabulary, phonology and syntax are used, to various extents, in Canada ; therefore many prefer to refer to North American English rather than American English.
For a period after World War I, Steiner was extremely active and well known in Germany, in part because he lectured widely proposing social reforms.
For example, when a user logs into a computer that is part of a Windows domain, Active Directory checks the submitted password and determines whether the user is a system administrator or normal user.
For the most part, treatment of the eye conditions consists of visual rehabilitation.
For a large part of the Dutch hip hop community Yes-R, Ali B and Lange Frans & Baas B are sometimes considered fake because they do a lot of work for children TV stations.
For the most part, Graeco-Roman tradition refers to the Black Sea as the ' Hospitable sea ', Euxeinos Pontos ().

For and Ted
For the first time, the tactic of using two express bowlers in tandem paid off as Jack Gregory and Ted McDonald crippled the English batting on a regular basis.
* 1977 – For the second time, Ted Bundy escapes from his cell in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
Gaines '" by Ted White was the first in a series of nostalgic, analytical articles about comics by Lupoff, Don Thompson, Bill Blackbeard, Jim Harmon and others under the heading, All In Color For A Dime.
For Williams ' fortieth birthday, MacArthur sent him an oil painting of himself with the inscription " To Ted Williams — not only America's greatest baseball player, but a great American who served his country.
For the bandleader, see Ted Heath ( bandleader )
In those 11 years, Martin and his panel of pals successfully ridiculed and made fun of these legendary stars in this order: Ronald Reagan, Hugh Hefner, Ed McMahon, William Conrad, Kirk Douglas, Bette Davis, Barry Goldwater, Johnny Carson, Wilt Chamberlain, Hubert Humphrey, Carroll O ' Connor, Monty Hall, Jack Klugman & Tony Randall, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Leo Durocher, Truman Capote, Don Rickles, Ralph Nader, Jack Benny, Redd Foxx, Bobby Riggs, George Washington, Dan Rowan & Dick Martin, Hank Aaron, Joe Namath, Bob Hope, Telly Savalas, Lucille Ball, Jackie Gleason, Sammy Davis Jr, Michael Landon, Evel Knievel, Valerie Harper, Muhammad Ali, Dean Martin, Dennis Weaver, Joe Garagiola, Danny Thomas, Angie Dickinson, Gabe Kaplan, Ted Knight, Peter Marshall, Dan Haggerty, Frank Sinatra, Jack Klugman, Jimmy Stewart, George Burns, Betty White, Suzanne Somers, Joan Collins, and Mr T. For nearly a decade, Martin had recorded as many as four albums a year for Reprise Records.
* " I'm The Medicine Man For The Blues " by Ted Lewis & His Jazz Band
For most of that period, Mary Richards served as his associate producer ( later producer with he having the title of executive producer, though she reported to him ), Ted Baxter as his news anchor and Murray Slaughter as his head writer.
For a year, Morley collaborated on the writing of the strip with Ted Ferro, who teamed with his wife for nine years on their scripts for the daytime comedy-drama radio serial, Lorenzo Jones.
For Fugazi's second studio-album Steady Diet of Nothing, released in July 1991, the band once again asked Ted Nicely to produce.
For the Broadway opening, veteran orchestrator Ted Royal and jazzman Charles L. Cooke contributed period authenticity to the 1920 arrangements.
For example, Dan Maskell, John Barrett, Joe McCauley, Ted Schroeder, and Tony Trabert and John McEnroe rank Laver as the best of all time.
Perkins also developed Have I Got News For You, Whose Line Is It Anyway ?, Drop The Dead Donkey and Father Ted for Hat Trick, many of which won awards including Baftas.
For example, in early 1989, WWN published startling photographs on the front page of executed serial killer Ted Bundy on the autopsy table.
For economic reasons, the three young men moved to New York in 1956 and managed to get an audition with the Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour.
In 1985, on an episode of " Too Close For Comfort " entitled " For Every Man There's Two Women "( S05, E10 ), Ted Knight ( playing Henry Rush ) appears on the episode wearing a Fairleigh Dickinson University maroon sweatshirt.
During 1965 and early 1966, they released a string of hit singles, all co-written by Young and Wright, including " For My Woman " (# 5 ), " She's So Fine " (# 1 ), " Wedding Ring " (# 6 ), " Sad and Lonely and Blue ", " Easy as Can Be ", " Women ( Make You Feel Alright )" (# 1 ), " In My Book ", " Come and See Her " (# 1 ), " I'll Make You Happy " (# 1 ), and " Sorry " (# 4 ), and all produced by Ted Albert.
For the 1936 comedy Satan Met a Lady, the central character was renamed Ted Shane and was played by Warren William.
For example, in fiscal year 2005 per capita federal spending in Alaska, the home state of then-Chairman Ted Stevens, was $ 12, 000, double the national average.
* For a more comprehensive look at the life and career of Ted Husing visit
For example, the Ted Kord of the Kingdom Come limited series is said to reside on Earth-22.
For the open seat in the 13th district, Mack qualified for a run-off election in October against State Representative Ted Ewing 58 % to 42 %.
For his role in the establishing the original Players ' Association, the Lester B. Pearson Award was renamed to the Ted Lindsay Award in his honor.
For many years after that, Geritol was largely marketed on television programs that appealed primarily to older viewers, such as The Lawrence Welk Show, What's My Line ?, Hee Haw, and Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour.

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