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For and present
Harold Clurman is right to say that `` Waiting For Godot '' is a reflection ( he calls it a distorted reflection ) `` of the impasse and disarray of Europe's present politics, ethic, and common way of life ''.
For the present it is enough to note that in the grotesque figure of Jacoby, at the moment of his collapse, all these elements come together in prophetic parody.
For our present purposes we assume that the sole subject of bargaining is the basic wage rate ( not including productivity improvement factors or cost-of-living adjustments ), and it is this basic wage rate which determines the level of costs.
'' For present purposes it may be assumed that this charge so narrowly limited speech as to violate the federal Constitution.
For a moment or two, both scenes are present simultaneously, one growing weaker, one growing stronger.
For example, the spelling of the Thai word for " beer " retains a letter for the final consonant " r " present in the English word it was borrowed from, but silences it.
Many who side with this view disagree that Luke portrays Christianity or the Roman Empire as harmless and thus reject the apologetic view because “ Acts does not present Christians as politically harmless or law abiding for there are a large number of public controversies concerning Christianity, particularly featuring Paul .” For example, to support this view Cassidy references how Paul is accused of going against the Emperor because he is “ saying that there is another king named Jesus .” ( Acts 17: 7 ) Furthermore, there are multiple examples of Paul ’ s preaching causing uprisings in various cities ( Acts 14: 2 ; 14: 19 ; 16: 19-23 ; 17: 5 ; 17: 13-14 ; 19: 28-40 ; 21: 27 ).
For example: in the First Antinomy, Kant proves the thesis that time must have a beginning by showing that if time had no beginning, then an infinity would have elapsed up until the present moment.
For instance, Tomás Mac Curtain, the Mayor of Cork, was assassinated in March 1920 by local RIC men and the massacre of 13 civilians at Croke Park on Bloody Sunday was also carried out by the RIC although a small detachment of Auxiliaries were also present.
For instance, great anger or sadness may cause someone to lose focus on the present moment.
For example up to 200, 000 different small molecules might be made in plants, although not all these will be present in the same species, or in a single cell.
For many cytochromes, the metal ion present is that of iron, which interconverts between Fe < sup > 2 +</ sup > ( reduced ) and Fe < sup > 3 +</ sup > ( oxidised ) states ( electron-transfer processes ) or between Fe < sup > 2 +</ sup > ( reduced ) and Fe < sup > 3 +</ sup > ( formal, oxidised ) states ( oxidative processes ).
For certain genetic strains of cholera, such as the one present during the 2010 epidemic in Haiti and the 2004 outbreak in India, death can occur within two hours of becoming ill.
For bassists with smaller hands, the large spaces between pitches may present a significant challenge, especially in the lowest range, where the spaces between notes are largest.
For a decision which generates multiple cash flows in multiple time periods, all the cash flows must be discounted and then summed into a single net present value.
The famed apologist St. Justin Martyr ( c. 150 ) wrote: " No one else is permitted to partake of it, except one who believes our teaching to be true ...." For the first several hundred years, non-members were forbidden even to be present at the sacramental ritual ; visitors and catechumens ( those still undergoing instruction ) were dismissed halfway through the Liturgy, after the Bible readings and sermon but before the Eucharistic rite.
For alcoholics, but not generally, it allows the use of mustum ( grape juice in which fermentation has begun but has been suspended without altering the nature of the juice ), and it holds that, " since Christ is sacramentally present under each of the species, communion under the species of bread alone makes it possible to receive all the fruit of Eucharistic grace.
For instance, Arabic lacks a verb form of " to be " in the present tense.
For example, one of the most recent results is that, even after subtracting the positive influence of decadal variation, shown to be possibly present in the ENSO trend, the amplitude of the ENSO variability in the observed data still increases, by as much as 60 % in the last 50 years.
For example, a firewall designed to meet National Fire Protection Agency, ( NFPA ), 221-09 section A. 5. 7 which indicates an average temperature of 800 ° F, is not designed to withstand higher temperatures such as would be present in higher challenge fires, and as a result would fail in a time less than the wall rating.
For example, John G. Lake was present during the years of the Azusa Street revival.
For the prophetical gifts remain with us, even to this present time.
For example, two-tense languages such as English and Japanese express past and non-past, this latter covering both present and future in one verb form.
For example, the K ' iche ' language spoken in Guatemala has the inflectional prefixes k-and x-to mark incompletive and completive aspect ; Mandarin Chinese has the aspect markers-le 了 ,-zhe 着, zài-在, and-guò 过 to mark the perfective, durative stative, durative progressive, and experiential aspects, and also marks aspect with adverbs ; and English marks the continuous aspect with the verb to be coupled with present participle and the perfect with the verb to have coupled with past participle.
For example, " وصل ", wasala, " he arrived ", indicates that arrival occurred in the past without saying anything about the present status of the arriver-maybe he stuck around, maybe he turned around and left, etc.

For and article
* " For Want of a Genre ", article by Christopher M. Cevasco.
For more information, consult the Wikipedia article on affine transformations.
For a detailed discussion of the differences including a more comprehensive table ( several essential tables are given below ) of Biblical scripture for both Testaments and the intertestamental period with regard to canonical acceptance in Christendom's various major traditions, see Wikipedia's article on " Biblical canon ".
For example, in the U. S. state of Massachusetts an article of incorporation approved by the local state legislature distinguishes a city government from a town.
( For diagrams and full descriptions, see Contra Dance Form main article.
For more information on the efficiency of enzymatic catalysis, see the article on Enzymes.
For clarity, this article calls the two alternatives upper camel case and lower camel case.
For example, in the illustration shown in this article, the path < tt >/ Payroll / Salaries / Managers </ tt > uniquely identifies a file called < tt > Managers </ tt > in a folder called < tt > Salaries </ tt >, which in turn is contained in a folder called < tt > Payroll </ tt >.
For the purposes of this article, we call this constructed vector the transmitted vector.
For information on the specific challenges in the Amiga market of the time, see the Amiga Software article.
For the list of the members of the Holy Synod and their official titles see main article The Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria
For an overview of critical psychology in South Africa, see Desmond Painter and Martin Terre Blanche's article on Critical Psychology in South Africa: Looking back and looking forwards.
( For some more information about the early development, see the article " Gracht ", section " Delft as an example ").
For the purposes of this article, such reals will be called simply definable numbers.
For main article, see English and French Deism in the Eighteenth Century
For the sake of the example ( and this is a gross simplification ), let's assume that he values this particular risk at 5 % per annum ( we could perform a more precise probabilistic analysis of the risk, but that is beyond the scope of this article ).
For more information, see the main article on Bifurcation theory.
For these reasons, the Convention provides that neither marriage nor dissolution of marriage shall automatically affect the nationality of either spouse ( article 4d ).
For a thorough discussion of the valves and the compensation system, see the article on brass instruments.
For the purposes of this article then, a fugue state would occur while one is acting out a Dissociative Fugue.
For the names of the Uposatha days in Asian Buddhist countries see the article Uposatha.
For the culture and history of the island, see article Gotland.
: For an elementary introduction to how Lie algebras are related to particle physics, see the article Particle physics and representation theory.
For a more elementary discussion of Galois groups in terms of permutation groups, see the article on Galois theory.
For the purposes of this article, history is taken to mean written history recorded in a narrative format for the purpose of informing future generations about events.

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