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For and remainder
For the remainder of the movie, Chancellor Neitzbohr proceeds to lash the piano stool with a slat from a Venetian blind that used to hang in the pre-war Reichstag.
For example, the subprogram in Euclid's algorithm to compute the remainder would execute much faster if the programmer had a " modulus " ( division ) instruction available rather than just subtraction ( or worse: just Minsky's " decrement ").
For example James's will might say: " I give all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate to my daughter Lilly.
For example, an estate is granted to A for life, with remainder to the heir of B.
For the remainder of his reign there are problems: one of his sons rapes one of his daughters, another son kills the first, his favourite son rebels and is killed, until finally only two contenders for the succession remain, one of them Bathsheba's son Solomon.
For the remainder of his life, although he was passionately devoted to Hungary, its people and its culture, he never felt much loyalty to the government or its official establishments.
For the remainder of 2 August Nelson's ships made improvised repairs and boarded and consolidated their prizes.
For the remainder of his life he spent time between Albuquerque, New Mexico and Florida, living the last 13 years of his life in Archer, Florida, a small farming town near Gainesville.
For the remainder of the War on the Western Front cavalry had virtually no role to play.
For example, what is the lowest number n that when divided by 3 leaves a remainder of 2, when divided by 5 leaves a remainder of 3, and when divided by 7 leaves a remainder of 2?
For the remainder of Domitian's reign Dacia remained a relatively peaceful client kingdom, but Decebalus used the Roman money to fortify his defences.
For the remainder of the decade, none of her solo efforts even " In the Good Old Days ( When Times Were Bad )", which later became a standard were as successful as her duets with Wagoner.
For the remainder of the 1970s and into the early 1980s, many of Parton's subsequent singles charted on both pop and country charts, simultaneously.
For example, if a < b, the initial quotient q < sub > 0 </ sub > equals zero, and the remainder r < sub > 0 </ sub > is a.
For the remainder, in particular for the Berbice River and the North West services, the Government provides a cross-subsidy funded out of the profits that are always realized by the Harbor Branch of the Transport and Harbors Department.
For many years the United States produced over 90 % of commercially usable helium in the world, while extraction plants in Canada, Poland, Russia, and other nations produced the remainder.
For the remainder of his cricket-playing career, Botham refused to acknowledge MCC members in the pavilion when playing at Lord's.
For the remainder of the decade, Voight would alternate between feature films and television movies, including a starring role in the 1993 miniseries Return to Lonesome Dove, a continuation of Larry McMurtry's western saga, 1989's Lonesome Dove.
For the remainder of the article-they will be also used throughout unless otherwise stated.
For the remainder of her life, she was determined to remain unmarried and independent.
For the remainder of the 16th century, Spanish influence was paramount, with ships sailing from Mexico and Peru across the Pacific Ocean to the Philippines, via Guam, and establishing the Spanish East Indies.
For example, to convert 1 / 4 ( or 25 %), we subtract 1 from 4 to get a remainder of 3 ( or 25 from 100 to get a remainder of 75 ) and then divide 3 by 1 ( or 75 by 25 ), giving us 3, or exactly 3: 1.

For and 1950s
For much of the 1950s the threat of Communist invasion of Taiwan was very real, and required the U. S. Navy to safe guard the Taiwan Straits.
For example, in Kerala, India in the 1950s, increases in women's health were correlated with increases in female literacy rates.
Several Heinlein works have been published since his death, including the aforementioned For Us, The Living as well as 1989's Grumbles from the Grave, a collection of letters between Heinlein and his editors and agent ; 1992's Tramp Royale, a travelogue of a southern hemisphere tour the Heinleins took in the 1950s ; Take Back Your Government, a how-to book about participatory democracy written in 1946 ; and a tribute volume called Requiem: Collected Works and Tributes to the Grand Master, containing some additional short works previously unpublished in book form.
For a brief period in the late 1950s Orbison made his living at Acuff-Rose, a songwriting firm concentrating mainly on country music.
For example, Lévi-Strauss analyzed in the 1950s cultural phenomena including mythology, kinship ( the alliance theory and the incest taboo ), and food preparation.
For Jackie Treehorn's Malibu beach house, he was inspired by late 1950s and early 1960s bachelor pad-style furniture.
Twentieth-Century Fox made a succession of war films realistically filmed in black-and-white in the early 1950s that highlighted little-known aspects of World War II, among them The Frogmen, Go For Broke !, You're in the Navy Now, and Decision Before Dawn.
For connections within metropolitan areas, Bell Labs in the late 1950s sought cheaper terminal equipment.
For example, in 1933 H. G. Wells postulated in The Shape of Things to Come a Second World War in which Nazi Germany and Poland are evenly matched militarily, fighting an indecisive war over ten years ; and Poul Anderson's early 1950s Psychotechnic League depicted a world undergoing a devastating nuclear war in 1958, yet by the early 21st century managing not only to rebuild the ruins on Earth but also engage in extensive space colonization of the Moon and several planets.
For example, Poul Anderson started The Psychotechnic League history in the early 1950s, assuming a nuclear war in 1958 — then a future date.
For example, in the original 1950s timeline, humanity does not discover the hyperspatial drive until approximately the year 5000, whereas in the reincorporated Robot universe chronology, the first interstellar jump occurs in 2029, during the events of I, Robot.
For some time during the 1950s Van Vliet worked as an apprentice with Rodrigues, who considered him a child prodigy.
For private use the ( reel-to-reel ) tape recorder was not very common and only slowly took off from about the 1950s ; with prices between 700 and 1500 DM ( which would now be about to €) such machines were still far too expensive for the mass market and their vacuum tube construction made them very bulky.
He added " Blake's 7s triumph lay in its vivid characters, its tight, pacey plots and its satisfying realism ... For arguably the first time since the 1950s Quatermass serials, the BBC had created a popular sci-fi / fantasy show along adult lines.
For example, geese have been used successfully to weed a range of organic crops including cotton, strawberries, tobacco, and corn, reviving the practice of keeping cotton patch geese, common in the southern U. S. before the 1950s.
For example, American evangelist Billy Graham came from a fundamentalist background, but parted company with that movement because of his choice, early in his ministry ( 1950s ), to cooperate with other Christians.
For an extended period of time — prewar through the early 1950sthe Pontiac was a quiet, solid car, but not especially powerful.
For a few years in the early 1950s, and in 1974 1990, the Arnoldleut ( or Bruderhof Communities ) were recognized as Hutterites.
For many viewers, this was equivalent to seeing live theater in their living rooms, an effect enhanced when television plays expanded from 60-minute time slots to a 90-minute series with the introduction of Playhouse 90 in the late 1950s.
Built in the 1950s, the library has since been converted into the Community Action For Improvement Center.
For many years the area remained rural farmland until large scale suburban development commenced in the early 1950s.
For example, half of the enormous water-powered Wood Mill, once the largest mills in the world, was knocked down in the 1950s.
* Open For Engagements ( 1994 ) In the line-up, only Rod Davis ( guitar ) an John Duff Lowe ( piano ) played for The Quarrymen in the 1950s
For instance, Gregory Perino began his categorical study of projectile point typology in the late 1950s.

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