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from Brown Corpus
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For and three
For three days, their stolid oxen had plodded up a blazing valley as flat and featureless as a dead sea.
For each State ( except Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and, prior to 1962, Alaska and Hawaii ) determine average per capita income based on the last three years.
For each State ( except the Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and, prior to 1962, Alaska and Hawaii ), determine the average per capita income for the last three years.
For exactly three unpaired electrons the coefficient would be 3.10.
For each of these lines meets Q in three points, namely two points on **zg and one point on one of the multiple secants.
For this step the computer memory is separated into three regions: cells in the W-region are used for storage of the forms in the text-form list ; ;
For the use of students and future restorers, a full, day-by-day record was kept of all three undertakings, complete technical reports on what we found and what we did.
For the case of a purely inertial autonavigator consisting of three restrained gyros, a coordinate system is used where the sensitive axis of the X accelerometer is parallel to the east-west direction at the base point, and the Y accelerometer sensitive axis is parallel to the north-south direction at the base point.
`` For three days now a German reconnaissance plane has been over the city taking pictures.
For the first three weeks, the ship skirted up the east coast of Great Britain, then turned westward.
For three years, since the liquor territorial conference, Torrio had, with his elastic patience, and because he knew that retaliation could cause only violent warfare and disaster to business, tolerated O'Banion's impudent double-crossing.
For sprains and swellings, one pint of cider vinegar and half a pint of spirits of turpentine added to three well beaten eggs was said to give speedy relief.
For three years he was connected with the U.S. Naval Observatory and with the U.S. Signal Corps ; ;
For three or four years in the mid-1950's, this complaint was heard rumbling up from the Senate floor whenever there was a dull legislative afternoon.
`` For instance, Djakarta, Indonesia, has three groups of dancers interested in coming here.
For her first three vegetable months she waved her crabbed claws, kicked weakly with her clubbed feet and enjoyed the usual routine of the infant.
For this reason, ANOVAs are useful in comparing two, three, or more means.
: For an example of the simple algorithm " Add m + n " described in all three levels see Algorithm examples.
For the three days that it rests on Earth, righteous souls sit at the head of their body, chanting the Ustavaiti Gathas with joy, while a wicked person sits at the feet of the corpse, wails and recites the Yasna.
For example, three isomers exist for cresol because the methyl group and the hydroxyl group can be placed next to each other ( ortho ), one position removed from each other ( meta ), or two positions removed from each other ( para ).
For picturesqueness the site is not equalled in Cilicia, and it is worthwhile to trace the three fine aqueducts to their sources.
Cash often included the song when he toured prisons, saying " For the three minutes that song is going on, everybody is free.
For example, at the gene locus for the ABO blood type carbohydrate antigens in humans, classical genetics recognizes three alleles, I < sup > A </ sup >, I < sup > B </ sup >, and I < sup > O </ sup >, that determine compatibility of blood transfusions.
For example a two dimensional array with three rows and four columns might provide access to the element at the 2nd row and 4th column by the expression: ( in a row major language ) and ( in a column major language ) in the case of a zero-based indexing system.

For and straight
For Tom Horn, it turned out, had a number of rancher and cowboy witnesses ready and willing to swear with straight faces that he had been in Bates Hole the day of the killing.
For this reason, knowing whether a file uses premultiplied or straight alpha is essential to correctly process or composite it.
For example, a good crosscourt sliced dropshot will use a hitting action that suggests a straight clear or smash, deceiving the opponent about both the power and direction of the shuttlecock.
For an axially loaded straight column with any end support conditions, the equation of static equilibrium, in the form of a differential equation, can be solved for the deflected shape and critical load of the column.
For example, if u < sub > 1 </ sub > is an eigenvector of A, with a real eigenvalue smaller than one, then the straight lines given by the points along α u < sub > 1 </ sub >, with α ∈ R, is an invariant curve of the map.
For example a Euclidean straight line has no width, but any real drawn line will.
For instance, a player may bluff by playing a pair of aces as if it were a straight, touch, or full house.
For example, a ball dropped towards the ground does not go exactly straight down because the Earth is rotating.
For example, when a nominally straight, un-aliased line steps across one pixel, a dogleg occurs halfway through the line, where it crosses the threshold from one pixel to the other.
For his third straight year, He qualified for the year-end Tennis Masters Cup held in Shanghai and successfully defended his title by defeating Juan Carlos Ferrero in the final, 7 – 5, 7 – 5, 2 – 6, 2 – 6, 6 – 4.
For example, a model airplane of 1 kg, traveling due north at 1 m / s in straight and level flight, has a momentum of 1 kg m / s due north measured from the ground.
For example, in a game of Texas hold ' em, a player has 8 ♣ 6 ♠ with a flop of < font color =" red "> 9 ♥ 7 ♦</ font > 2 ♣, The player has an open-ended straight draw and so has eight outs ( four 10s and four 5s ).
For example in draw poker, if you have two pairs, and your opponent is drawing for a straight or flush, you are said to have a made hand because even though you will be drawing a card just as he will, you can win even if you do not draw a card that improves your hand, while he cannot win unless he improves.
For example, with a board of, a player with or cannot play a straight.
For example, if the board is, and the player has, then not only do they have the current nuts ( their ace-king makes the broadway straight ), but they also have a redraw with the two queens in their hand because if the board pairs, they will make queens full, or four queens.
For example, with K ♠- 9 ♠- 8 ♣- 7 ♠- 6 ♣- 5 ♠- 4 ♠ playing the flush would put 8-6 in front, playing the 9-high straight would put K-4 up front, but the correct play is K-9 and 8-7-6-5-4.
For example: an apparition of John Wayne is a recurring character and serves as a sort of spiritual guide or conscience for Custer ; Monument Valley and The Alamo serve as backdrops to various legs of the journey ; for a time, Jesse acts as the sheriff of a small town in Texas, and must protect the inhabitants from harm ; the image of the Saint of Killers, a reformed bounty hunter-turned-killer-once-more in the tradition of Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven character, William Munny, is a nod to the classic Western notion of nemesis, straight and true and terrible.
For instance the first system to be deployed, Chain Home, used two straight antennas at right angles for reception, each on a different display.
For as the angels were mismanaging the world, owing to their individual lust for rule, he had come to set things straight, and had descended under a changed form, likening himself to the Principalities and Powers through whom he passed, so that among men he appeared as a man, though he was not a man, and was thought to have suffered in Judaea, though he had not suffered.
For instance, Tarnow shows that the recall probability vs. latency curve is a straight line from 6 to 600 seconds ( ten minutes ), with the probability of failure to recall only saturating after 600 seconds.
For this type of exponential growth, plotting the natural logarithm of cell number against time produces a straight line.
For establishing Fresnel zones, first determine the RF Line of Sight ( RF LoS ), which in simple terms is a straight line between the transmitting and receiving antennas.
For example, if a child slides down a frictionless slide, the work done by the gravitational force on the child from the top of the slide to the bottom will be the same no matter what the shape of the slide ; it can be straight or it can be a spiral.
For example, salmon, an anadromous fish, is not traditionally eaten straight out of the river.

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