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Formal and members
Unlike many other Oxford colleges, the same menu is served to all members of college and there is no High Table apart from at Formal Halls.
Formal members are known as " investitures " and bear club titles derived from the Holmes stories.
Undergratuates are members of the Junior Common Room ( JCR ), although they may opt out of the common room if they wish, although if they do so they are not allowed to attend JCR events, such as the informal and formal ball, or Formal Hall.
Formal parliamentary investigations were called for by members of the Belgian Socialist Party, but despite their work, the practise of forced labour continued until independence in 1960.
Formal Consensus refers to a specific organizational structure which formalizes both the relationships between members of an organization and the processes through which they interact to create an environment in which Consensus decision-making can occur in a specific, consistent, and efficient manner.
Organizations intending to use Formal Consensus must establish the fundamental principles, values, and goals that all the members of the organization have in common.

Formal and number
Formal and Greco-Latinate names are generally used for the first ten types and can be used for up to twenty subunits, whereas higher order complexes are usually described by the number of subunits, followed by-meric.
Formal instruction was also very popular ; however, the number of people educated using a planned curriculum at home dropped as public education grew in popularity during the 1900s.
Formal generalization of the pi – theorem for the case of arbitrary number of quantities was for the first time given by A. Vaschy in 1892, and later and, apparently, independently, by A. Federman, D. Riabouchinsky in 1911 and by Buckingham in 1914.
Formal power series can be used to solve recurrences occurring in number theory and combinatorics.
Formal power series in any number of indeterminates ( even infinitely many ) can be defined.
Formal methods can be used at a number of levels:
Formal kimonos are typically worn in several layers, with number of layers, visibility of layers, sleeve length, and choice of pattern dictated by social status, season, and the occasion for which the kimono is worn.
For example, a geographic information model might consist of a number of Gellish Formal English expressions, such as:
During the year the college holds a number of large events, of which the largest are Victoriana !, the Informal, the Jazz Dinner Dance, and the College Formal.
# Formal reporting relationships, including lines of authority, decision responsibility, number of hierarchical levels and span of managers control.
Formal Consensus emphasizes universal participation through inclusive, open, and transparent procedures which encourage cooperative resolution to conflicts, rather than aggressive competition to achieve the highest number of votes.

Formal and people
Category: Formal methods people
Category: Formal methods people
Category: Formal methods people
Category: Formal methods people
Category: Formal methods people
Category: Formal methods people
Category: Formal methods people
* Formal methods people
Category: Formal methods people
Category: Formal methods people
Category: Formal methods people
Category: Formal methods people
Category: Formal methods people
Category: Formal methods people
Formal membership was only open to those who were Jewish, but the Group worked with people from other communities including many Irish and Black activists.
* A Collection of Accounts of Formal Deeds of Arms of the Fourteenth Century " Modern people often make a big distinction between ' tournaments ' and ' real war ,' but the distinction was much more fluid in the fourteenth century.
Category: Formal methods people
Category: Formal methods people
Category: Formal methods people
Category: Formal methods people
Category: Formal methods people
Category: Formal methods people
Formal Culture Regions — an area inhabited by people who have one or more cultural traits in common, such as language, religion or system of livelihood.

Formal and ;
Formal Samoan has only one word with velar ; colloquial Samoan conflates and to.
He would later go on to become a Fellow of the College and the CCRFC's first Honorary President ; his portrait hangs in the College's Formal Hall.
The Committee on Bible Translation wanted to build a new version on the heritage of the NIV and like its predecessor create a balanced mediating version, one that would fall in-between the most literal translation and the most free ; word-for-word ( Formal Equivalence ) and thought-for-thought ( Dynamic Equivalence ).
v .; A. de Morgan, Formal Logic ( 1847 ) ; A. Sidgwick, Fallacies ( 1883 ) and other textbooks.
Formal law regulates the procedure ; delegation is possible.
Formal innovation characterised Mon oncle d ' Amérique ( My American Uncle ) ( 1980 ) in which the theories of the neurobiologist Henri Laborit about animal behaviour are juxtaposed with three interwoven fictional stories ; and a further counterpoint to the fictional characters is provided by the inclusion of film extracts of the classic French film actors with whom they identify.
* The College holds a Formal Hall every day of term except on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays ; dress is formal with gowns compulsory for students who choose to attend.
As noted by Weyl, Formal logical systems also run the risk of inconsistency ; in Peano arithmetic, this arguably has already been settled with several proofs of consistency, but there is debate over whether or not they are sufficiently finitary to be meaningful.
1941 Packard Custom Super Eight One-Eighty Formal sedan ; 19th series, Model 1907
Formal definitions absolutely require the presence of emotional symptoms as the chief complaint ; the presence of exclusively physical symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle, such as bloating, abdominal cramps, constipation, swelling or tenderness in the breasts, cyclic acne, and joint or muscle pain — no matter how disruptive these physical symptoms are — is not considered PMS.
; Formal mentoring programs
; Formal Garden
Formal Place Setting for 8 Course Dinner ; ice cream fork at top of place setting
; Formal financial institutions: In addition to commercial banks, these include state banks, agricultural development banks, savings banks, rural banks and non-bank financial institutions.
For example, since the college's founding there has been no " High Table " reserved for Fellows at Formal Hall dinners ; students and Fellows mix and dine together, although the tradition of wearing academic gowns to such occasions is still preserved.
; Formal parsing systems
Formal differences between Peninsular and American Spanish are remarkably few, and someone who has learned the dialect of one area will have no difficulties using reasonably formal speech in the other ; however, pronunciation does vary, as well as grammar and vocabulary.
Other Cameron's interiors include the Waiters ' Room, with the inlaid floor of rosewood, amaranth and mahogany and stylish Chippendale card-tables ; the Blue Formal Dining-Room, with white-and-blue silk wallpapers and Carrara marble chimneys ; the Chinese Blue Drawing Room, a curious combination of Adam style with the Chinoiserie ; the Choir Anteroom, with walls lined in apricot-colored silk ; and the columned boudoir of Alexander I, executed in the Pompeian style.
* Formal metrics that focus on formalisation leading to the ease of manipulation, processing and reasoning about trust ; formal metrics can be further classified depending on their properties.
... and the only way to generate new functions is to use one of the functional forms, which are fixed: you cannot build your own functional form ( at least not within FP ; you can within FFP ( Formal FP )).

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