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# and Formation
# Formation of trabeculae
# Formation of articular cartilage and epiphyseal plate
# Formation for the Apostolate ( 28-32 )
# Formation of thermoplastic sheet around the model This is then used to test the fit of the prosthetic
# Formation of permanent socket
# Formation of the IMF and the IBRD ( presently part of the World Bank ).
at: 1876 color: lineColor # Formation of NL
# Topoi-The Formation and Transformation of Space and Knowledge in Ancient Civilizations
# Formation of the Literacy Corps, so that those who had a high school diploma and were required to serve their country as soldiers could do so in fighting illiteracy in the villages.
# Formation of the Health Corps to extend public health care throughout the villages and rural regions of Iran.
# Formation of the Reconstruction and Development Corps to teach the villagers the modern methods and techniques of farming and keeping livestock.
# Formation of the Houses of Equity where 5 village elders would be elected by the villagers, for a period of 3 years, to act as arbitrators in order to help settle minor offences and disputes.
The American Museum of Natural History Photograph # 311488 demonstrates an articulated skeleton of a Psittacosaurus mongoliensis, from the Ondai Sair Formation, Lower Cretaceous Period of Mongolia, showing a collection of about 40 gastroliths inside the rib cage, about midway between shoulder and pelvis.
# redirect Formation and evolution of the Solar System # Terrestrial planets
* Paleobiology Database: BYU Locality # 712, Uintah Basin, Green River Formation, Utah: Eocene-Eocene, Utah
# REDIRECT Formation ( association football )# Metodo
# REDIRECT Formation and evolution of the Solar System # Formation of planets
# Formation Z
# Formation of the " Grignard reagent ", which is an organomagnesium compound made by the reaction an organohalide, R-X ( R = alkyl or aryl ; and X is a halide, usually bromide or iodide ) with magnesium metal.
# REDIRECT Gault # Gault Formation

# and plastic
# Telstar Ranger ( model 6046, 1977 ): Four Pong variants ( hockey, handball, tennis, jai alai ) and two gun games ( target, skeet ), black and white plastic case, includes revolver-style light gun and separate paddle controllers.
# Telstar Alpha ( model 6030, 1977 ): Four Pong variants, black and white plastic case, fixed paddles.
# producing a model of chair ( OGLA ) made from 100 % post-consumer plastic waste ;
# The plastic acts as a refractive intermediary between the relatively high-index semiconductor and low-index open air.
Two disposable plastic List of glassware # Tumblers | tumblers filled with White Zinfandel and ice in New York City.
# REDIRECT plastic explosive
# Adhesive wear are caused by relative motion, " direct contact " and plastic deformation which create wear debris and material transfer from one surface to another.
# The Worshipful Company of Horners ( horn workers and plastic )
In Fantastic Four # 42, we begin by seeing Sue still helplessly imprisoned in the giant plastic bag Medusa had Trapster create.
of # 11 or # 12 shot contained in a plastic capsule.
All secondary remotes for dual tuners may also be converted to remote # 1 by flipping the plastic bottom of the remote.
# Raised plastic or ceramic units, fastened to asphalt or concrete pavement and often with a reflector built into the edge.
# Raised thermal plastic strips that are melted and fused to the pavement.
The critical material, which is a carbon black and plastic mix, used in the automatically resetting devices described in this article was serendipitously discovered and then described by author and scientist Fred Kohler, and patented as patent # 3, 243, 753 on March 29, 1966.
# At Harmony Ranch-Whirling plastic tubes hose ( tubing ) | hoses, peepers ( frogs ), " Guido " the dog
# From linear ( draughstmanly, plastic, relating to contour in projected ideation of objects ) to painterly ( malerisch: tactile, observing patches or systems of relative light and of non-local colour within shade, making shadow and light integral, and allowing them to replace or supersede the dominance of contours as fixed boundaries.
# REDIRECT plastic explosive
# It seems intuitively likely that structural changes at the level of axons, dendrite branches, and dendrite spines underlie some of the long-term plastic changes in the cortex.
# Scalextric Sport: Released in 2001, another plastic track, but with a smoother surface.
NCR 53C94 SCSI controller in plastic leaded chip carrier # Plastic leaded chip carrier | PLCC-84 package.
* A flat-bottomed drinking glass made of plastic, glass, or metal ( see List of glassware # Tumblers )
In Herbie # 8 ( March 1965 ), Herbie feels a need to become a costumed superhero, but after failing superhero school, he creates the Fat Fury by donning full-body red underwear with a drop seat, a blue cape, a blue plastic mask, and a plunger on his head.
# Shanks-The stiff plastic or metal plates built into the sole.

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