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Former and New
Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani initiated a campaign against the sale of box-cutter knives to young people in the 1990s.
Former Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme was a backup in New Orleans before signing with Carolina in 2003.
1970 ), Former New York State Senator ; Brooklyn Borough President ( 2001 – present )
Former Onna Roll president Big Al continues as of 2012 to organize a freestyle club night in New York.
* Jack Ferguson ( 1924 – 2002 ): Former Deputy Premier of New South Wales.
Former posts include Principal Oboe with the New York City Ballet, the American Ballet Theatre, the Bolshoi Ballet, the Royal Ballet, the Royal Swedish Ballet, and the Royal Danish Ballet.
It is the premonitory earthquake of the New Age ..." Former Theosophist Rudolf Steiner and his Anthroposophical movement are a major influence.
Category: Former New York City neighborhoods
Former New York State Attorney General and former Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer has pursued spyware companies for fraudulent installation of software.
Former music stations such as KLIF, Dallas, Texas ), WLW ( Cincinnati, Ohio ), WHAS ( Louisville, Kentucky ), WHAM ( Rochester, New York ), WLS ( Chicago, Illinois ), KFI ( Los Angeles, California ), WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ), WKBW ( Buffalo, New York ), and WABC ( New York, New York ) made the switch to all-talk as their ratings slumped due to listener migration to the FM band.
* Former Congressman and HUD Secretary Jack Kemp of New York
* Former Senator Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire
* Former Governor Thomas Kean of New Jersey
Former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani made a crackdown on vandalism a centerpiece of his anti-crime agenda in the 1990s, asserting that a strong campaign against nonviolent " quality of life " crimes such as vandalism would bring about a corresponding decrease in violent crime.
December 8: Former The Beatles | Beatles member John Lennon is shot dead outside his home in New York.
** Former Dutch queen Wilhelmina buried at the New Church in Delft.
* The West Wing (" The Ticket ", 2005 ): Former President Jed Bartlet opens his presidential library in New Hampshire and chats with some of his former staffers.
Former President Ulysses S. Grant, an ally of Sen. Conkling, notified President Garfield by letter that he disapproved of Blaine's nomination and staunchly opposed Garfield's appointment of Robertson as the port of New York's customs collector.
Former President Ulysses S. Grant, who had traveled from New York with his family, was also at Elberon.
Image: FranklinPierce. png | Former Senator Franklin Pierce of New Hampshire
Image: WilliamLMarcy. png | Former Secretary of War William L. Marcy of New York

Former and Zealand
Former New Zealand and Australasian champion archer Brooke La Pine also called Cambridge home for 23 years.
Category: Former populated places in New Zealand
* Iain O ' Brien ( born 1976 ), Former New Zealand Test cricketer
Category: Former provincial capitals of New Zealand
Former Australian captain Bob Simpson was sounded out, and he accompanied the team on the 1986 tour of New Zealand as an observer.
Former New Zealand coach Graham Lowe has credited Bennett with the victory.
Category: Former populated places in New Zealand
The first Sky subscriber was former Speaker of the New Zealand House of Representatives Jonathan Hunt, according to Helen Clark, Former Prime Minister of New Zealand.
Former Prime Minister Robert Muldoon is said to have described the Lockes as the most " notorious Communist family in New Zealand ".
* Fifth session ( 4 – 15 May 2009 ): Central African Republic, Monaco, Belize, Chad, Congo, Malta, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Chile, Vietnam, Uruguay, Yemen, Vanuatu, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Comoros, Slovakia.
Former New Zealand Colt Flyhalf Jimmy Gopperth was the real " find " of the season, scoring 139 points after much fuss was made about a suitable replacement for Ireland-bound David Holwell.
Former England Coach Clive Woodward called Guscott the " Prince of Centres ", and rugby-writer Stephen Jones hails Guscott as part of his ' dream centre combination ', along with former New Zealand All Black Frank Bunce.
# Former Ministers of the Crown in New Zealand
Former New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange lived in Kaikohe for a time.
Former New Zealand First Member of Parliament and brother of Winston Peters, Jim Peters, is a current resident.
Is a personal friend of many famous New Zealanders, including famous actress Lucy Lawless and Former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark.
Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark has appeared in all seasons except the last and Hip hoprapper, Scribe has been a guest on all five seasons of bro ' Town to date.
Former Pitcairn resident Reeve Cooze expressed the sentiments of many of the islanders on Radio New Zealand when he declared, " The Pitcairn people have been bullied.
Former Pitcairn resident Shawn Brent Christian, 29, then living in Australia, announced a legal challenge to the validity of New Zealand lawyers ’ and judges ’ carrying out a trial in a British colony on 27 November 2005.
Former United Future list MP Bernie Ogilvy became Future New Zealand party secretary, according to the website.
Former policy positions as part of United Future New Zealand include:
* Former United Future New Zealand Spokesman on:
Category: Former provincial capitals of New Zealand

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