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Former and presenters
Former presenters include Susan Bookbinder, Daire Brehan, Jon Briggs, Jon Champion, Adrian Chiles, Edwina Currie, Fi Glover, Nick Hancock, Brian Hayes, Peter Heaton-Jones, Jane Hill, Des Lynam, David Mellor, Louise Minchin, Paddy O ' Connell, Jonathan Pearce, Nick Robinson, Sybil Ruscoe, Bill Turnbull, Sian Williams, Eamonn Holmes, Mark Saggers and Wendy Robbins.
Former presenters include Peter Snow, a regular for 17 years, Donald MacCormick, Charles Wheeler, Adam Raphael and John Tusa, later boss of the BBC World Service.
Former presenters include:
Former presenters of Radio Ireland / Today FM include Philip Boucher-Hayes, Mark Byrne, Mark Cagney, Enda Caldwell, Breffni Clack, Alison Curtis ( The Last Splash and The Alison Curtis Show featuring Mister Ed Smith ), Tom Dunne ( Pet Sounds ), Eamon Dunphy ( original presenter of The Last Word ), Bob Gallico, Tommy Greene, Anne-Marie Hourihan ( originally Eamon Dunphy's co-host ), Bill Hughes, Robbie Irwin ( weekend sports programs presenter ), Mark Kavanagh ( dance show ), Ann Marie Kelly, John Kelly, Stephen Keogh, Tracey Lee, Nails Mahoney ( briefly ), Marty Miller ( now rockin ' out on Radio Nova 100FM ) the late Dermot Morgan, Paddy Murray and Liam Mackey ( Murray and Mackey ), Ian Noctor ( newsreader who also for a period presented Dad Rock ) Ed Myers, Paul Power, Ita Ryan ( The Celtic Reel ), John Ryan ( original presenter of The Sunday Supplement ), Donal Scannell, Jon Troy ( Between The Sheets-love songs ), and Karl Tsigdinos ( The River of Soul ).
Former Ram FM weekday breakfast presenters Dean ' Dino ' Weatherbed & Pete Allen presented weekday drivetime shows for the regional station before becoming presenters of Capital Breakfast in April 2012.
Former presenters include Mark Goodier, Graham Stuart, Gerry Quinn, Kenny Page, Sheena Wellington, Ian Duncan, Dave Bussey, Norma Gamble, Pat Kelly, Scott Davie, Pete Maddison, Carl Greenwood, Grant Reid, Dave Price and Alistair Smith.
Former presenters on the station include Carlos, Paul Bryant, Simon Ross, Ben Foster, Daryl Denham, Phil Upton, Nick Piercey, Sarah Jane Mee, Hellon Wheels, Charlie Jordan, Warren Moore and Dave Clarke.
Former notable presenters on the station include Greg Scott ( most famous for his television appearances on ITV's Quizmania ), Joel Ross ( now one half of JK and Joel, who later spent three years at BBC Radio 1 ), Howard Nurse ( BBC Football Editor ), and Global Radio network presenter, Neil Grayson.
; Former presenters
Former notable presenters include: Dallas Willard, Leonard Sweet, Dan Kimball, Marva Dawn, Brian McLaren, Tony Campolo, Richard Twiss, Fern Cloud, Terry LeBlanc, Randy Woodley, Maggi Dawn, Scot McKnight, Joseph Myers, and Alan Hirsch.
Former presenters include: Maxine McKew, Virginia Trioli, Leigh Sales and Ali Moore.
Former Today presenters and musical guests were involved.
Former presenters include the former Sunday Times columnist Jani Allan between 1997-2000.

Former and on
* 2007 – Former Deputy Director of the Chilean secret police Raúl Iturriaga is captured after having been on the run following a conviction for kidnapping.
Former emphasis on presumed race, in which John A. Scott could write an article on Achaean blondness, compared to the dark locks of " Mediterranean " Poseidon, on the basis of hints in Homer, has been laid aside.
Former CEO Dale Fuller was fired in July 2005 after a series of financial and commercial blunders, but remained on the board of directors.
Former Georgia Tech provost Jean-Lou Chameau became the eighth president of Caltech on September 1, 2006, replacing David Baltimore who had served since 1997.
*" Former Military Astronaut Among Hijack Victims ", an article by Robert Pearlman on the SPACE. com website, dated September 16, 2001
Former Crowded House drummer Peter Jones died from brain cancer on 18 May 2012 aged 49.
In 2010 the Space Needle Corporation submitted a proposal for an exhibition of Chihuly's work at a site in the Seattle Center, in competition with proposals for other uses from several other groups. The project, which sees the new Chihuly exhibition hall occupy the site of the former Fun Forest amusement park in the Seattle Center park and entertainment complex, received the final green light from the Seattle City Council on April 25, 2011. Divisive Dale Chihuly Glass-Art " Museum " Approved for Former Seattle Amusement Park ARTINFO. com It opened May 21, 2012. Chihuly Garden and Glass Opens with Dedication Ceremony on Monday, May 21 prnewswire. comDale Chihuly's ' Glass House ' shines in Seattle publicbroadcasting. net
Former NSA employee Margaret Newsham claims that she worked on the configuration and installation of software that makes up the ECHELON system while employed at Lockheed Martin, for whom she worked from 1974 to 1984 in Sunnyvale, California, US, and in Menwith Hill, England, UK.
Former dual premiership winning coach and Essendon triple-premiership winning player Mark Thompson later joined Hird on the coaching panel.
Former ELO member Tandy rejoined the band a short time afterwards for two television live performances: VH1 Storytellers and a PBS concert shot at CBS Television City, later titled Zoom Tour Live, that was released on DVD.
Former head of Greek intelligence service Leonidas Vasilikopoulos said they had received information from their agents in Turkey that Turkish agents or others were involved in the forest fires on Greek islands.
Former Vice President, Deputy Prime Minister, and Attorney General Mohamed Shahabuddeen served a 9-year term on the International Court of Justice ( 1987 – 96 ).
Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was working on Japan's economic revival, signed a treaty with Saudi Arabia and UAE about the rising prices of oil.
* 1976 – Former Japanese prime minister Kakuei Tanaka is arrested on suspicion of violating foreign exchange and foreign trade laws in connection with the Lockheed bribery scandals.
Former minister and MP Marwan Hamadeh, who survived a similar car bomb attack on October 1, 2004, said " I accuse this government of incitement, negligence and shortcomings at the least, and of covering up its planning at the most ... if not executing ".
Former US First Lady Rosalynn Carter began the fellowships not only to train reporters in how to sensitively and accurately discuss mental health and mental illness, but also to increase the number of stories on these topics in the news media.
Former Hole drummer Samantha Maloney filled in on the tour to promote the album.
* 1966 – Former Congolese Prime Minister Evariste Kimba and several other politicians are publicly executed in Kinshasa on the orders of President Joseph Mobutu.
Masorti Olami ( also known as The World Council of Conservative / Masorti Synagogues ) builds, renews and strengthens Jewish life throughout the world, with efforts that focus on existing and developing communities in Europe, Latin America, the Former Soviet Union, Africa, Asia and Australia.
Former Secretary of State George Shultz commented on the evening, saying " We felt the ice of the Cold War crumbling.
Former First Lady Nancy Reagan says her last goodbye to President Ronald Reagan on June 11, 2004, prior to the interment and concluding a Death and state funeral of Ronald Reagan | week-long state funeral for the president.
File: Tram North Korea PY. jpg | Former Zurich type Be 4 / 4 tram on the Kumsusan Memorial Palace line

Former and station
* Contact 94 Former radio station broadcasting to the island from Normandy.
Note: A paper written by Col. Andrew Milani ( Former commander of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment ) and Dr. Stephen D. Biddle entitled " Pitfalls of Technology: A Case Study of the battle of Takur Ghar " noted that the Predator was on station 90 minutes after Roberts had fallen ; the images that were shot before the Predator had arrived were shot by GRIM-32's Infrared Cameras.
Former general store and private residence, now used as a restaurant adjacent to the old railroad station
Former pumping station to bring up water from the Touvre.
Image: Schwerin_E_Werk. jpg | Former power station
Former Rock Island railroad station in Inman, 2012
* Former railway station Vogelenzang-Bennebroek-railway station from 1842.
Former trolley station, now a park.
Former train station, now school district officesIn 1952, the Ligonier Valley Railroad ceased operation, due to a combination of overlogging, decline of the coal industry, and the loss of passenger traffic to motor vehicles.
Former railroad station ( 1902 ), now a museum
Former poll station in the Meeme ( community ), Wisconsin | community of Meeme.
* Former morning show Humble & Fred, having its origins on the station in 1989, has been voted Best Morning Show in Canada four times by the Canadian radio industry
* Mimico GO Station Former Mimico Railway Station was the first station in Etobicoke.
* Former callsign of NEN ( TV station ) in Taree, New South Wales, Australia
Former Mirage owner Steve Wynn ( who hired the duo in 1990 ) told Las Vegas television station KLAS-TV the events were substantiated as described by Fischbacher.
| 11. 1 || Cliff ||||||||| Former Newark ( South Street ) station ; consists of two crossovers that didn't fit at Hunter
Former Axbridge railway station
* Former train station, a half-timbered building constructed at the end of the 19th century.
File: DasselFormerTrainStation. jpg | Former train station of Dassel.
Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Simon Bates also joined the station along with James Whale, Ian Collins, and Mike Dickin.
* Freddie Brooks Former afternoon drive personality at sister station WYAY True Oldies 106. 7 with Spiff Carner.
Former overnight host Larry Glick was moved first into late evenings and then into afternoons, and ultimately left the station in May 1987.
Image: Old blubber station at Pangnirtung. jpg | Former Hudson's Bay Blubber Station at Pangnirtung
Image: GoulburnOldPoliceStation. jpg | Former police station on Sloane Street, designed by Barnet and opened 1885

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