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Four and more
Four more children followed: Charlotte, ( 1816 – 1855 ), Patrick Branwell ( 1817 – 1848 ), Emily, ( 1818 – 1848 ) and Anne ( 1820 – 1849 ).
Democratic, Democratic Labour, and Radical were all mentioned as possible names for the new party, as well as New Labour ( which future Labour leader Tony Blair would use to promote the Labour Party more than a decade later ) but eventually Social Democratic was settled on because the ' Gang of Four ' consciously wanted to mould the philosophy and ideology of the new party on the Social Democracy practised on mainland Europe.
Four out of five houses constructed under Labour were council properties built to more generous specifications than before the Second World War, and subsidies kept down council rents.
Rhyming slang terms for Jew have included " Chelsea Blue ", " Stick of Glue ", " Four by Two ", " Buckle my shoe ", and " Front Wheel Skid ", which is a more palatable form of the insulting term " Yid ", short for Yiddish, the language spoken by many Jewish immigrants to the UK in the early 20th century.
* In the game series Splinter Cell there are numerous references to the Four Freedoms, with the commanding officer of protagonist Sam Fisher, stating at one point, " this is fifth freedom territory ", indicating that the situation ( in the game plot ) has gotten so grave that one or more of the Four Freedoms are threatened.
The programme of the more conservative Hussites is contained in the Four Articles of Prague, which were agreed upon in July 1420, and promulgated in the Latin, Czech, and German languages.
Four more players are standing immediately behind them, and three more are standing on a higher level on the back row.
In the Marvel Universe, technology is considerably more advanced than in the real world ; this is due to unique individuals of genius intelligence, such as Reed Richards ( Mister Fantastic ) of the Fantastic Four.
Others, like Gang of Four, The Raincoats and Throbbing Gristle, who had little more than cult followings at the time, are seen in retrospect as significant influences on modern popular culture.
The third is the astrological treatise known sometimes in Greek as the Apotelesmatika ( Ἀποτελεσματικά ), more commonly in Greek as the Tetrabiblos ( Τετράβιβλος " Four books "), and in Latin as the Quadripartitum ( or four books ) in which he attempted to adapt horoscopic astrology to the Aristotelian natural philosophy of his day.
Four days later, pope and cardinals had to flee from Rome before the imperial prefect of the Eternal City, and at Terracina, in spite of all protests, Victor laid aside the papal insignia and once more retired to Monte Cassino, where he remained nearly a whole year.
The emphasis on defence by the Number Four allows the Number Three to attempt more offensive plays, since they know that they will be covered if they lose the ball.
Four Internet Service Providers ( ISPs ), one each in Boosaaso and Hargeisa, and two in Mogadishu ( 2004 ), offer internet access to more than 2 million users ( 2010 ), up from just 200 in 2000.
Conan Doyle promptly submitted The Sign of the Four to Stoddart, but Wilde was more dilatory ; Conan Doyle's novel was published in the February 1890 edition of Lippincott's, but Stoddart did not receive Wilde's typescript for The Picture of Dorian Gray until 7 April 1890.
Within the descending Four Worlds of Creation, each successive realm perceives Divinity less and apparent independence more.
* Four UNCTAD Commissions and one Working Party – these meet more often than the Board in order to take up policy, programme and budgetary issues ;
Four more titles followed: Starship Traveller ( the first title with a science fiction setting ), City of Thieves, Deathtrap Dungeon and Island of the Lizard King.
Similarly, he points out that religions which give little importance to the concept of god exist, such as Buddhism, where the Four Noble Truths is much more important than any individual deity.
However, skaters from the Four Continents have become more competitive since the 2000s in what was termed a " dance revolution " by ESPN ; with Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto taking silver in the 2006 Winter Olympics.
University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt argues in his paper, Understanding Why Crime Fell in the 1990s: Four Factors that Explain the Decline and Six that Do not, that available data indicate that neither stricter gun control laws nor more liberal concealed carry laws have had any significant effect on the decline in crime in the 1990s.
Four of the subwoofers were positioned in front of the audience under ( or behind ) the film screen and two more were placed together at the rear of the audience on a platform.
Bolden is also credited with the discovery or invention of the so-called " Big Four ", a key rhythmic innovation on the marching band beat, which gave embryonic jazz much more room for individual improvisation.

Four and northern
Ancient Pueblo peoples or Ancestral Pueblo peoples were an ancient Native American culture centered on the present-day Four Corners area of the United States, comprising southern Utah, northern Arizona, northwest New Mexico, and southern Colorado.
In classical Chinese astronomy, the northern sky is divided geometrically, into five " enclosures " and twenty-eight mansions along the ecliptic, grouped into Four Symbols of seven asterisms each.
** Helena, Montana is founded after four prospectors ( the so-called Four Georgians ) discover gold at Last Chance Gulch ; it is their last and agreed final attempt at weeks of trying to find gold in the northern Rockies.
Four are strongly migratory, and their wintering grounds cover much of the Southern Hemisphere as far south as central Argentina, the Cape Province of South Africa, and northern Australia.
Four species are classified by the IUCN as " lower risk, conservation dependent ": Arnoux's and Baird's beaked whales, and the northern and southern bottlenose whales.
The Centzonuitznaua are known as the " Four Hundred Southerners "; the gods of the northern stars are the Centzonmimixcoa.
District One serves central and western York County, including the town of York ; District Two serves northern York County and the town of Clover ; District Three serves the City of Rock Hill and southern York County ; District Four serves eastern York County and the town of Fort Mill.
Four federal Congressional Districts cover the county, with most of the northern portion of the county in New Jersey's 5th congressional district, represented by Scott Garrett ( R ) and most of the southern portion of the county in New Jersey's 8th congressional district, represented by Bill Pascrell ( D ).
Notable villages in the town include Candia proper, near the town's northern border ; Candia Four Corners, closer to the geographic center of the town ; and East Candia, near the town's eastern border.
The band opted to record a radically reworked cover version of " Tainted Love ", an obscure 1964 northern soul track sung originally by Gloria Jones ( the girlfriend of Marc Bolan at the time of his death ) and written by Ed Cobb of The Four Preps.
The Emperor set up Lelang, Lintun, Xuantu and Zhenfan, known as the Four Commanderies of Han in the northern Korean peninsula and Liaodong peninsula.
Four bridesmaids wearing gagra choli s, the traditional dress of northern India.
Four regiments were considered Regular units, rather than auxiliaries, because they were formed from free northern blacks at the start of the war.
Four curtain walls connected the four towers, the northern and southern wall were recessed to allow them to be commanded from the towers.
During the last few years, small groups of birds have been found in the northern coastal areas the Danube Delta, frequenting low-lying islands, bays and sand-spits covered with Common Glasswort Salicornia europaea [...] Four birds were present from 25th July to 21st August 2003, six were seen on 11th August 2004, and another on 12th August 2004.
Four to five ( preferably five ) days before arrival, the spacecraft was to release both Surface Stations to land at two separate sites in the northern hemisphere.
According to northern soul DJ Ady Croadsell, viewed retrospectively, the earliest recording to possess this style was the 1965 single " I Can't Help Myself ( Sugar Pie Honey Bunch )" by The Four Tops, although that record was never popular in the northern soul scene because it was too mainstream.
Four Homo erectus fossil skull fragments found in northern Thailand's Hat Pudui cave ( Ko Kha District, Lampang Province ) by Thai paleontologists Somsak Pramankij and Vadhana Subhavanin, were in deposits dating from the mid-Pleistocene era, which was before the Khorat Plateau had uplifted from an extensive plain.
In Aztec mythology, the Centzonmimixcoa ( or Centzon Mimixcoa, the " Four Hundred alike Mixcoatl ") are the gods of the northern stars.
* December 2 – 25 – Four hundred aircraft from seven United Nations aircraft carriers support U. N. ground forces with air strikes while U. S. Air Force aircraft drop supplies to them as they break out of their encirclement in northern Korea and are evacuated successfully by sea from Hungnam in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir.
* 14 August 2007 – Qahtaniya bombings: Four suicide vehicle bombers massacred nearly 800 members of northern Iraq's Yazidi sect in the deadliest Iraq war's attack to date.
Four years later in 1924 Dalrymple sold the northern part of the Point Cook land to Cheetham Salt Pty Ltd for salt recovery lagoons.
In 2012, the Tampa Bay Times Forum played host to the NCAA Hockey Frozen Four championship finals ; this was the first time the " Frozen Four " was held outside the northern US since 1999, when the University of Alaska Anchorage hosted the event at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim, now the Honda Center, in Anaheim, California.

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