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Four and singles
Four singles were released, with " Frank " closest to being a hit.
Four singles from the album reached the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100: " Heart and Soul " reached No. 8, while " I Want a New Drug ," " The Heart of Rock & Roll ," and " If This Is It " all reached No. 6.
In 2005 and 2006, Stereolab released six limited-edition singles which were later released as a collection in Fab Four Suture, and contained material which Mark Jenkins thought continued the brisker sound of the band's post-Hansen work.
They each provided well known songs during this period, in addition to the singles, Pinder's songs " A Simple Game " ( 1968 ) & " So Deep Within You " ( 1969 ) were successfully covered by The Four Tops, Pinder winning an Ivor Novello Award for " A Simple Game ", Elkie Brooks later covered Hayward's " Nights in White Satin ".
Four singles from the album were released ; two of which reached # 1 on the Top Latin Songs.
The group released a few singles ( including overdubbing the Bobby Fuller Four ’ s " It ’ s Love, Come What May "), but disbanded less than a year later in 1967.
Five additional Four Lovers singles ( on RCA Victor ) were released over the next year, with virtually no sales, airplay, or jukebox play.
From 1962 to early 1964, only the Beach Boys matched the Four Seasons in record sales in the United States, and their first three Vee-Jay non-holiday single releases marked the first time that a rock band hit # 1 on the Billboard singles charts with three consecutive entries ( ignoring their version of " Santa Claus Is Coming to Town ").
More Top 20 singles credited to The Four Seasons followed in 1965, 1966, and 1967, including " Let's Hang On!
A Frankie Valli " solo " single from 1971 (" Love Isn't Here " on Motown ) and three Four Seasons singles (" Walk On, Don't Look Back " on MoWest in 1972, " How Come " and " Hickory " on Motown in 1973 ) sank without a trace.
As " My Eyes Adored You " climbed the Hot 100 singles chart in early 1975, Valli and Gaudio managed to get The Four Seasons signed with Warner Bros. Records as the disco era dawned.
At the same time, Uttal was persuaded to release The Four Seasons Story, a two-record compilation of the group's biggest hit singles from 1962 to 1970.
In 1975, record sales exploded for both Valli and the Four Seasons as both acts had million-selling singles in the United States (" My Eyes Adored You " hit # 1 on the Hot 100 for Valli in March, " Who Loves You " peaked at # 3 in November for the group ).
Notable artists included G. C. Cameron, The Sisters Love, Syreeta Wright, The Four Seasons, Commodores ( their first two singles in 1972 and 1973 ), and Los Angeles DJ Tom Clay.
The Immediate " Small Faces " album was eventually released in the US as " There Are But Four Small Faces ", with a considerable track change, including singles " Here Comes The Nice ", " Itchycoo Park ", and " Tin Soldier ", but eliminating several UK album tracks. The next single " Lazy Sunday ", released in 1968, was an East End music-hall style song released by Immediate against the band's wishes.
Four singles were released from the album: the lead " Lose My Breath ", " Soldier ", " Cater 2 U " and " Girl "; the first two reached number three in the United States.
Four UK Top 20 singles, " Mirror Mirror ", " Hand Held in Black and White ", " Give Me Back My Heart " and " Videotheque " were all co-written and produced by Horn.
Four singles were released from Tweekend: " Wild, Sweet and Cool ", " Murder ", " Blowout ", " Name of the Game ".
Four singles were taken from it: " Free Me ", written by Hélène Muddiman " Maybe ", written by Yak Bondy " I'll Be There " written by Hélène Muddiman and " Crickets Sing For Anamaria ".
Four singles were taken from it: " Free Me ", " Maybe ", " I'll Be There " and " Crickets Sing For Anamaria ".
Four singles were released from the project, " Little Problems, Little Lies ", " Isolation " and " Immigrant Song ".
Four albums and two singles were released under this arrangement before Allen Klein bought the Cameo-Parkway catalog and renamed the label ABKCO.
Four singles were officially released from Karmacode: " Our Truth ", " Closer ", " Within Me ", and a cover of Depeche Mode's " Enjoy the Silence.
The group also released two singles in 1963 as the Four Pennies on the Laurie Records subsidiary Rust, but they abandoned the Four Pennies name as the success of " He's So Fine " became clear.

Four and were
Four cars were parked at the curb, and two of them were police radio cars.
Four hands were stretched toward me by my comrades behind me.
Four ecclesiastical questions were presented by the General Court to Gorton: `` 1.
Four men were knocked down, but did not attempt to rise.
Four or five of the cousins from East Texas were about his age, so naturally they ran around together.
Four little Japanese waitresses were murdering the English language at the counter -- Yuki Kobayashi happened to be one of them.
Ancient Pueblo peoples or Ancestral Pueblo peoples were an ancient Native American culture centered on the present-day Four Corners area of the United States, comprising southern Utah, northern Arizona, northwest New Mexico, and southern Colorado.
Four elements were required at common law:
Four of the eight were given the death penalty and were executed by hanging in July.
Four years later, plans drawn up by Chris Bryant were revealed which would end the exclusion of Catholics from the throne and end the doctrine of agnatic ( male-preference ) primogeniture in favour of absolute primogeniture, which governs succession solely on birth order and not on sex .< ref >
Four female witnesses waited in the wings to reportedly support Hill's credibility, but they were not called, due to what the Los Angeles Times described as private, compromise deal between " aggressive, gloves-off " Republicans and the Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Democrat Joe Biden.
Four months after the court victory, the common ingredients of ayahuasca as well as harmala were declared stupéfiants, or narcotic schedule I substances, making the tea and its ingredients illegal to use or possess.
" The Four Books on Measurement " were published at Nuremberg in 1525 and was the first book for adults on mathematics in German, as well as being cited later by Galileo and Kepler.
" The Four Books on Human Proportion " were published posthumously, shortly after his death in 1528 at the age of fifty-six.
Four of his eight wives Olson, Payne, Bushkin, and Robertson, were actresses.
Four other plants ( Newington, Mount Tom, Brayton Point, and Salem Harbor ) were added under other provisions of the program.
Four holiday specials were produced — one for Halloween, two for Christmas and one for Thanksgiving.
Four additional SF. 260WPs were subsequently bought directly from Italy.
Four battalions stood to the rear and a further 11 were in reserve.
Four different mixes were done, with one appearing on their retrospective album, Fifteen Years After.
Four important wins during the 1981 season were two wins each over the Los Angeles Rams and the Dallas Cowboys.
The Greek Orthodox branch of Christianity continues to use the Greek translation ( the Septuagint ), but when a Latin translation ( called the Vulgate ) was made for the Western church, Kingdoms was first retitled the Book of Kings, parts One to Four, and eventually both Kings and Samuel were separated into two books each.
The " Big Four " were joint-stock public companies and they continued to run the railway system until 31 December 1947.

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