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Francesco and Bassano
* July 4 Francesco Bassano the Younger, Italian painter ( b. 1559 )
** Francesco Bassano the Younger, Italian painter ( d. 1592 )
It contains works by Nicolò Semitecolo, Francesco Bassano and Giorgio Schiavone.
It is a member of the Chorus Association of Venetian churches and contains a number of paintings by artists including Tintoretto, Paolo Veronese and Francesco Bassano.
Il Redentore contains paintings by Francesco Bassano, Lazzaro Bastiani, Carlo Saraceni, Leandro Bassano, Palma the Younger, Jacopo Bassano, Francesco Bissolo, Rocco Marconi, Paolo Veronese, Alvise Vivarini and the workshop of Tintoretto.
* Francesco Bassano ( Madonna in Glory and St John the Baptist preaching in the new sacristy, the latter including portraits of Bassano's family and Titian )
The third chapel to the left is the Cappella della Santissima Trinità, commissioned initially by the clerical patron Pirro Taro, is named due to the main altarpiece by Francesco Bassano the Younger.
If was built between 1594 and 1606 by Francesco Zamberlan of Bassano, a pupil of Palladio, to house a miraculous image of a sitting Madonna with Child carrying a rose.
** Francesco Bassano the Elder ( c. 1475 1539 )
** Francesco Bassano the Younger ( 1549 1592 )
Bassano's pictures, and those of his two sons, Leandro Bassano and Francesco Bassano the Younger, who followed him closely, were very popular in Venice because of their depiction of simple country life.
He took over the management of his family workshop, which would eventually come to include his four sons, Leandro Bassano, Francesco Bassano the Younger, Giovanni Battista da Ponte, and Girolamo da Ponte.
Two Italian painters, grandfather and grandson, are named Francesco Bassano:
* Francesco Bassano the Elder ( c. 1475 1539 )
* Francesco Bassano the Younger ( 1549 1592 )

Francesco and Younger
He elevated his brother Antonio Marcello Barberini ( Antonio the Elder ) and then his nephews Francesco Barberini and Antonio Barberini ( Antonio the Younger ).
Among the best-known people who have attended the University of Pisa are Italian Presidents Giovanni Gronchi and Carlo Azeglio Ciampi ; Haitian President René Préval ; Nicaraguan President Adan Cardenas ; Pope Clement XII ; Italian Prime Ministers Sidney Sonnino, Giuliano Amato and Massimo D ' Alema ; Somali Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Ghedi ; Italian political leaders Carlo Sforza, Paolo Emilio Taviani, Alessandro Natta, Enrico Letta, Marcello Pera, Fabio Mussi and Sandro Bondi ; Italian Constitutional Court Judge Sabino Cassese ; Roman Catholic Cardinals Pietro Accolti, Benedetto Accolti the Younger, Francesco Barberini, Francesco Martelli and Bandino Panciatici ; Roman Catholic Archbishop Giovanni Battista Rinuccini ; Nobel Laureate in Literature Giosuè Carducci ; Nobel Laureates in Physics Enrico Fermi and Carlo Rubbia ; anatomist Atto Tigri ; art historian and curator Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev ; author Antonio Tabucchi ; civil engineer Henry Willey Reveley ; computer scientist Roberto Di Cosmo ; diplomats Carlo Andrea Pozzo di Borgo and Marcello Spatafora ; director and screenwriter Mario Monicelli ; economist Luigi Bodio ; egyptologist Ippolito Rosellini ; electron microscopist Clara Franzini-Armstrong ; geneticist Guido Pontecorvo ; historians Camillo Porzio and Carlo Ginzburg ; intellectual Adriano Sofri ; international civil servant Francesco Cappè ; journalists Lando Ferretti and Tiziano Terzani ; jurists Piero Calamandrei, Francesco Carrara and Antonio Cassese ; linguists Stefano Arduini and Luigi Rizzi ; manager Pier Francesco Guarguaglini ; mathematicians Bonaventura Cavalieri, Giovanni Ceva, Enrico Betti, Guido Fubini, Vito Volterra and Luigi Fantappiè ; neuroscientist Emilio Bizzi ; philosophers Giovanni Gentile and Anna Camaiti Hostert ; physicians Francesco Redi, Vincenzo Chiarugi and François Carlo Antommarchi ; physicists Adolfo Bartoli, Luigi Puccianti, Antonio Pacinotti, Temistocle Calzecchi-Onesti, Franco Rasetti and Luca Gammaitoni ; playwright and librettist Giacinto Andrea Cicognini ; racing car and engine designer Carlo Chiti ; surgeon Andrea Vaccá Berlinghieri ; tenor Andrea Bocelli ; writer Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi.
It is evidence of the facility with which he acquired the rapid execution of a scene-painter that he was selected to co-operate with Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, Battista Franco and Francesco de ' Rossi ( Il Salviati ) to re-decorate the Porta San Sebastiano at Rome as a triumphal arch ( 5 April 1536 ) in honour of Charles V. Giorgio Vasari, who saw the battle-pieces which Heemskerk then produced, said they were well composed and boldly executed.
* Giovanni Francesco Anerio ( c1567 1630 ) ( Younger brother of Felice )
His father Francesco Giamberti was a woodworker and architect, much employed by Cosimo de Medici, and his brother Antonio da Sangallo the Elder and nephew Antonio da Sangallo the Younger were architects.
His father Francesco Giamberti was a woodworker, and his brother Giuliano da Sangallo and nephew Antonio da Sangallo the Younger were architects.
Almost immediately, Innocent X began an investigation into the financing of the conflict and the nephews of Pope Urban VIII who had led the papal armies, brothers Antonio Barberini ( Antonio the Younger ), Taddeo Barberini and Francesco Barberini, were forced to abandon Rome and flee to France, assisted by Cardinal Mazarin.

Francesco and January
* Francesco Salesio Della Volpe ( 4 January 1911 5 November 1916 )
Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi (; 10 October 1813 27 January 1901 ) was an Italian Romantic composer, mainly of opera.
* January 2 Francesco Canova da Milano, Italian composer ( b. 1497 )
* January 11 Parmigianino ( Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazzola ), Italian artist ( d. 1540 )
* January 26 Francesco Guardi, Italian painter ( b. 1712 )
* January 20 Francesco Galli Bibiena, Italian architect / designer ( b. 1659 )
* January 8 The forces of Francesco Grimaldi storm the castle of Monaco.
Early in following year, while composing Elena da Feltre ( which premiered in January 1839 ), Mercadante wrote to Francesco Florimo laying out his ideas about how opera should be structured, following the " revolution " begun in his previous opera:
* January 14 Francesco Cavalli, Italian composer ( b. 1602 )
* January 5 Francesco Raibolini, Italian painter ( b. c. 1450 )
Muzio Filippo Vincenzo Francesco Saverio Clementi ( baptized Mutius Philippus Vincentius Franciscus Xaverius ), was born in Rome, Italy on January 24, 1752, and the following day baptized in the local church of S. Lorenzo in Damaso.
After the 1655 campaign, Thomas Francis returned to Turin where he died the following January ; the suggestion in Spanheim that he died at the siege of Pavia is not supported-malaria, a common problem in the marshes of the Po valley, carried him off, as it carried off his successor as allied commander-in-chief, Francesco I d ' Este.
Thomas Francis of Savoy ( Italian Tommaso Francesco di Savoia, Principe di Carignano, French Thomas François de Savoie, Prince de Carignan ; 21 December 1596 22 January 1656 ) was an Italian military commander, the founder of the Savoy-Carignano branch of the House of Savoy which reigned as kings of Sardinia from 1831 to 1861, and as kings of Italy from 1861 until the dynasty's deposition in 1946.
After the 1655 campaign, Thomas returned to Turin where he died the following January ; the suggestion in Spanheim that he died at the siege of Pavia is not supported-malaria, a common problem in the marshes of the Po valley, carried him off, as it carried off his successor as allied commander-in-chief, Francesco I d ' Este.
# Charlotte Aglaé d ' Orléans ( 20 October 1700-19 January 1761 ) married Francesco III d ' Este, Duke of Modena and had issue.
Francesco Cavalli ( 14 February 1602 14 January 1676 ) was an Italian composer of the early Baroque period.
Gunsbourg remained for sixty years overseeing such premiere productions as Berlioz's La damnation de Faust in 1893 and the first appearances in January 1894 of the heroic Italian tenor, Francesco Tamagno in Verdi's Otello, the title role of which he had created for the opera's premiere in Italy.
Frank " the Prime Minister " Costello ( born Francesco Castiglia ; January 26, 1891 February 18, 1973 ) was an Italian gangster and Mafia boss.
Lelio Francesco Maria Sozzini or simply Lelio ( Latin Laelius Socinus ) ( Siena, January 29, 1525 Zürich, May 4, 1562 ), was an Italian Renaissance humanist and anti-Trinitarian reformer, and uncle of the better known Fausto Sozzini ( Latin Faustus Socinus ) from whom the Polish Brethren and early English Unitarians came to be called " Socinians ".
In January 2011, Western Union acquired the 100 % of Angelo Costa, CEO Francesco Costa, a group active in money transfer and services to immigrants.
Lawmakers approved the expansion of the US military base Caserma Ederle at the end of January, but the victory was so narrow that Deputy Prime Minister Francesco Rutelli criticised members of the coalition who had not supported the government.
Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco ( May 4, 1655 January 27, 1731 ) was an Italian maker of musical instruments, generally regarded as the inventor of the piano.
* President of the Italian Republic Francesco Cossiga, conferred the decoration of Commendatore della Repubblica Italiana on him on January 24, 1986.
Francis II (, christened Francesco d ' Assisi Maria Leopoldo, 16 January 1836 27 December 1894 ), was King of the Two Sicilies from 1859 to 1861.
Leopold II of Tuscany ( Italian: Leopoldo Giovanni Giuseppe Francesco Ferdinando Carlo, German: Leopold Johann Joseph Franz Ferdinand Karl ; 3 October 1797 29 January 1870 ) was the last reigning grand duke of Tuscany ( 1824 1859 ).

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