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Francis and Child
Key work on the traditional ballad was undertaken in the late 19th century in Denmark by Svend Grundtvig and for England and Scotland by the Harvard professor Francis James Child.
One prominent such effort was the collection by Francis James Child in the late 19th century of the texts of over three hundred ballads in the English and Scots traditions ( called the Child Ballads ) most of which predated the sixteenth century.
At the same time it is possible that Robin Hood has always been a fictional character ; the folklorist Francis James Child declared " Robin Hood is absolutely a creation of the ballad-muse " and this view has been neither proven or disproven.
" Francis James Child indeed retitled Child ballad 102 ; though it was titled The Birth of Robin Hood, its clear lack of connection with the Robin Hood cycle ( and connection with other, unrelated ballads ) led him to title it Willie and Earl Richard's Daughter in his collection.
* Francis James Child collected fourteen variants in The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, but the summary of Child Ballad 39A is considered to be the earliest ( Another Child ballad, Burd Ellen and Young Tamlane has no connection with this ballad except for the similarity of the heroes ' names.
Originally to be named Orange, it was named Corbin Town ( for Francis Corbin, a member of the governor's council and one of Granville's land agents ), and renamed Childsburgh ( in honor of Thomas Child, the attorney general for North Carolina from 1751 – 1760 and another one of Granville's land agents ) in 1759.
* Madonna and Child Enthroned between St. Francis and St. Nicasius ( Castelfranco Madonna ; c. 1505 )
* Small Triptych: Crucifixion with Angels ; Annunciation and Madonna with Child and Angels ; Stigmata of St Francis with Madonna and Christ enthroned
Francis James Child
Francis James Child ( February 1, 1825 – September 11, 1896 ) was an American scholar, educator, and folklorist, best known today for his collection of folk songs known as the Child Ballads.
Francis James Child was born in Boston, Massachusetts.
Ballads into Books: The Legacies of Francis James Child.
* Biography of Francis James Child at The Contemplator
" Francis James Child: Brief Life of a Victorian Enthusiast: 1825-1896 ".
*" Francis James Child " entry 43 in The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes ( 1907 – 21 ).
" Francis James Child ".
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Francis and indexed
Boy's ( the case p = 3 ) and Morin's ( the case p = 2 ) surfaces are beginning of a sequence of half-way models with higher symmetry first proposed by George Francis, indexed by the even integers 2p ( for p odd, these immersions can be factor through a projective plane ).

Francis and those
Francis Dvornik argues that Pope accepted the acts of the council and annulled those of the Council of 869 – 870.
Biblical violence is a theme of Doolittles " Dead " and " Gouge Away "; Francis told a Melody Maker interviewer, " It's all those characters in the Old Testament.
* King Francis I of France issues an ordinance that places the whole of France under the jurisdiction of the royal law courts and makes French the language of those courts.
More recent editions are those by Francis Baily in 1843 in vol.
The result of Leopold's aggressive tendencies, and those of his son Francis II, who succeeded him in March, was that France declared war on Austria on 20 April 1792.
Of other classifications of fallacies in general the most famous are those of Francis Bacon and J. S. Mill.
In 1826, Francis made it clear that he would not act against those who subverted opposition toward the unification of Italy.
Several Americans escaped the carnage, and joined up with several militias, including those of Francis Marion, the ' Swampfox ', and Andrew Pickens.
Queen Elizabeth of England was still offended that Francis II and Marie Stuart had put on their coat of arms those of England, thus laying out Marie's claims toward the throne of England.
File: Mary I ( Dauphin impaled ). PNG | Royal arms of Mary, Queen of Scots, impaled with those of Francis
It is also famous for being the start or finish point of various round-the-world record-breaking voyages, such as those of Sir Francis Chichester and Dame Ellen MacArthur.
A Dauphin of France would unite the coat of arms of the Dauphiné, which featured Dolphins, with the French fleurs-de-lys, and might, where appropriate, further unite that with other arms ( e. g. Francis, son of Francis I, was ruling Duke of Brittany, so united the arms of that province with the typical arms of a Dauphin of France ; Francis II, while Dauphin, was also King of Scots by marriage to Mary I, and so added the arms of the Kingdom of Scotland to those of the Dauphin of France ).
Many of those who emerged from secrecy at this time were slaughtered by Francis I in 1545 in the Massacre of Mérindol.
Constantly struggling with the Guelph Perugia, it was during one of those battles, the battle at Ponte San Giovanni, that Francesco di Bernardone, ( Saint Francis of Assisi ), was taken prisoner, setting in motion the events that eventually led him to live as a beggar, renounce the world and establish the Order of Friars Minor.
It has: on the left, the coat of arms of Thomas Bohier, on the right those of his wife Katherine Briçonnet-the builders of Chenonceau-topped by the salamander of Francis I and the inscription " François, by the grace of God, King of France and Claude, Queen of the French ".
During those years on the Mechum River Elizabeth gave birth to Davis, Robert, James, John, William F., Thomas, Margaret, Ann, Elizabeth, Samuel, Adam, Francis and Sarah.
Among those entertained at Beechwood Hall in the early 19th century was Bishop Francis Asbury, a circuit rider credited with spreading Methodism to the Southern Appalachian region.
Francis I ( Francis Stephen ; 8 December 1708 – 18 August 1765 ) was Holy Roman Emperor and Grand Duke of Tuscany, though his wife effectively executed the real powers of those positions.
John Baker has described them as " perhaps the single most influential series of named reports ", and even Francis Bacon, Coke's rival, wrote praisingly of them, saying " Had it not been for Sir Edward Coke's Reports ( which though they may have errors, and some peremptory and extrajudicial resolutions more than are warranted, yet they contain infinite good decisions and rulings over of cases ), for the law by this time had been almost like a ship without ballast ; for that the cases of modern experience are fled from those that are adjudged and ruled in former time ".
In the next few years Barebone was involved in conflicts with those who controlled the vestry of St. Dunstan-in-the-West, and with Francis Kemp, the lawyer who acted for them.
In 1967, Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, stated " And so to those of you who may be vitalists I would make this prophecy: what everyone believed yesterday, and you believe today, only cranks will believe tomorrow.
As a young man in October 1771, English-born Francis Asbury traveled to America and, during his 45-year ministry in America, he devoted his life to ministry, traveling on horseback or by carriage thousands of miles to faithfully deliver sermons to those living on the frontier.

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