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Frank and Capra's
Early films, including those from the silent era, which feature the station include Traffic in Souls ( 1913 ), which starred Matt Moore ; The Yellow Passport ( 1916 ), starring Clara Kimball Young ; My Boy ( 1921 ), starring Jackie Coogan ; Frank Capra's The Strong Man ( 1926 ), starring Harry Langdon ; We Americans ( 1928 ), starring John Boles ; The Mating Call ( film ), 1928, co-starring Thomas Meighan and Renée Adorée ; Ellis Island ( 1936 ), starring Donald Cook ; Paddy O ' Day ( 1936 ), starring Jane Withers ; Gateway ( 1938 ), starring Don Ameche ; Exile Express ( 1939 ), which starred Anna Sten ; I, Jane Doe ( 1948 ), starring Ruth Hussey and Vera Ralston, and Gambling House ( 1951 ), starring Victor Mature
He notes that the English word " capricious " derives from it, " evoking the animal's skittish temperament ", adding that " the name neatly expresses two aspects of Frank Capra's personality: emotionalism and obstinacy.
His son Frank Capra, Jr. one of the four children born to Capra's second wife, Lucille Capra was the president of EUE Screen Gems Studios, in Wilmington, North Carolina, until his death on December 19, 2007.
The film was based on a stage play by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur, and along with Frank Capra's It Happened One Night ( released the same year ) is considered to be the defining film of the screwball comedy genre.
In 1944, Ivens made Know Your Enemy: Japan for Frank Capra's U. S. War Department film series Why We Fight.
* In 1947, the studio acquired Frank Capra's production company, Liberty Films, which produced only 2 films in the 1940s: It's a Wonderful Life, released originally by RKO Radio Pictures, and State of the Union, released originally by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ( the latter made under Paramount ownership ).
Many of these stories have their backgrounds in movies, for example Topolino nel favoloso regno di Shan Grillà ( 1961 ) is based upon Frank Capra's Lost Horizon ( 1937 ); not to talk about all the stories starring Snow White or the Seven Dwarfs, obviously based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ( 1937 ).
Frank Capra's seven-film series Why We Fight is said to have been directly inspired by and America's response to Triumph of the Will.
With the sound era, films like All Quiet on the Western Front ( 1930 ) ( and its much darker German counterpart Westfront 1918 ), Howard Hawks ' Road to Glory ( 1936 ) and Grand Illusion ( 1937 ), focused on the futility of war for non-American soldiers whilst Hollywood produced American soldiers featuring in World War I comedies such as Buster Keaton's Doughboys ( 1930 ) and Wheeler & Woolsey's Half Shot at Sunrise ( 1930 ), or exciting tales of the U. S. Marine Corps putting down rebellions in Central America, China, and the Pacific Islands in films like Frank Capra's Flight ( 1930 ), The Leathernecks Have Landed ( 1936 ) and Tell it to the Marines ( 1926 film ).
** Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life, featuring James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore, Henry Travers, and Thomas Mitchell, is released in New York.
* February 22 Frank Capra's It Happened One Night, starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert, is released.
A fifth film with Hepburn came in 1948, Frank Capra's political drama State of the Union.
Colbert was noticed by the theatrical producer Leland Hayward, who suggested her for a role in Frank Capra's film For the Love of Mike ( 1927 ), now believed to be lost.
Noted reviewer Graham Greene was effusive that this was Capra's finest film to date, describing Capra's treatment as " a kinship with his audience, a sense of common life, a morality ..." Variety noted " a sometimes too thin structure the players and director Frank Capra have contrived to convert (...) into fairly sturdy substance.
For Best Picture and Best Director it lost to Frank Capra's You Can't Take It with You.
She then joined Glenn Ford and Ann-Margret for the Frank Capra film A Pocketful of Miracles ( 1961 ) ( a remake of Capra's 1933 film, Lady for a Day ), based on a story by Damon Runyon.
The song was later used in Frank Capra's propaganda film, The Battle of China.
The book's issues are detectable from a slightly different perspective in Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life ( 1946 ) and Scrooge is likely an influence upon Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
Soon, director Frank Capra's association with Columbia would help vault the studio toward Hollywood's major leagues.
The first film was shown on the giant screen was Frank Capra's The Bitter Tea of General Yen starring Barbara Stanwyck and the Music Hall became the premiere showcase for films from the RKO-Radio Studio.
In Frank Capra's It's A Wonderful Life ( 1946 ), George Bailey ( center, played by James Stewart ) is shown by his guardian angel how the world would have been radically different for the worse if Bailey had never existed.
Along with Frank Capra's It Happened One Night, also released in 1934, Twentieth Century is considered to be a prototype for the screwball comedy.
Seneca Falls is believed by some to have been the inspiration for the fictional town of " Bedford Falls, N. Y ." portrayed in filmmaker Frank Capra's classic 1940s film " It's a Wonderful Life ".

Frank and Why
One such filmmaker, Frank Capra, created a seven-part U. S. government-sponsored series of films to support the war effort entitled Why We Fight ( 1942-5 ).
: For more details on Why We Fight series, see Frank Capra: Why We Fight
Frank Capra ’ s Why We Fight Series and the American Audience .” Western Journal of Speech Communication 54.
Frank Copra ’ s Why We Fight Film Series and Our American Dream .” Journal of American Culture.
Why People Believe Weird Things: Pseudoscience, Superstition, and Other Confusions of Our Time Michael Shermer relates Frank J. Tipler to Voltaire's character Pangloss to show how clever people deceive themselves.
* Prial, Frank J., " Why readers keep returning to the 87th Precinct ", The New York Times, July 9, 2005.
* Frank, Robert H.Why is Cost-Benefit Analysis so Controversial ?” The Journal of Legal Studies 29, no.
Frank Capra's Academy Award-winning movie series Why We Fight, the installments The Battle of China and Prelude to War describe the Tanaka Memorial as the document that was the Japanese plan for war with the United States.
He first reported the sleeper effect after studying the effects of the Frank Capra propaganda film Why We Fight on soldiers while at the Army.
Films made with this process were the 1973 film Why, the 1971 film The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler, and the most famous film using this process, Frank Zappa's 1971 film 200 Motels, which was originally shot on 2 inch Quadruplex videotape, and then transferred to film by Technicolor, being the first independent film originally to be shot on videotape and distributed theatrically in 35 mm.
* In " Why We Fight ", the ninth episode of the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, Frank Perconte is seen reading the book while on guard duty in Germany during World War II.
He joined with fellow director Frank Capra to make the Why We Fight war training film series, most of which also included actual newsreel footage.
* Why Fight the Feeling: Songs By Frank Loesser ( Arbors Records )

Frank and We
`` We are back with the ' Met ' again now that the ' Met ' is back in Chicago '', bulletins Mrs. Frank S. Sims, president of the women's board of the University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation.
Gerasimov told the interviewer that, " We now have the Frank Sinatra doctrine.
Merrily We Roll Along ( 1981 ), with a book by George Furth, is one of Sondheim's more " traditional " scores and was thought to hold potential to generate some hit songs ( Frank Sinatra and Carly Simon each recorded a different song from the show ).
:" We can guess that Susan original title of Northanger Abbey, in its first outline, was written very much for family entertainment, addressed to a family audience, like all Jane Austen ’ s juvenile works, with their asides to the reader, and absurd dedications ; some of the juvenilia, we know, were specifically addressed to her brothers Charles and Frank ; all were designed to be circulated and read by a large network of relations.
The term " political ecology " was first coined by Frank Thone in an article published in 1935 (" Nature Rambling: We Fight for Grass ," The Science Newsletter 27, 717, Jan. 5: 14 ).
Examples: William Faulkner in A Rose for Emily ( Faulkner was an avid experimenter in using unusual points of view-see his Spotted Horses, told in third person plural ); Frank B. Gilbreth and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey in Cheaper By the Dozen ; Frederik Pohl in Man Plus ; and more recently, Jeffrey Eugenides in his novel The Virgin Suicides and Joshua Ferris in Then We Came to the End.
* " We Hate to Leave " Gene Kelly & Frank Sinatra
The famous " Wings of Man " campaign in the late 1960s was created by advertising agency Young & Rubicam, and restored Eastern's tarnished image until the late 1970s, when former astronaut Frank Borman became president and it was replaced by a new campaign, " We Have To Earn Our Wings Every Day ".
We the jury further believe that if one Frank Meno, had not interfered, the above named Harry Lenzi would now be in custody.
We therefore recommend that Frank Meno be apprehended and held as an accessory after the fact .</ p >
* Jasun Martz — Award-winning musician recorded with Michael Jackson, toured with Frank Zappa, arranged Starship's No. 1 hit, We Built This City
Other notable early shows included We Have Ways of Making You Laugh ( a sketch show starring Frank Muir which was due to be the first programme scheduled to be aired on LWT, but industrial action blacked it out early in the first show ); the children's fantasy Catweazle ; and several sitcoms, including No, Honestly, On the Buses, Please Sir !, Me and My Girl and Mind Your Language.
*" Yes, We Have No Bananas " ( Frank Silver & Irving Cohn, 1923 )
: Frank Costanza: " We had some good times.
As the years progressed they tried different genres like jazz and big band in 2004 with Allow Us to Be Frank album and pop-rock in 2009 with their album Where We Are.
In a letter to the regimental surgeon, Lincoln Stone, Frank Shaw wrote :" We would not have his body removed from where it lies surrounded by his brave and devoted soldiers .... We can imagine no holier place than that in which he lies, among his brave and devoted followers, nor wish for him better company.

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