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Franklin and Delano
It had required the approval of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt before the John Harvey could be loaded with 100 tons of mustard gas and despatched to the Italian warfront.
Former U. S. Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt attended the law school.
* Basic reading, a favorite of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
The shield was cast by American metallurgist Dr. Myron MacLain, who was contracted by the U. S. government, from orders of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to create an impenetrable substance to use for tanks during World War II.
He wrote the lead article for UP on Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Presidential inauguration in 1933.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt ( 1933 45 ), like his cousin Theodore Roosevelt, was an ardent conservationist.
His mother named him after her favorite uncle Franklin Delano.
Engraving of the Four Freedoms at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, D. C.
** Franklin Delano Roosevelt III ( b. 1938 ), American economist
* Franklin Delano Romanowski a character from the television show Seinfeld
Following the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to the US presidency, the new administration made renewed efforts to join the ILO even without League membership.
* 1941 World War II: Franklin Delano Roosevelt approves U. S. $ 1 billion in Lend-Lease aid to the Allied nations.
In August 1977, the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Puerto Rico, Franklin Delano López, testified before the UN Decolonization Committee denouncing the colonial nature of the Commonwealth Status.
Although the Republican Party and Democratic Party chapters in Puerto Rico have selected voting delegates to the national nominating conventions since the early 1900s, public interest in these processes heightened as a result of the efforts of a group of Democratic statehooders led by Franklin Delano López in 1976 to elect delegates supporting former Georgia Gov.
Franklin Delano López was elected Chairman of the New Democratic Party of Puerto Rico by the direct votes of 374, 000 American citizens residing on the Island.
In the first internal primary of a National political party, the new slate of statehooders, headed by Franklin Delano López took control of the local Democratic party chapter.
Theodore Roosevelt was distantly related by birth to the 32nd president of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt ( they were fifth cousins ), and he was the uncle of Franklin D. Roosevelt's wife, Eleanor Roosevelt.
Ultimately he endorsed the Democratic nominees, James M. Cox as president and Franklin Delano Roosevelt as vice president, but they were defeated by the Republican ticket of Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge.
U. S. president Franklin Delano Roosevelt proposed the agency in June, 1943, to provide relief to areas liberated from Axis powers after World War II ended.
The first Presidential candidate to choose his Vice Presidential candidate was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1940.
The current letterhead wording and arrangement " The White House " with the word " Washington " centered beneath goes back to the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
First lady Dolley Madison rescued a painting of George Washington, and in 1939, a Canadian man returned a jewelry box to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, claiming that his grandfather had taken it from Washington.
Among the guests were the Forbes brothers of the prominent Forbes family and Warren Delano, a senior partner in the trading firm Russel & Co. and maternal grandfather of US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Franklin and Roosevelt
Several times in my youth I voted the Socialist ticket, but less because I was Socialist than because I was not either a Republican or a Democrat, and I voted for Franklin Roosevelt every time he was a candidate.
The hotly debated plan for the capital's Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, a circle of huge tablets engraved with his speeches ( and promptly dubbed by one of its critics, `` Instant Stonehenge '' ), is another of Udall's headaches, since as supervisor of the National Parks Commission he will share in the responsibility for building it.
* 1945 U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt dies while in office ; vice-president Harry Truman is sworn in as the 33rd President.
* 1939 Albert Einstein and Leó Szilárd write a letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt, urging him to begin the Manhattan Project to develop a nuclear weapon.
* 1941 World War II: Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt sign the Atlantic Charter of war stating postwar aims.
* 1943 World War II: First Québec Conference of Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and William Lyon Mackenzie King begins.
* 1938 The Thousand Islands Bridge, connecting New York, United States with Ontario, Canada over the Saint Lawrence River, is dedicated by U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
* 1933 U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs two executive orders: 6101 to establish the Civilian Conservation Corps, and 6102 " forbidding the Hoarding of Gold Coin, Gold Bullion, and Gold Certificates " by U. S. citizens.
* 1943 U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in an attempt to check inflation, freezes wages and prices, prohibits workers from changing jobs unless the war effort would be aided thereby, and bars rate increases by common carriers and public utilities.
" This character, along with the Shmoos, helped cement Capp's favor with the Left, and would increase their outrage a decade later when Capp, a former Franklin D. Roosevelt liberal, switched targets.
Two years later, the re-elected Clinton became the first member of the Democratic Party since Franklin D. Roosevelt to win a second full term as president.
In the 1996 presidential election, Clinton was re-elected, receiving 49. 2 % of the popular vote over Republican Bob Dole ( 40. 7 % of the popular vote ) and Reform candidate Ross Perot ( 8. 4 % of the popular vote ), becoming the first Democratic incumbent since Lyndon Johnson to be elected to a second term and the first Democrat since Franklin Roosevelt to be elected President more than once.
He finished with an approval rating of 68 %, which matched those of Ronald Reagan and Franklin D. Roosevelt as the highest ratings for departing presidents in the modern era.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt traveled to Pearl Harbor to personally meet both commanders and hear their arguments.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt placed George W. Merck in charge of the effort to create a development program.
General George C. Marshall, in a memorandum to President Franklin D. Roosevelt dated 3 February 1944, wrote
The photographer considered the impromptu self-introduction a prank and angrily answered his caller with the riposte, " If you're Charlie Chaplin, I'm Franklin Roosevelt!
Image: FDR in 1933. jpg | Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States, Columbia Law School
In 1942, it was converted to a presidential retreat by Franklin D. Roosevelt and renamed " Shangri-La " ( for the fictional Himalayan paradise ).
Every president since Franklin Roosevelt has made use of Camp David.
Chiang Kai-shek, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill met at the Cairo Conference ( 1943 ) | Cairo Conference in 1943 during World War II. With the attack on Pearl Harbor and the opening of the Pacific War, China became one of the Allied Powers.
Franklin D. Roosevelt, through General Stilwell, privately made it clear that they preferred that the French not reacquire French Indochina ( modern day Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos ) after the war was over.

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