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from Brown Corpus
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Friday and afternoon
At the " Wailing Wall " in the Old City of Jerusalem, " the Jews assemble every Friday afternoon to bewail the downfall of the holy city, kissing the stone wall and watering it with their tears.
In the Jewish calendar, each day runs from sunset to sunset, and hence the Last Supper ( on the Thursday evening ), and Jesus's crucifixion ( on Friday afternoon ), both fell on the same day.
They can take the form of a Christian minister on a Sunday morning, or an Islamic Imam or Da ' ee on a Friday afternoon.
Traditionally, three festive meals are eaten ; on Friday night, Saturday morning, and late Saturday afternoon.
It is customary to eat three festive meals: Dinner on Shabbat eve ( Friday night ), lunch on Shabbat day ( Saturday ), and a third meal, known as Seudah Shlishit, in the late afternoon ( Saturday ).
Services are held on Shabbat eve ( Friday night ), Shabbat morning ( Saturday morning ), and late Shabbat afternoon ( Saturday afternoon ).
The conditional statement " If I reach Thursday afternoon alive then Friday will be the latest possible day for the hanging " does little to reassure the condemned man.
The ecstasy and sufferings usually began for the Saints who suffered stigmata starting on Thursday and ending on Friday afternoon around 3 or 4 o ' clock.
Since during Holy Week Vespers is usually joined to either the Presanctified Liturgy or the Divine Liturgy, and since the faithful must observe a total fast from all food and drink before receiving Holy Communion, it is celebrated in the morning ( Vespers on Good Friday is an exception to this, usually being celebrated in the afternoon ).
Vespers on Good Friday is usually celebrated in the afternoon, around the time of Jesus ' death on the Cross.
In 1689 his health, never very strong, began to fail seriously and he gradually withdrew from his public engagements, ceasing his communications to the Royal Society, and advertising his desire to be excused from receiving guests, " unless upon occasions very extraordinary ", on Tuesday and Friday forenoon, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoon.
College football usually occurs on Saturday, and high-school football tends to take place on Friday night or Saturday afternoon.
Drama is aired daily on Radio 4 in the form of afternoon plays, a Friday evening play, short dramas included in the daily Woman's Hour program, Saturday plays and Sunday classic serials.
In countries where Good Friday is not a day of rest from work, the afternoon liturgical service is usually put off until a few hours after the recommended time of 3 p. m.
NYC Midsummer or Swedish Midsummer is a Swedish midsummer celebration organized since 1996 in one of New York City's parks on the Friday afternoon close to the June solstice, or St John's Day.
One ferry departs New York City on Friday afternoon and returns on Sunday night.
It is also visited, though by less numbers, on every Friday afternoon, and by some nearly every day.
From September 2001 to August 2002, the entire Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon and primetime lineup was branded as " Zoog Weekendz ".
On Friday and Saturday there are four fourball matches and four foursomes matches each day ; a session of four matches in the morning and a session of four matches in the afternoon.
Changes to the Good Friday liturgy included moving it from morning to afternoon, and allowing the congregation to receive Holy Communion, which had formerly been reserved to the priest ; an end was also put to the custom whereby, at the communion, the priest drank some unconsecrated wine into which he had placed part of the consecrated host.
It publishes an afternoon edition Tuesday through Friday with a Saturday morning " Weekend Edition ".
The Imperial Beach Farmer's Market, the only beach front farmer's market in San Diego County, operates from Pier Plaza every Friday afternoon ( from November to March ) and ( from April to October ) offering local fruits, vegetables and community art.
The afternoon of Friday 3 July had been hot and windy.

Friday and Zimmerman
He received the Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award on Friday, August 1 during the Enshrinees Dinner in Canton, at which the Pro Football Hall of Fame ’ s Class of 2008 enshrinees – Fred Dean, Darrell Green, Art Monk, Emmitt Thomas, Andre Tippett and Gary Zimmerman – received their gold Hall of Fame jackets from each of their presenters.

Friday and was
She was pious, too, once kneeling through the night from Holy Thursday to Good Friday, despite the protest of the nuns that this was too much for a young girl.
It was still Good Friday, after all.
For these crimes he was sentenced to be hanged in public on Friday, December 2, 1859.
Rain of near cloudburst proportions had fallen for three full days and it was still raining on the morning of Friday, November 4, 1927, when officials of the Post Office Department's Railway Mail Service realized that their distribution system for Vermont had been almost totally destroyed overnight.
Petitions asking for a jail term for Norristown attorney Julian W. Barnard will be presented to the Montgomery County Court Friday, it was disclosed Tuesday by Horace A. Davenport, counsel for the widow of the man killed last Nov. 1 by Barnard's hit-run car.
The tie was against Southeast Missouri last Friday.
Emory University's Board of Trustees announced Friday that it was prepared to accept students of any race as soon as the state's tax laws made such a step possible.
A young man was killed and two others injured at midnight Friday when the car they were riding slid into a utility pole on Lake Avenue near Waddell Street, NE, police said.
Downtown and art theater managers and owners, contacted Friday night for comment on the COAHR request, said they had no knowledge of such a letter, and that it was not in the Friday mail.
That death occurred at 50 p.m. Friday and was reported Sunday, the patrol said.
-- For a second month in a row, Multnomah County may be short of general assistance money in its budget to handle an unusually high summer month's need, the state public welfare commission was told Friday.
The wife of convicted bank robber Lawrence G. Huntley was arrested in Phoenix, Ariz., last week and will be returned to Portland to face charges of assault and robbery, Portland detectives said Friday.
A 12-year-old girl, Susan Elaine Smith, 9329 NE Schuyler St. was in serious condition Friday at Bess Kaiser Hospital, victim of a bicycle-auto collision in the Gateway Shopping Center, parking area, Deputy Sheriff W. H. Forsyth reported.
As evening approached and Palmer finished his Saturday round with a disappointing one-over-par 73, this remarkable record was still intact, thanks to his Thursday and Friday rounds of 68 and 69.
She was thinking of Paul a few weeks ago, in the Easter holidays, with her at one of those awful Friday Evening Dancing Class parties her mother had made her attend.
On Good Friday 1158, bishop Asser of Roskilde died, and Absalon was eventually elected bishop of Roskilde on Zealand with the help of Valdemar, as the king's reward for the Hvide family support.
This special, set in the English Civil War, was shown as part of Comic Relief's Red Nose Day on Friday 5 February 1988.
The second special was broadcast on Friday 23 December 1988.
The format was used in Australia in the form of Friday Night Live from Series 5 until Series 8.
* Bodiniel Quarry Assemblage of the Worshipful Society of Free Masons was constituted on the 15 October 1988, it currently meets the fourth Thursday in March and July, and the fourth Friday in November
No. 1 ( Commander / Leader ) for the 2011 – 2012 seasons was originally Commander Dave Koss ; effective 27 May 2011, Koss " stepped down Friday in the wake of a subpar performance at a Virginia air show.
On Friday, February 1, 2008, rebels, an opposition alliance of leaders Mahamat Nouri, a former defense minister, and Timane Erdimi, a nephew of Idriss Déby who was his chief of staff, attacked the Chadian capital of Ndjamena-even surrounding the Presidential Palace.

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