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Friedrich and Müller
The name was later popularized by Friedrich Müller in his Grundriss der Sprachwissenschaft ( Wien 1876-88 ).
* 1823 Friedrich Max Müller, German orientalist ( d. 1900 )
The philologist and anthropologist, Friedrich Müller, used Haeckel's concepts as a source for his ethnological research, involving the systematic comparison of the folklore, beliefs and practices of different societies.
The term was originally coined by Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling ( 1775 1854 ) to depict early stages of monotheism, however Max Müller ( 1823 1900 ), a German philologist and orientalist, brought the term into common usage.
* 1749 Friedrich Müller, painter and dramatist ( d. 1825 )
Thus, Friedrich Müller, in his ambitious classification ( 1876 88 ), separated the ' Negro ' and Bantu languages.
The Saharan family was recognized by Heinrich Barth in 1853, the Nilotic languages by Karl Richard Lepsius in 1880, the various constituent branches of Central Saharan ( but not the connection between them ) by Friedrich Müller in 1889, and the Maban family by Maurice Gaudefroy-Demombynes in 1907.
A colophon to a Buddhist manuscript in Old Turkish states that it was translated from Sanskrit via a language called twγry, read as toxrï by Friedrich W. K. Müller in 1907 who guessed it was the newly discovered language of the Turpan area.
* December 6 Friedrich Max Müller, German Orientalist ( d. 1900 )
* January 13 Friedrich Müller, painter, narrator, lyricist and dramatist ( d. 1825 )
He then settled in Mainz, where he became head librarian of the University of Mainz, a position his friend Johannes von Müller had held before, who made sure Forster would succeed him when Müller moved to the administration of Elector Friedrich Karl Josef von Erthal.
To give one example, in 1875, the Delegates approved the series Sacred Books of the East under the editorship of Friedrich Max Müller, bringing a vast range of religious thought to a wider readership.
When OUP arrived on Indian shores, it was preceded by the immense prestige of the Sacred Books of the East, edited by Friedrich Max Müller, which had at last reached completion in 50 ponderous volumes.
On 12 June the Senate approved resources to fund an academic contingent for the expedition, and three academics Johann Georg Gmelin ( a natural historian ), Louis De l ’ Isle de la Croyère ( an astronomer ), and Gerhard Friedrich Müller ( an anthropologist ) were selected by the Academy of Sciences.
* Gerhardt Friedrich Müller
In 1753, the first modern dinoflagellates were described by Henry Baker as " Animalcules which cause the Sparkling Light in Sea Water ", and named by Otto Friedrich Müller in 1773.
Leading members of the DSP were Hans Georg Müller, Max Sesselmann and Dr. Friedrich Wiesel, the first two being editors of the Münchner Beobachter.
In 1830, along with his colleague Wilhelm Gesenius, he was threatened with deposition for teaching rationalism, and though he retained his office he lost his influence, which passed to Friedrich Tholuck and Julius Müller.
One of the most noteworthy of the " mediating " theologians, he has been ranked with Friedrich Schleiermacher, August Neander, Karl Nitzsch, Julius Müller and Richard Rothe.
A 1791 map of the County of Mark by German cartographer Friedrich Christoph Müller ( 1751-1808 )
Another text recovered from the same area, a Buddhist work in Old Turkic, included a colophon stating that the text had been translated from Sanskrit via a toxrï language, which Friedrich W. K. Müller guessed was one of the newly discovered languages.
* October 29-Gerhardt Friedrich Müller, historian ( died 1783 )
Heinrich Winkler wrote many medical articles, and Friedrich August Müller probably wrote articles on philosophy.
* Karl Friedrich Max von Müller, captain of the famous German commerce raider, the light cruiser during the first few months of World War I.

Friedrich and December
Lobegott Friedrich Constantin ( von ) Tischendorf ( January 18, 1815 December 7, 1874 ) was a noted German Biblical scholar.
Friedrich Christian Anton " Fritz " Lang ( December 5, 1890 August 2, 1976 ) was an Austrian-American filmmaker, screenwriter, and occasional film producer and actor.
Johann Friedrich Agricola ( 4 January 1720 2 December 1774 ) was a German composer, organist, singer, pedagogue, and writer on music.
Carl Friedrich Abel ( 22 December 1723 20 June 1787 ) was a German composer of the Classical era.
Morris established the Socialist League in December 1884, which was encouraged by Friedrich Engels and Eleanor Marx.
Disagreements with Hyndman over Irish Home Rule and a generalized mistrust of Hyndman's personal motives led to the foundation of the breakaway Socialist League in December 1884, encouraged by Friedrich Engels and Eleanor Marx.
* December 14 Friedrich Karl renounces the Finnish throne.
* December 8 Carl Friedrich Goerdeler is appointed Reich Price Commissioner in Germany to enforce the deflationary policies of the Brüning government.
* December 13 Christian Friedrich Hebbel, German writer ( b. 1813 )
* December 19 Friedrich Melchior, baron von Grimm, German writer ( b. 1723 )
* December 2 Johann Friedrich Agricola, German composer ( b. 1720 )
* December 5 Friedrich Leopold zu Stolberg-Stolberg, German poet ( b. 1750 )
* December 5 Johann Friedrich Fasch, German composer ( b. 1688 )
* December 22 Carl Friedrich Abel, German composer ( d. 1787 )
* December 26 Friedrich Melchior, baron von Grimm, German writer ( d. 1807 )
* December 28 Johann Friedrich Gronovius, German classical scholar ( b. 1611 )
* December 14 Friedrich of Saxony ( b. 1473 )
* December 26: Friedrich Myconius, German Lutheran theologian ( d. 1546 )
Together, Wilhelm and Henriette had four children: Jacob Grimm ( 3 April 1826 15 December 1826 ), Herman Friedrich Grimm ( 6 January 1828 16 June 1901 ), Rudolf Georg Grimm ( 31 March 1830 13 November 1889 ), and Barbara Auguste Luise Pauline Marie ( 21 August 1832 9 February 1919 ).
* 23 December 1750 5 October 1763: His Serene Highness Prince Friedrich August of Saxony
Frederick Christian, Elector of Saxony ( Friedrich Christian Leopold Johann Georg Franz Xaver ; 5 September 1722 17 December 1763 ) was the Prince-Elector of Saxony for less than three months in 1763.
Wilhelm Friedrich Ackermann ( 29 March 1896 24 December 1962 ) was a German mathematician best known for the Ackermann function, an important example in the theory of computation.
But because the burghers and peasants of Tyrol and the bishop of Brixen supported Count Friedrich, most of the nobles, including both brothers of Oswald, surrendered on December 17, 1423.
On 10 December, a Tyrolean delegation arrived in Graz to demand the release of Sigismund and the return of the county's treasures, taken by Friedrich in 1440.

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