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Frieze and 1991
In a number of longitudinal studies ( Cox & Harquail, 1991 ; Olson, Frieze, & Good, 1987 ; Strober, 1982 ; Wallace, 1989 ; Wood, Corcoran, & Courant, 1993 ), that track comparably qualified men and women, such as graduates of the same MBA program or law school, it has been shown that over time there is degradation of the women's compensation that cannot fully be explained by differences in qualifications, work history, experience, or career interruptions.

Frieze and from
Part of the Bassae Frieze ( from the temple of Apollo Epikurios ) at the British Museum.
In collaboration with the Frieze Art Fair, the fund buys works from the fair for the Tate's collections.
* Amphigorey Too, 1975 ( ISBN 0-399-50420-6 ) — contains The Beastly Baby, The Nursery Frieze, The Pious Infant, The Evil Garden, The Inanimate Tragedy, The Gilded Bat, The Iron Tonic, The Osbick Bird, The Chinese Obelisks ( bis ), The Deranged Cousins, The Eleventh Episode, Untitled Book, The Lavender Leotard, The Disrespectful Summons, The Abandoned Sock, The Lost Lions, Story for Sara Alphonse Allais, The Salt Herring Charles Cros, Leaves from a Mislaid Album, and A Limerick
Frieze detail from internal courtyard showing Queen Victoria in front of the 1851 Great Exhibition.
* 1992 monograph from Frieze
Frieze recovered from Bryers and Sons building at 53 and 54 Barbican which survived wartime bombing but was demolished to make way for the redevelopment
In subsequent writing ( Frieze and The Face in the Garden ), Lent loosens his aesthetic through the application of lessons taken from Joseph Frank's concept, spatial form, as well as its deconstructive developments — in particular the emphasis on space / place.
Frieze groups are two-dimensional line groups, from having only one direction of repeat, and they are related to the more complex wallpaper groups, which classify patterns that are repetitive in two directions.
This massive space, flanked by four huge arched windows made from yellow Belgian glass, contains the unique marble Historical Frieze which is an intrinsic part of the design of the monument.
From the Parthenon Frieze onwards, many single figures have heads in high relief, but their lower legs are in in low relief ; the slightly projecting figures created in this way work well in reliefs that are seen from below ( see Moissac portal in gallery ).
*" City Report: Tehran " from Frieze, issue 86, October 2004, discussing Iranian censorship in general
A sample from the Bassae Frieze that Foster brought to England
The show also included an installation of the original furniture from the receiving parlor of Klimt ’ s studio at Josefstädter Strasse 21, and a recreation of Klimt ’ s masterpiece, the Beethoven Frieze.
At the Frieze Art Fair ( London ) of 2005, she conducted a tour of this temporary site from its siting and construction to all aspects of its customer service, maintenance, and security.
The composition of String Quartet No. 3 ( from " The Frieze of Life " of Edvard Munch ) was prompted by the Oslo Grieg Society's Fourth International Edvard Grieg Memorial Competition characterised as " The Music in Edvard Munch's Paintings ".
File: Parthenon frieze north XLIII. JPG | Overlapping riders in profile, from the Parthenon Frieze
His exhibition " The Last Hour ", with its twisted metalwork from a crashed car, footage of a long tunnel and paparazzi pictures of Princess Diana, was in 2006 rejected by the Frieze Art Fair in London's Regent's Park and instead ended up in a little-known gallery space in Bethnal Green.
His chief work in Washington was done in the rotunda of the Capitol and included the Apotheosis of George Washington in the dome and the Frieze of American History, which contains allegorical scenes from American history.
Cavalry from the Parthenon Frieze, West II, 2 – 3, British Museum.
Procession of tributes from the Apadana, Persepolis, 1st half 5th C., inspiration for the Parthenon Frieze?
* Courtroom friezes: The South Wall Frieze includes figures of lawgivers from the ancient world and includes Menes, Hammurabi, Moses, Solomon, Lycurgus, Solon, Draco, Confucius, and Augustus.
The North Wall Frieze shows lawgivers from the Middle Ages on and includes representations of Justinian, Muhammad, Charlemagne, John of England, Louis IX of France, Hugo Grotius, Sir William Blackstone, John Marshall, and Napoleon.

Frieze and such
" Frieze of Life " motifs such as The Storm and Moonlight are steeped in atmosphere.
In 2006, it was reported that Rancière's aesthetic theory had become a point of reference in the visual arts, and Rancière has lectured at such art world events as the Frieze Art Fair.
Religious and triumphal processions are abundantly illustrated by ancient monuments, e. g. the religious processions of Egypt, those illustrated by the rock-carvings of Boghaz-Keui, the many representations of processions in Greek art, culminating in the great Panathenaic procession of the Parthenon Frieze, and Roman triumphal reliefs, such as those of the arch of Titus.
Programming at Randall's Island includes visits by Cirque du Soleil, a summer concert series ( which has consisted of concerts such as Electric Zoo Festival, Dave Matthews Band and Governors Ball ), and art exhibits ( such as The Frieze Art Fair, and FLOW. 11 & FLOW. 12 ), as well as wetland, nature and gardening programs conducted by RIPA.
Olu Oguibe ’ s critical and theoretical writings have appeared in several key volumes including The Dictionary of Art, Art History and its Methods, Art in Theory 1900-2000, The Visual Culture Reader, The Third Text Reader on Art and Culture, The Black British Culture and Society Reader, and Theory in Contemporary Art: From 1985 to the Present, as well as numerous serials such as Frieze, Flash Art International, Art Journal, Texte zur Kunst, Zum Thema, Third Text and Criterios.

Frieze and Art
* The Home-Coming of Navel Strings, an installation by Noritoshi Hirakawa for the 2004 London Frieze Art Fair, which consisted of a young woman who read a novel by Philip Pullman and defecated next to her chair every morning ;
* Andrew Hunt, Art & Language, Frieze, October 2005.
* Tom Morton, Art & Language, Frieze, April 2002.
* Lawrence Alma-Tadema — Pheidias and the Frieze of the Parthenon, Athens ( Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, England )
In 2005, Blow starred in a project by artist Matthieu Laurette, commissioned and produced by Frieze Projects 2005 and entitled " What Do They Wear at Frieze Art Fair?
" It consisted of daily guided tours of Frieze Art Fair led by Blow and fellow international fashion experts Peter Saville, Kira Joliffe, and Bay Garnett.
** Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA, Classical Frieze, May 3-October 4.
* Ross Holloway, R. ( 1966 ) The Archaic Acropolis and the Parthenon Frieze, The Art Bulletin, Vol.
Frieze Art Fair Podcast: A conversation with Simon Critchley, Robert Storr, Barbara Bloom, Jörg Heiser.

Frieze and were
William II, Count of Hainaut, nicknamed the Audacious, was also possessor of the counties of Zealand and Holland as well as of the seigniory of Frieze: these vacant inheritances were devolved to Margaret after agreement between Philippa and her sister.

Frieze and all
Pheidias Showing the Frieze of the Parthenon to his Friends ( 1868 ) by Lawrence Alma-Tadema | Sir Lawrence Alma-TademaPhidias, or The Great Pheidias ( in Ancient Greek, ; circa 480 – 430 BC ), was a Greek sculptor, painter and architect, who lived in the 5th century BC, and is commonly regarded as one of the greatest of all sculptors of Classical Greece: Phidias ' Statue of Zeus at Olympia was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Frieze and with
* Kellogg-Hubbard Library — with a copy of the Parthenon Frieze
File: 68th Street IRT 005. JPG | Frieze with number " 68 "
Image: Aphaia-temple-3. jpg | Frieze fo the Temple of Aphaea with triglyphs slotted for metopes.

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