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From and 1512
From: Parliament Procession Roll of 1512
From 1512 the Provinces formed the major part of the Burgundian Circle.
From about 1496 until 1512, he had a relationship with Edele Jernskjæg.
From 1512 to 1514 or 1515 he worked on the Isenheim altarpiece, apparently in partnership with another Mathis, variously surnamed Nithart, Neithart, von Würzburg ( after his place of birth ), or Gothardt.
From 1506 to 1512, he worked as an actor-manager and playwright in Paris.
From 1512 on, the confederates fought on the side of Pope Julius II and his Holy League against the French in territories south of the Alps.
From 1512 to 1515 he was employed as maestro de cappella of Cividale Cathedral, and shortly afterwards moved to Aquileia, where he may have died.
From 1512 on, he held the chair of poetry at the university of Vienna — he had gained some reputation as the author of Latin poems.
From 1512 word ' prikaz ' is starting to be used as a name of some constant office.

From and Maximilian
From 1513 he was at the service of Maximilian I in Innsbruck, where he received several commissions from the imperial court.
Some historians have suggested that Maximilian was " morbidly " depressed: From 1514, he travelled everywhere with his coffin.
From 1573 to 1576 he was at the court of Emperor Maximilian II, whom he accompanied on his various journeys.
From left to right: Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor | Maximilian I ; Maximilian's granddaughter, Mary of Austria ( 1505-1558 ) | Mary and Vladislaus's son Louis II of Hungary and Bohemia | Louis ; Vladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary | Vladislaus II ; Vladislaus's daughter, Anna of Bohemia and Hungary | Anna ; Vladislaus's brother, Sigismund I the Old | Sigismund I of Poland.
From 1864 to 1867, during the Second Mexican Empire, Maximilian I installed emperor of Mexico.
From 1508 to 1517, the city was in the power of the Emperor Maximilian I.
* A Journey Through the Nebraska Region in 1833 and 1834: From the Diaries of Prince Maximilian of Wied
From 1883 to 1887 he worked with Maximilian Leidesdorf in the Psychiatric Clinic, although his original training was not in the pathology of the nervous system.
From 1609 onwards he fought with his mercenaries in the War of the Jülich succession against Maximilian III, Archduke of Further Austria in Tirol, and 1611 for Rudolf II in Bohemia.
From 1585 Maximilian became the Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order ; thanks to this he was known by the epithet der Deutschmeister (" the German Master ") for much of his later life.
From 1593 to 1595 Maximilian as served regent for his young cousin, Ferdinand, Archduke of Inner Austria.
From 1931 to 1936, Brother Maximilian Kolbe resided in a suburb of Nagasaki, where he started a monastery.
From about 1508, he spent much of his time working on the woodcut projects of Maximilian I until the Emperor's death in 1519.
From 1969 until 1982, Enzensberger held a post as Professor of English Literature at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

From and I
From L'Turu, I heard that until about 1850 the people of this island -- which was about the size of Guam or smaller -- had been of both sexes, and that the normal family life of Melanesian tribes was observed here with minor variations.
From her California headquarters, Miriam fired back, `` I shall never divorce Mr. Wright, to permit him to marry Olga Milanoff ''.
From all reports so far received, its performance conformed to the high standards I have just described.
One, a reservation on the point I have just made, is the phenomenon of pseudo-thinking, pseudo-feeling, and pseudo-willing, which Fromm discussed in The Escape From Freedom.
From that time to this my religious concern is that I might give effective help to the bringing in of God's kingdom on earth.
From there I turned left along Cumhuriyet Cadesi past more hotels and a park on the left, Republic Gardens, and came in a few moments to Taksim Square, one of the hubs of the city, with the Monument of the Republic, erected in 1928, in its center.
From this point, I paint in as direct a manner as possible, by flowing on the washes with as pure a color mixture as I can manage.
From what I was able to gauge in a swift, greedy glance, the figure inside the coral-colored boucle dress was stupefying.
From where I sit it looks more like a nightmare.
From here on in, the less Charlie and I were seen together in public, or visited one another's rooms, the better.
From that day on I began to write editorials about the things I did not think correct in Fidel Castro's regime.
Related to this Mosel quotes the aged composer concerning the radical changes in musical taste that were underway in the age of Beethoven, " From that period 1800 I realized that musical taste was gradually changing in a manner completely contrary to that of my own times.
Korner said, " From then on all I wanted to do was play the blues.
" Run From Love " was subsequently released in a remix form on the Bronski Beat album Hundreds & Thousands, a collection of mostly remixes ( LP ) and b-sides ( as bonus tracks on the CD version ) as well as the hit " I Feel Love ".
From Comrade Semichastny's speech I learn that the government, ' would not put any obstacles in the way of my departure from the U. S. S. R .' For me this is impossible.
" From these principles and some additional constraints —( 1a ) a lower bound on the linear dimensions of any of the parts, ( 1b ) an upper bound on speed of propagation ( the velocity of light ), ( 2 ) discrete progress of the machine, and ( 3 ) deterministic behavior — he produces a theorem that " What can be calculated by a device satisfying principles I – IV is computable.
* Hayakawa, S. I .: " From Science-Fiction to Fiction-Science ," in ETC: A Review of General Semantics, Vol.
From within this literary environment emerged many stories and novels about private detectives, also known as private investigators, PIs and " private eyes " (" eye " being the vocalization of " I " for " investigator ").
The voltage source V on the left drives a Current ( electricity ) | current I around the circuit, delivering electrical energy into the resistor R. From the resistor, the current returns to the source, completing the circuit.
From him I inherited the seeds of madness.
From this doctrine arose the Epicurean epitaph: Non fui, fui, non sum, non curo ( I was not ; I was ; I am not ; I do not care ) – which is inscribed on the gravestones of his followers and seen on many ancient gravestones of the Roman Empire.

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