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From and 1680
From 1670 to 1680, Clement made many improvements to his clock and introduced the longcase or grandfather clock to the public.
From this time until 1680, he was engaged on his ministry and writing.
From there, in 1680, he went to Erfurt, in order to attend Kasper Cramer's lectures on chemistry.
From time to time he forwarded memoranda in a uniquely casual, epistolary style, and in 1680 he began to promise the work " Minutes for Lives ," which Wood was to use at his discretion.
From 1585 to 1680, tens of thousands of sable and other valuable pelts were obtained in Siberia each year.
From 1620 to 1680 there were a total of 15, 983 trappers active in Siberia.
From 1680 to 1844 the Manor House was the home of prominent Quaker families including the Vickris, the Summers and the Harfords.
3 ° Lisboa, Ibid, 1680: From king D. Sebastião to Filipe III of Portugal.
From August 30, 1680, it became known as the West IndiaGuinea Company.
From the Netherlands Poiret went on to Hamburg, still in quest of Antoinette Bourignon, was completely won by her at the first meeting, and until her death in 1680, he was her faithful disciple.
From 1680 to the end of his life, Marco d ' Aviano became a close confidant and adviser to him, providing the irresolute and often indecisive emperor with guidance and advice for all problems, political, economic, military or spiritual.

From and 1694
From this time the pirates increasingly made the Bahamian capitol of Nassau, founded in 1694, their base.
From 1694 to 1700, he was maître de musique ( music director ) at the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris, after having served in a similar capacity in Arles and Toulouse.
From 1694 to 1716 he held the chair of medicine at Halle, and was then appointed physician to King Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia in Berlin.
From 1694 to 1705, he operated a ship building business at Taunton, Massachusetts.
From 1692 until 1694, Mwenemutapa Nyakambira rules Mutapa independently.
From 1689 to 1694 Prideaux resided at Saham.
From 1693 to 1694 over 2 million people died.
From the year 1677 till the beginning of the eighteenth century there were two Christian printing establishments in Frankfurt at which Hebrew books were printed: ( 1 ) The press owned till 1694 by Balthasar Christian Wust, who began with David Clodius ' Hebrew Bible ; his last work was the unvocalized Bible prepared by Eisenmenger, 1694 ; up to 1707 the press was continued by John Wust.
From 1683 until 1694, he was styled Lord Russell, and from 1695 until his accession in 1700, Marquess of Tavistock.
From 1691 to 1694 Andrea Pozzo painted the Entrance of Saint Ignatius into Paradise on the nave vault of Sant ' Ignazio, Rome, with theatricality and emotion.
From the time of Matsuo Bashō ( 1644 – 1694 ), the hokku began to appear as an independent poem, and was also incorporated in haibun ( in combination with prose ), and haiga ( in combination with a painting ).

From and Portuguese
* From 1415 to 1488, Portuguese navigators sailed along the Western African coast, reaching the Cape of Good Hope.
From the 1920s to the 1960s, strong economic growth, abundant natural resources and development of infrastruture, led to the arrival of even more Portuguese settlers.
From then on, the Portuguese were infrequent visitors to the islands preferring to buy their nutmeg from traders in Malacca.
From August until March 1542 he remained in Mozambique, having reached Goa, then capital of Portuguese India's on 6 May 1542, and also visiting Vasai.
From the time beginning with the incorporation of the Portuguese Empire in 1580 ( lost in 1640 ) until the loss of its American colonies in the 19th century, Spain maintained the largest empire in the world even though it suffered fluctuating military and economic fortunes from the 1640s.
From his Vila do Infante in 15th Century Portuguese, Estate or Town of the Prince on the Sagres peninsula located at the south-westernmost point of Iberia and with sea access to both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Henry sponsored voyages down the coast of Africa, sailing as far as Guinea, that were primarily exploration expeditions, later on bringing back to the nearby town of Lagos, from whence they set out, numerous African slaves and goods.
From there, they sailed to Kozhikode ( Calicut ), where Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama would land two centuries later.
The entry on cabullus in the Oxford Latin Dictionary ( Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1982, 1985 reprinting ), p. 246, does not give a probable origin, and merely compare Old Bulgarian kobyla and Old Russian komoń < sub > b </ sub >.</ ref > From caballus arose terms in the various Romance languages cognate to the ( French-derived ) English cavalier: Old Italian cavaliere, Italian cavallo, Spanish caballero, French chevalier, Portuguese cavaleiro, Romanian cavaler.
From the 1950s to 1970s a large number of Italians, Spaniards and Portuguese immigrated, settling mostly in the industrial district of Renens and transforming the local diet.
From the Mings ' standpoint, the Portuguese were ultimately responsible for the massacre, since it was they who provoked the Chinese through " rapaciousness ".
From about 1500, Portuguese trading posts and forts became regular ports of call on the new route to the east.
From the beginning of the 17th century the Dutch cannibalized the Portuguese Empire in the East and, with the immense wealth gained, challenged Spanish hegemony at sea.
From the 16th century some coastal areas of the country were ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch and British.
From the 15th century Portuguese colonists began trading and a settlement was established at Luanda in the 16th century.
From the middle of the 19th century to the late 1950s, nearly two-million Portuguese left Europe to live in Brazil and the United States ( U. S .).
From 1514, the Portuguese had reached China and Japan.
From May 1974 to the end of the 1970s, over a million Portuguese citizens from Portugal's African territories ( mostly from Portuguese Angola and Mozambique ) left those territories as destitute refugees – the retornados.
From 1874, the leaders of several indigenous peoples such as Kamaherero, anticipating invasion by a European power and already suffering Portuguese encroachment from the north and Afrikaner encroachment from the south, approached the Cape Colony government to discuss the possibility of accession and the political representation it would entail.
From the earlier part of the 15th Century, Portuguese expeditions organized by Prince Henry the Navigator had been crawling down the African coastline, principally in search for west African riches ( notably, gold ).
From about 1500, Portuguese trading posts and forts became regular ports of call on the new route to the east.
From a military standpoint, the Portuguese regular army held the upper hand during all of the conflicts against the independentist guerrilla forces, which created favourable conditions for social development and economic growth until the end of the conflict in 1974.
From then on, all Africans were considered Portuguese citizens, and racial discrimination became a sociological rather than a legal feature of colonial society.
From the late stages of this notable period of high growth and huge development effort started in the 1950s, was the construction of Cahora Bassa dam by the Portuguese, which started to fill in December 1974 after construction was commenced in 1969.
From a Portuguese course for Tetum speakers.

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