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From and 1831
From May 1827 to September 1831, with the exception of brief interventions by Freire, the presidency was occupied by Francisco Antonio Pinto, Freire's former vice president.
Reshaping Palestine: From Muhammad Ali to the British Mandate, 1831 – 1922.
From milepost 2. 07 to its eastern terminus, Route 57 is designated a scenic byway, the Warren Heritage Scenic Byway, by the state of New Jersey due to its mountain and valley scenery, historic districts, and the adjacent Morris Canal, which was built in 1831 and had the greatest elevation change among all canals across the world.
From 1831 to 1838 Kirtland was the headquarters for the Latter Day Saint movement.
From 1747 to 1831 Iraq was ruled, with short intermissions, by Mamluk officers of Georgian origin who succeeded in asserting autonomy from the Sublime Porte, suppressed tribal revolts, curbed the power of the Janissaries, restored order, and introduced a program of modernization of the economy and the military.
From 1831 to 1833, Mill was largely occupied in the defence of the East India Company, during the controversy attending the renewal of its charter, he being in virtue of his office the spokesman of the court of directors.
From 1825 to 1831, he was in charge of several small parishes.
Reshaping Palestine: From Muhammad Ali to the British Mandate, 1831 – 1922.
From about 1831, traditional Norwegian music began to influence the classical scene, especially through Ole Bull, who befriended the famous traditional Hardanger fiddle player Myllarguten and through the friendship gained better understanding of traditional music.
From 1831 feudalism was abolished in the Kingdom of Hanover and those heathland areas that were common land for the villages were divided amongst the individual farmers.
From 1831 until his death, he was Dean of Christ Church.
From 1833 to 1835, Livingston was minister plenipotentiary to France, charged with procuring the fulfilment by the French government of the treaty negotiated by W. C. Rives in 1831, by which France had bound herself to pay an indemnity of twenty-five millions of francs for French spoliations of American shipping chiefly under the Berlin and Milan decrees, and the United States in turn agreed to pay to France 1, 500, 000 francs in satisfaction of French claims.
From 1829 to 1831, the street pattern of the entire town was reworked, a new Town Hall built, and better drainage laid.
From 1828 to 1831, he was stationed on the northwest frontier, at Fort Dearborn ( Chicago, Illinois ), where he met and married Maria Kinzie, the daughter of the city's first permanent white resident, John Kinzie.
From the Proclamation of the Independence of Brazil in 1822 until the 1831 abdication, an anthem that had been composed by Pedro I himself, celebrating the country's independence ( and that now continues to be an official patriotic song, the Independence Anthem ), was used as the National Anthem.
From 1797 until his death in 1831, Allen and Sarah operated a station on the Underground Railroad for fugitive slaves.
From that centre Phillips extended his operations to towns beyond the county, and by 1831 he included University College London within the sphere of his activity.
From a New York newspaper dated 1831:
From 1829 to 1831 he studied at the École Polytechnique in Paris, France.
From 1546 to 1831, the Navy Board was also the name of a body separate from the Admiralty, originally called Council of the Marine and presided over by the Lieutenant of the Admiralty, which was responsible for the administrative affairs of the naval service, including the building and repair of and supplies to naval ships.
From 1831 to 1835 he was secretary of education of the state government of Guatemala, under Dr. Mariano Gálvez.
From its origins as a secret sealers ' haven Otago Harbour developed into a busy international whaling port after the Weller brothers established their whaling station at Te Umu Kuri, Wellers Rock, at what is now called Otakou in November 1831.
According to Philippe Suinen, it is an exception among federal States, and, as pointed out recently by Michel Quévit, a quasi-State: " From 1831, the year of Belgium's independence, until the federalization of the country in 1970, Wallonia has increasingly asserted itself as a region in its own right .".
From the lake the canal descended through the valley of the Rockaway River to Boonton, eventually around the northern end of Paterson's Garret Mountain, and south to its 1831 terminus at Newark on the Passaic River.

From and 1841
From Paris, he had paid short visits to the Netherlands ( 1841 ) and England ( 1842 ).
From this perspective, Henri Fayol ( 1841 – 1925 )
From 1840 to 1841, she received three letters from him, though in his third letter he told her he had sent five.
From 1841 to 1843, he was Member of Parliament for Ashburton as a Whig.
From 1841 to 1887 " Cleaveland " was the spelling used ; the present spelling was adopted in 1887.
From 1812 until 1841, the Fairfield Medical College, a division of the academy, trained medical practitioners, including Marcus Whitman.
From this point onwards the relationship with the University of London, which began as early as 1841, began to develop and for the first time Baptist ministerial students were able to associate closely with the University of London.
From 1841, Millerite evangelists appeared in Great Britain, also, though he never travelled there himself. In addition to the nearly $ 1000 that Miller and Himes spent supplying literature to enquirers and evangelists in Great Britain ; “ there is evidence that Liverpool, Bristol, and other ports local Millerite pioneers borrowed copies of Miller ’ s works and Adventist magazines from visiting American sea captains and merchants .” As well as utilizing imported American literature, two Millerite papers were published locally in Great Britain: the Second Advent Harbinger in Bristol, and the British Midnight Cry in Liverpool.
From 1812 to 1841 he was employed by the Imperial Public Library, first as an assistant, and then as head of the Russian Books Department, a not very demanding position that left him plenty of time to write.
From Bonn, where he had JCW Augusti ( 1772 – 1841 ), JKL Gieseler, and Karl Immanuel Nitzsch for colleagues, he was called in 1827 to Göttingen to succeed KF Staudlin ( 1761-1826 ).
From 7 May 1830, Thierry had already been a member of the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres ; in 1841, on the motion of Villemain, the Académie française awarded him the first Prix Gobert.
From the affair with actress Mademoiselle L ' Eclair in Paris, Armfelt had an illegitimate son Maurice L ' Eclair ( 1780 – 1841 ).
From 1839 to 1841, he was editor of the Education Magazine.
From 1841 Henry Littleton assisted him, becoming a partner in 1861, when the firm became Novello & Co., and, on JA Novello's retirement in 1866, sole proprietor.
From 1841 to 1846, he published the four-volumes of, a treatise on metaphysics, which detailed his departure from Christianity.
From 1841 to 1843 Ripon served in Peel's second administration as President of the Board of Trade, with the young W. E. Gladstone as his deputy.
From 1841 to 1844, he was elected to the Indiana House of Representatives.
From 1841 till his father's death in 1846, when he succeeded to the title, he sat for Lichfield.
From 1832 to 1841 he was an officer in the Bengal Artillery, afterwards spending some years in literary pursuits both in India and in Britain.
From 1837 to 1841, Stroud's MP was Lord John Russell of the Whig party who was later to become Prime Minister.
From 1836 until 1841 Nuttall worked at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.
From December 1840 to March 1841, he employed hundreds of native Hawaiian porters and many of his men to haul a pendulum to the summit of Mauna Loa to measure gravity.
From 1837 to 1841 Molesworth sat for Leeds, and acquired considerable influence in the House of Commons by his speeches and by his tact in presiding over the select committee on Penal transportation.
From 1841 to 1845 he had no seat in parliament, but in 1842 served as High Sheriff of Cornwall

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