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From and 1859
From this point until the end of the century, the Whigs and ( after 1859 ) their successors the Liberal Party, managed to gain a majority of the Westminster Parliamentary seats for Scotland, although these were often outnumbered by the much larger number of English and Welsh Conservatives.
A fundamental rhythmic figure heard in Gottschalk's compositions such as " Souvenirs From Havana " ( 1859 ), many different slave musics of the Caribbean, as well as the bamboula, and other Afro-Caribbean folk dances performed in New Orleans Congo Square, is the three-stroke pattern known in Cuban music as tresillo.
From Muhammad IV ( 1859 – 1873 ) and Hassan I ( 1873 – 1894 ) the Alaouites tried to foster trading links, above all with European countries and the United States.
From 1859 to 1917, over half a million people moved to the Russian Far East.
From Salt Lake City it generally followed the Central Nevada Route blazed by Captain James H. Simpson of the Corps of Topographical Engineers in 1859.
From 1840 – 1859 CE, Afghanistan and Emirate of Bukhara would struggle for Balkh and Badakhshan with Afghanistan succeeding.
From an estimated population of 12, 000 in the 1830s, they were reduced to 3, 400 by 1859, when they were forcibly constrained to a reservation in modern day, Nance County, Nebraska.
In 2009 an Exhibition, From Art School to University: Art and Design at Brighton 1859 – 2009, paid tribute to many of them and included Turner Prize winners, iconic design work, cutting-edge dance for camera and classic rock and pop imagery.
From 1859 – 67, French troops expanded their control over all six provinces on the Mekong delta and formed a colony known as Cochinchina.
From 1830 to 1886 the Liberals ( the name the Whigs, Radicals and Peelites accepted as their political label after 1859 ) had been managed to become almost the party of permanent government with just a couple of Conservative interludes.
From August 28 until September 2, 1859, numerous sunspots and solar flares were observed on the Sun, the largest flare occurring on September 1.
From 1859, the company was called Christie, Manson & Woods.
From 1859 to 1860, he was chancellor of the University of Wisconsin – Madison and agent of the board of regents of the normal school fund ; in 1866 he was president of St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland ; and from 1867 to 1870 he was the first United States Commissioner of Education, and in this position he laid the foundation for the subsequent work of the Bureau of Education.
* Adventures in Czarist Russia, or From Paris to Astrakhan ( Impressions de voyage: En Russie ; De Paris à Astrakan: Nouvelles impressions de voyage ( 1858 ), 1859 – 1862
Tresillo, the habanera, and related African-based single-celled figures have long been heard in the left hand part of piano compositions by New Orleans musicians, for example — Louis Moreau Gottschalk (" Souvenirs From Havana " 1859 ), and Jelly Roll Morton (" The Crave " 1910 ).
From 1859 to 1861, he held a commission as a colonel in the California militia.
From 1859 to 1911, Ishi's remote band became more and more infiltrated by non-Yahi Indian representatives, such as Wintun, Nomlaki and Pit River individuals.
From 1855 to 1859 Niel was employed at headquarters and also served in the French Senate.
From March 1858 to May 1859, he was French ambassador in London, but was recalled to take command of the army of observation on the Rhine.
From 1854 to 1859 he edited the Journal of Classical and Sacred Philology.
From 1859 to 1864 Cavendish was private secretary to Lord Granville.
From 1857 to 1859, Richard Wagner composed the opera Tristan and Isolde, now considered one of the most influential pieces of music of the 19th century.
From 1854 to 1859 Richard Wagner portrayed adulteresses in Die Walküre and Tristan und Isolde ; at the same time, Gustave Flaubert was working on Madame Bovary.
From 1855 to 1859, he served in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

From and new
From this being come new movement ideas that utilize dancer and property as a single unit.
From this action sprang the idea of somehow uniting Greek and Shakespearean drama into a new total form, capable of restoring to life the ancient moral and poetic responses.
From the beginning of commercial recording, new discs purported to be indistinguishable from The Real Thing have regularly been put in circulation.
From the wealth of material and the wide variety of different electronic techniques perfected in the past few years we have selected a few examples which appear to be headed for use in the immediate future and which offer completely new tools in medical research.
From the very beginning the electoral discussions raised fundamental issues in Moroccan politics, precisely the type of questions that were most difficult to resolve in the new government.
From the late 8th century BC a new wave of Indo-European speaking raiders entered northern and north east Anatolia, namely the Cimmerians and Scythians.
From the 1950s Federico Brito Figueroa was the founder of a new Venezuelan historiography based largely on the ideas of the Annales School.
From 2011 to 2012 two new teams were added to the competition — the Gold Coast Suns in 2011 and the Greater Western Sydney Giants in 2012.
From the date of partition and independence in 1947 until 1950, Ajmer-Merwara remained a province of the new Dominion of India.
From the fort, the Bonnburg, as well as from a new medieval settlement to the South centred around what later became the minster, grew the medieval city of Bonn.
The band and their producer Mike Thorne had gone back into the studio in early 1985 to record a new single, " Run From Love ".
From the year 2000 onward, Chile completely overhauled its criminal justice system ; a new, US-style adversarial system has been gradually implemented throughout the country with the final stage of implementation in the Santiago metropolitan region completed on June 9, 2001
From the very beginning Mayotte refused to join the new republic and aligned itself even more firmly to the French Republic, but the other islands remained committed to independence.
Originally presented with an opportunity to rock out Dvořák's Symphony No. 9 " From the New World " by their new stereophonic label, the band instead forged ahead to unify their own orchestral-based threads of a day in the life of a common man.
From the end of 1949, new transmitters were steadily opened to serve other major conurbations, and then smaller areas of population.
From the day of the arguably ill-prepared independence of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the tensions between the powerful leaders of the political elite, such as Joseph Kasa Vubu, Patrice Lumumba, Moise Tshombe, Joseph Mobutu and others, jeopardize the political stability of the new state.
From the 1960s through the end of the century Gary Karr was the leading proponent of the double bass as a solo instrument and was active in commissioning or having hundreds of new works and concerti written especially for him.
From the scanty evidence available it would appear that the new religion at first made little progress.
From 1904, however, he instead termed those ' original disease conditions ', and introduced the new alternative category of psychopathic personalities.
From the time he was a boy, Fermi meticulously recorded his calculations in notebooks, and later used them to solve many new problems that he encountered based on these earlier known problems.
Many new words can be derived simply by changing these suffixes, just as-ly derives adverbs from adjectives in English: From vidi ( to see ), we get vida ( visual ), vide ( visually ), and vido ( sight ).
From the mid-1980s the spread of videocassette recorders and the arrival of private TV channels such as RTL Television provided new competition for theatrical film distribution.
From the outset, this new republic held that film would be the most ideal propaganda tool for the Soviet Union because of its widespread popularity among the established citizenry of the new land ; Vladimir Lenin, in fact, declared it the most important medium for educating the masses in the ways, means and successes of Communism, a position which was later echoed by Joseph Stalin.

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