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From and 366
* Szabolcs de Vajay, " From Alfonso VIII to Alfonso X " in Studies in Genealogy and Family History in Tribute to Charles Evans on the Occasion of his Eightieth Birthday, 1989, pp. 366 – 417.
* Szabolcs de Vajay, " From Alfonso VIII to Alfonso X " in Studies in Genealogy and Family History in Tribute to Charles Evans on the Occasion of his Eightieth Birthday, 1989, pp. 366 – 417.
From 1940 to 1945 Coastal Command sank 366 German transport vessels and damaged 134.
Nile red under visible and ultraviolet ( 366 nm ) light in different solvents From left to right: 1. water, 2. methanol, 3. ethanol, 4. acetonitrile, 5. dimethylformamide, 6. acetone, 7. ethyl acetate, 8. dichloromethane, 9. n-hexane, 10.
* Szabolcs de Vajay, " From Alfonso VIII to Alfonso X " in Studies in Genealogy and Family History in Tribute to Charles Evans on the Occasion of his Eightieth Birthday, 1989, pp. 366 – 417.
From Griffith, The Kidman Way heads north 366 km through the vast, open western plains to Cobar.
From 1995 to 1996 he worked on his " Magellan " project, 366 drawings ( one per day ) that formed an archive of the artist's life and surrounding cultural images.

From and was
From the back of the barn it was a simple matter to reach Black's house without using the street.
From the way the wound in his head was itching, Dan knew that it would heal.
From the time the chocks were pulled until the plane was out of sight, he knew Donovan would keep his back to the strip.
From L'Turu, I heard that until about 1850 the people of this island -- which was about the size of Guam or smaller -- had been of both sexes, and that the normal family life of Melanesian tribes was observed here with minor variations.
From the convulsive quivers of the man's shoulders it was plain he had resumed the weeping.
From high in the tree, the whole block lay within range of the eye, but the ground was almost nowhere visible.
From being a hated tyrant and madman he was now the symbol of all that was noblest and best in the history of Sweden.
From the night of August 30 to the morning of September 2 there was no Union cavalry east of the Macon railway to disclose to Sherman that he was missing the greatest opportunity of his career.
From the outset, she must have realized that marriage with him was out of the question, and although she was displeased by the `` unwarrantable '' interference, it seems probable that she did agree with her mother's suggestion that the poet was `` perhaps '' a man `` most fitted to live & die solitary, & in the love only of the Highest Lover ''.
From his first bout with the canny Woodruff, Pike had learned that it was better not to attack him directly, so, harping on the theme that the cost of printing was too high, he condemned the governor for permitting such a state of affairs to exist.
From the point of view of popularity the best-known member of the Commission was Walter Camp, the Yale athlete whose sobriquet was `` the father of American football ''.
From the east to the west coast of the Korean peninsula was a strip of land in which fear-filled men were at that same moment furtively crawling through the night, sitting in sweaty anticipation of any movement or sound, or shouting amidst confused rifle flashes and muzzle blasts.
From the outside it was an ordinary enough house of the gentry.
From there on, each Junior was going to be judged individually.
From proud pool-owners to perpetual hosts and handymen was a short step -- no more than the change from city clothes to trunks.
From what I was able to gauge in a swift, greedy glance, the figure inside the coral-colored boucle dress was stupefying.
From these dosage isopleths it can be seen that an area of over 34,000 square miles was covered.

From and able
From his fort at Athelney, an island in the marshes near North Petherton, Alfred was able to mount an effective resistance movement, rallying the local militias from Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire.
From 1419, he fought alongside his father, soon gaining fame for being able to bend metal bars with his bare hands.
From 1881, he was able to try out his new orchestral works with the court orchestra of the Duke of Meiningen, whose conductor was Hans von Bülow.
From Quso, the FBI was able to establish an al-Qaeda link to the attacks.
From spectroscopic data, he was able to determine the upper limit of internal motions for open clusters, and could estimate that the total mass of these objects did not exceed several hundred times the mass of the Sun.
That reward is property, for of useful and active industry, property is the natural result .” From this simple reasoning he is able to present the conclusion that exclusive, as opposed to communal property, is to be preferred.
From this power base, his heir Ordoño II was able to organize attacks against Toledo and even Seville.
From that point the first responder is quickly able to identify those in need of immediate attention, while not being distracted or overwhelmed by the magnitude of the situation.
From 2002 the TAFE education sector has been able to offer Bachelor degrees and post-graduate diploma courses to fill niche areas, particularly vocationally focused areas of study based on industry needs.
" Still, he was able to give a relatively detailed description of its constitution: From the time of Ine the Witan was composed of the aristocratic élite created by monarchy.
From the Middle East, India, Persia, and Central Asia the Tang were able to acquire new ideas in fashion, new types of ceramics, and improved silver-smithing.
From his vantage point high above the pavement, the young Frenchman was able to watch street performers at work, an experience he later cited as proving influential on his later art.
From the beginning, event horses had to carry a minimum weight of ( including rider and saddle ) during the endurance test, since military horses were expected to be able to carry such weight.
From his days in magazine publishing, Jim Baen had a reputation for being able to recognize a gem in the rough and the ability to take a new author and nurture and train him up able to write salable material, and establish himself, which were some of the qualities desired by Simon and Schuster on their team.
In his 1989 Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity, Richard Rorty argues that Derrida ( especially in his book, The Post Card: From Socrates to Freud and Beyond ) purposefully uses words that cannot be defined ( e. g. Différance ), and uses previously definable words in contexts diverse enough to make understanding impossible, so that the reader will never be able to contextualize Derrida's literary self.
From the mid-1980s onward, some Awá moved to government-established settlements, but for the most part they were able to maintain their traditional way of life, living entirely off their forests, in nomadic groups of a few dozen people, with little or no contact with the outside world.
From these initial connections, Gelli was able to extend his network throughout the echelons of the Italian establishment.
From evidence found along the Mississippi, Comite, and Amite rivers, and in three Native American mounds remaining in the city, archaeologists have been able to date indigenous habitation of the Baton Rouge area to 8000 BC.
From the embryo released from an egg develops a hydatid cyst, which grows to about 5 – 10 cm within the first year and is able to survive within organs for years.
For instance, in 1966, John A. Wilson, professor of Egyptology at the University of Chicago, wrote, " From time to time there are allegations that picture writing has been found in America … In no case has a professional Egyptologist been able to recognize these characters as Egyptian hieroglyphs.
From then on the film was directed by Eastwood himself with Daley second in command, but with Kaufman's planning already in place, the team were able to finish making the film efficiently.
From this, Post was able to derive the following definition of inconsistency without the use of the notion of contradiction:

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