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From and Manila
From 1565 on, Spanish and Brunei forces engaged in a number of naval skirmishes, and in 1571 the Spanish succeeded in capturing Manila from the Brunei aristocracy that had been established there.
From Laguna de Bay, it enters Taguig, and flows east-west through Pateros, Pasig, Makati, Mandaluyong and Manila before draining in Manila Bay.
From 1663 to 1718, an interregnum of peace reigned because the Spanish troops were ordered to abandon the Zamboanga Peninsula, and all of the forts south of that-and then regroup in Manila to prepare for the impending attack of Koxinga-and attack that was never carried out.
From that site he launched two successive attacks against Manila, commanded either by Limahong himself or the Japanese Sioco.
From there they were conducted along the provinces of Bataan and Pampanga until they reached Manila on the 5th of May.
From Manila, the Katipunan expanded into several provinces, including Batangas, Laguna, Cavite, Bulacan, Pampanga, and Nueva Ecija.
From 1977 to 1987, she held teaching positions in several schools, notably the University of the Philippines and the Ateneo de Manila University.
* How To Get To Puerto Galera From Manila Or Clark Airport
From Borongan City, buses ply to Manila.
From its inception, OPM has been centered in Manila, where Tagalog, and English are the dominant languages.
From the late 1560s until 1813, the annual Manila Galleon took Mexican silver from the port of Acapulco across the Pacific Ocean to Manila, in exchange for Chinese silks and porcelain from Canton.
From this rank he became second mate in 1821, and in 1825 as master of the Nile he sailed for Manila, Philippine Islands.
From Manila the Nile went to China, thence to California, and from there to Buenos Aires, South America ; and thence to Boston at the end of a long and successful trading voyage.
From the institutions that moved out, the site of Ateneo Municipal de Manila ( Ateneo de Manila University ) is now occupied by the Clamshell 1, and BF Condominiums occupies the site of the old UST campus.
From 1960 to 1965, he retained his title against Piero Rollo, Ramon Arias ( in Caracas, Venezuela ), Johnny Caldwell, Herman Marques, Jose Medel, Katsuyoshi Aoki ( in Tokyo ), Johnny Jamito ( in Manila ) and Bernardo Caraballo ( in Bogotá, Colombia ).
From its summit one can see the full breadth of the island of Luzon, and a view of Manila located away.
From Manila, they relocated to Sydney to release their first single in June, " Without You ", which peaked into the top 40 on the Kent Music Report singles chart.
* From Manila or Cebu to Davao City as transit point, Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Airphil Express ply the Manila-Davao-Manila ( approx.
* From Manila or Cebu to Butuan City as transit point, Philippine Airlines, Airphil Express and Cebu Pacific ply these routes three times a week.
From Manila via Calambâ, a bus will take you to Santa Cruz, Laguna.
From Manila the popular route going to San Antonio is by NLEX exiting at San Simon and head on to Gapan-Olongapo Road turning right towards Arayat, Pampanga.

From and South
From the most northerly point, Ras ben Sakka in Tunisia, in 37 ° 21 ′ N, to the most southerly point, Cape Agulhas in South Africa, 34 ° 51 ′ 15 ″ S, is a distance approximately of ; from Cape Verde, 17 ° 33 ′ 22 ″ W, the westernmost point, to Ras Hafun in Somalia, 51 ° 27 ′ 52 ″ E, the most easterly projection, is a distance ( also approximately ) of.
From the fort, the Bonnburg, as well as from a new medieval settlement to the South centred around what later became the minster, grew the medieval city of Bonn.
The Bronx's evolution from a hot bed of Latin jazz to an incubator of hip hop was the subject of an award-winning documentary, produced by City Lore and broadcast on PBS in 2006, " From Mambo to Hip Hop: A South Bronx Tale ".
From the mid-1970s the ( now loss-making ) British Steel pursued a strategy of concentrating steelmaking in five areas: South Wales, South Yorkshire, Scunthorpe, Teesside and Scotland.
From 1778 a display of objects from the South Seas brought back from the round-the-world voyages of Captain James Cook and the travels of other explorers fascinated visitors with a glimpse of previously unknown lands.
From its inception, BJU has been located in the South " but has never had a predominantly southern constituency.
From the inception of Bob Jones College, a majority of students and faculty were northerners, and therefore many were already Republicans living in the " Solid South.
From the Middle East mail was quickly adopted in Central Asia by the Sogdians and by India in the South.
From Woodside to near Sandilands ( routes 1, 2 and 4 ) and from near Sandilands almost to Lloyd Park ( route 3 ) Tramlink follows the former Woodside and South Croydon Railway, including the Park Hill ( or Sandilands ) tunnels.
From 1967 until 1978, Mountbatten became president of the United World Colleges Organisation, then represented by a single college: that of Atlantic College in South Wales.
From 1890 – 1908, Democrats passed new constitutions and statutes in the South that created requirements for voter registration and voting that effectively disfranchised most blacks and tens of thousands of poor whites.
From 1924, HMBB became the exclusive supplier of car bodies for GM in Australia, with manufacturing taking place at the new Woodville, South Australia plant.
From the 6th century AD until 771, the area around modern-day Hastings, as the territory of the Haestingas tribe, considered itself to be a separate Kingdom from the surrounding Kingdoms of Suth Saxe (" South Saxons ", i. e. Sussex ) and Kent, and attempted to retain its separate cultural identity until the 11th century.
From the scientific discovery which has been a silent evidence, it has pointed out that the South East Asian civilizations are a of much older civilization compared to the widely researched and well documented east Asians ' ancient civilisations Dong Son culture spread to Indonesia bringing with it techniques of wet-field rice cultivation, ritual buffalo sacrifice, bronze casting, megalithic practises, and ikat weaving methods.
From Tradition to Consumption: Construction of a Capitalist Culture in South Korea.
From a political standpoint, the Whig Party had been in decline in the South because of the effectiveness with which the Democrats had hammered Whigs over slavery issues.
From 1782-1810, the number and percentage of free blacks in the Upper South increased from less than one percent to 13. 5 %.
From 2008 to 2009, the bodyline controversy was a topic in the New South Wales Higher School Certificate as part of the preliminary ( Year 11 ) Modern History syllabus.
From 1849 – 52, the Mormons greatly expanded their missionary efforts, establishing several missions in Europe, Latin America, and the South Pacific.
Malawians were viewed as important workers in the South African mines due to their " skills, work discipline and lack of militancy " From 1988 to 1992, around 13, 000 Malawian migrant laborers were forcefully repatriated out of South Africa.
From the communist era Poland inherited an underdeveloped and outmoded system of telephones, with some areas ( e. g. in the extreme South East ) being served by manual exchanges.
From these contacts the Paraguayans came to realize that Spanish dominance in South America was coming to an end, and that they, and not the Spaniards, held the real power.
From Roh Tae-woo's administration to Roh Moo Hyun's administration, South Korea sought to establish an American partnership, which has made the Seoul – Washington relationship subject to some strains.

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