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from Brown Corpus
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From and New
From next New Year's Day let us keep careful account of each successive fatality on the highways, publicizing it on all media of communication.
The American part of the evening consisted of Paul Creston's Dance Overture, William Schuman's `` Chester '' From `` New England Triptych '' and two works of Wallingford Riegger, Dance Rhythms, Op. 58, and a Romanza For Strings, Op. 56A.
" Coherence and Incoherence in Historical Studies: From the Annales School to the New Cultural History ," New Literary History, olume 35, Number 2, Spring 2004, pp. 207 – 231 in Project Muse
A New Kind of History From the Writings of Lucien Febvre, ( 1973 )
A New Kind of History: From the Writings of Lucien Febvre ed.
From then on retail trade is only restricted on public holidays ( New Years Day, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Day of Prayer, Ascension Day, Whit Sunday, Whit Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day ) and on Constitution Day, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve ( on New Year's Eve from 3 pm only ).
Other roles for Campbell included the Michael Crichton adaptation Congo, the film version of McHale's Navy, and Escape From L. A., the sequel to John Carpenter's Escape From New York.
*" 30-Passenger Airliner Disappears In Flight From San Juan To Miami ", The New York Times, December 29, 1948.
*" Distress Signal Heard From American Sailor Missing For 17 Days ", The New York Times, October 31, 1976.
From New York City these agricultural products could easily be shipped to other U. S. states or to Europe, etc.
From there he led an army over the Andes and captured New Granada after a quick campaign that ended at the Battle of Boyacá, on August 7, 1819.
From October 1840 until January 1843 he was in Paris, busy with the treasures of the Bibliothèque Nationale, eking out his scanty means by making collations for other scholars, and producing for the publisher, Firmin Didot, several editions of the Greek New Testament — one of them exhibiting the form of the text corresponding most closely to the Vulgate.
* From the New Deal to the New Right: race and the southern origins of modern conservatism / Joseph E Lowndes., 2008
From the PhysicsWorld. org news article " New tests of the Copernican Principle proposed ,"
From 1870 the clipper trade increasingly focused on trade and the carrying of immigrants between England and Australia and New Zealand, a trade that had begun earlier with the Australian Gold Rush in the 1850s.
Originally presented with an opportunity to rock out Dvořák's Symphony No. 9 " From the New World " by their new stereophonic label, the band instead forged ahead to unify their own orchestral-based threads of a day in the life of a common man.
From north to south, these three counties are New Castle, Kent, and Sussex.
From 1703-1738, New York and New Jersey shared a governor.

From and Jersey
From 1972 to 1999, Exxon was the corporate name of the company previously known as Standard Oil Company of New Jersey or Jersey Standard.
From 2005 to 2011, there were protracted dealings between Jersey and the United Kingdom over Jersey's " zero-ten " tax regime and whether it would be acceptable to the European Union.
From New Jersey to Alaska, gigs took place and the fans were treated to " meet and greet " sessions after each show.
From Cape May, U. S. 9 runs north parallel to the Garden State Parkway, through the Atlantic City suburbs, until joining it briefly to cross the Mullica River estuary in the Pine Barrens region of Southern New Jersey.
From north to south, it is linked to Warren, Hunterdon, Mercer and Burlington Counties in New Jersey by bridges.
From there, officials would request charters from New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania for creation of the highway.
From here, Route 32 enters Monroe Township and begins serving Interchange 8A on the New Jersey Turnpike.
From 1985 through April 2008, CRDA spent US $ 1. 5 billion on projects in Atlantic City and US $ 300 million throughout New Jersey.
From milepost 2. 07 to its eastern terminus, Route 57 is designated a scenic byway, the Warren Heritage Scenic Byway, by the state of New Jersey due to its mountain and valley scenery, historic districts, and the adjacent Morris Canal, which was built in 1831 and had the greatest elevation change among all canals across the world.
From there, travelers use U. S. 1 or Interstate 195 and the New Jersey Turnpike to reach the next major destination northwards, New York City.
Cranbury: A New Jersey Town From the Colonial Era to the Present ( Rivergate Books / Rutgers University Press ; 2012 ) 272 pages
From 1854 to 1956 Springwater was served by the New York ( Jersey City ) to Rochester Main Line of the Erie Railroad.
From this site, General George Washington and men of the Continental Army and militia crossed the Delaware River on the night of December 25 – 26, 1776 and marched to Trenton, New Jersey.
Kluge A Call From Jersey.
Called The Boys From The Music House, the band consisted of 4 talented young boys from New Jersey.
From 1988 to 1989 Sly Stone wrote and produced a collection of unreleased recordings in his home studio in New Jersey, " Coming Back for More " and " Just Like A Teeter-Totter " are a part of that collection of about 20 songs.
From 1960-64 Andre worked as freight brakeman and conductor in New Jersey for the Pennsylvania Railroad.
From 1979 to 1987, Olmos lived in West New York, New Jersey.
From 1953 to 1955, he worked at Bell Telephone Laboratories, in Murray Hill, New Jersey, and lectured at Newark College of Engineering.
From 1988 to 1990 she served as President of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities in the cabinet of Gov.
From shortly before February 29, 2008, outdoor scenes were shot on location in Peapack, New Jersey.
From 1928 to 1930, Morley co-produced theater productions ( dramas ) at his theater in Hoboken, New Jersey, which he had " deemed the last seacoast in Bohemia ".

From and Morgan
From 1977-1978, Jones wrote and drew the syndicated comic strip Crawford ( also known as Crawford & Morgan ) for the Chicago Tribune-NY News Syndicate.
From left: Bennett Cerf, Henry Morgan ( comedian ) | Henry Morgan, Robert Q. Lewis, Joan Fontaine, Betty White, and Peggy Cass.
From its Romanticist usage, the notion of the bard as a minstrel with qualities of a priest, magician or seer also entered the fantasy genre in the 1960s to 1980s, for example as the " Bard " class in Dungeons & Dragons, Bard by Keith Taylor ( 1981 ), Bard: The Odyssey of the Irish by Morgan Llywelyn ( 1984 ), and in video games in fantasy settings such as The Bard's Tale ( 1985 ).
There is Calhoun County School System Unit, Calhoun County High / Middle School Which Serves Entirely Calhoun County Some Students From Cities of Arlington, Edison, Leary, and Morgan.
From " Opus 6 " by Emanuel Morgan:
From 1860 to 1864, as J. Pierpont Morgan & Company, he acted as agent in New York for his father's firm.
Several DuMont programs were produced from WGN-TV's facilities, including: The Al Morgan Show ; Chicago Symphony ; Chicagoland Mystery Players ; Music From Chicago ; The Music Show ; They Stand Accused ; This is Music ; Windy City Jamboree ; and Down You Go.
From 1984 to 1988, a revival strip with Felix the Cat, Betty Boop and Felix, was produced by Mort Walker's sons Brian, Neal, Greg, and Morgan.
From early 2006 McCall also fronted her own prime-time chat show on BBC One called Davina, featuring guests such as Pierce Brosnan, Gordon Ramsay, Dawn French and Piers Morgan.
From the very beginning, Macy's logo has included a star in one form or another, which comes from a tattoo that Macy got as a teenager when he worked on a Nantucket whaling ship, the Emily Morgan.
* Asylum ( From 1991 )-Adams Morgan / U Street-alternative rock, electronic
From this sprang an unprecedented " linguistic plurality " of styles, techniques, and expression ( Morgan 1984, 458 ).
From 1956 to 1960, along with NBC Radio newsman, Morgan Beatty, Hall co-hosted the Saturday night segment of the NBC Radio Network weekend program Monitor from 8 PM until midnight ( which time zone?
From there Miles went to Springfield, James to New London, Connecticut and John Morgan to Virginia.
From to, Morgan served as an announcer for ABC, where he helped announce Monday Night and Thursday Night Baseball games ( providing backup for the lead announcing crew composed of Al Michaels, Tim McCarver and Jim Palmer ), the 1988 American League Championship Series with Gary Bender and Reggie Jackson, and served as a field reporter for the 1989 World Series along with Gary Thorne.
From to, Morgan teamed with Bob Costas and ( until ) Bob Uecker to call baseball games on NBC ( and in association with The Baseball Network from 1994 to ).
From May 2003 to September 2004 Morgan was the SNP's Scottish Parliamentary Group Convener.
From the 1940s until their deaths, Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt and her sister Lady Furness lived together in New York City and in Los Angeles, California.
From 5 pm to 11 pm, hundreds of writers are gathered together in the Julia Morgan Ballroom to eat, chat, exchange excerpts, enter raffle contests, listen to speeches, meet the staff, but most of all, to write.
From 1954 to 1956, he appeared as Earl Morgan, the deadbeat brother, always concocting " get-rich-quick " shemes, of the character Amy Morgan, played by Frances Bavier, in the NBC sitcom It's a Great Life.
From the time of its inception, Emu Park was the hedonistic playground of the Rockhampton social set and well-heeled gold miners from Mount Morgan, who used their considerable influence to lobby the Queensland Government for a rail link to the fledgling seaside town.
* Koskinen, I, Zimmerman, J, Binder, T, Redström, J, Wensveen, S ( 2011 ) Design Research Through Practice: From the Lab, Field, and Showroom, Waltham, MA: Morgan Kaufmann.

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