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From and base
From the beginning, Colangelo wanted to market the Diamondbacks to a statewide fan base and not limit fan appeal to Phoenix and its suburbs.
From the late 1820s until the mid 1960s, Arapawa Island was a base for whaling in the Sounds.
From 1940 to 1943, the Italian Royal Navy ( Regia Marina Italiana ) established BETASOM, a submarine base at Bordeaux.
From the earliest settlement of the Cayman Islands, economic activity was hindered by isolation and a limited natural resource base.
From 1827 to 1843, Britain established a base on the island to combat the slave trade.
From 1615 to 1638, Jan Mayen was used as a whaling base by the Dutch Noordsche Compagnie, which had been given a monopoly on whaling in the Arctic regions by the States General in 1614.
From the 16th century onwards there were elaborate knot gardens in the base court.
From 1609 onwards, they had a territorial base in the vicinity, the Duchy of Cleves, the starting-point of the future Prussian Rhineland.
They prospected south along the Baiyer River to its junction with the Maramuni and Tarua Rivers, where they established a palisaded forward camp naming the place ‘ Akmana Junction .’ From this base they prospected along the Maramuni River and its tributaries, again without success.
From his base in Montreal, Trudeau took control of the Liberal Party and became a charismatic leader, inspiring " Trudeaumania ".
From the base to the highest point is 163 feet (.
From this power base, his heir Ordoño II was able to organize attacks against Toledo and even Seville.
From this base, Sulayman Pasha managed to take control of the whole country of Yemen, also taking Sa ' na.
At that point, Symbolics began using their own copy of the software, located on their company servers — while Stallman says that Symbolics did that to prevent its Lisp improvements from flowing to Lisp Machines, Inc. From that base, Symbolics made extensive improvements to every part of the software, and continued to deliver almost all the source code to their customers ( including MIT ).
< imagemap > File: 1940s decade montage. png | Above title bar: events during World War II ( 1939 1945 ): From left to right: Troops in an LCVP landing craft approaching " Omaha " Beach on " D-Day "; Adolf Hitler visits Paris, soon after the Battle of France ; The Holocaust occurred during the war as Nazi Germany carried out a programme of systematic state-sponsored genocide, during which approximately six million European Jews were killed ; The Japanese attack on the American naval base of Pearl Harbor launches the United States into the war ; An Observer Corps spotter scans the skies of London during the Battle of Britain ; The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the first uses of nuclear weapons, killing over a quarter million people and leading to the Japanese surrender ; Japanese Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu signs the Instrument of Surrender on behalf of the Japanese Government, on board USS Missouri, effectively ending the war.
From their base at Ani, the brothers surged ahead into the central Armenian lands, reclaiming one after another fortress and district from local Muslim dynasts: Bjni was taken in 1201 and Dvin fell in 1203.
From this time the pirates increasingly made the Bahamian capitol of Nassau, founded in 1694, their base.
From its base down to Wilhelmshöhe Palace runs a long set of artificial cascades which delight visitors during the summer months.
From his power base in central Bhutan, Ugyen Wangchuck had defeated his political enemies and united the country following several civil wars and rebellions in 1882-85.
From a near-zero customer base Manco eventually controlled 40 % of the duct tape market in the US.
From its beginning, the main feature of the metric system was the standard set of inter-related base units and a standard set of prefixes in powers of ten.
From this base, they acquired political power initially in Florence and later in wider Italy and Europe.
From this base, the mixed Varangian-Slavic population ( known as the Rus ) launched several expeditions against Constantinople.
From this base, further missions were established at Lichtenfels ( 1748 ), Lichtenau ( 1774 ), Friedrichsthal ( 1824 ), Umanak ( 1861 ), and Idlorpait ( 1864 ), before they were discontinued in 1900 and folded into the Lutheran Church of Denmark.

From and 90
From 135, 000 to 90, 000 years ago tropical Africa had megadroughts which drove the humans from the land towards the sea shores and forced them to cross over to other continents. The researchers used radiocarbon dating techniques on pollen grains trapped in lake bottom mud to establish vegetation over the ages of the Malawi lake in Africa.
From a computation based on 1672 analyses of numerous kinds of rocks Clarke arrived at the following as the average percentage composition: SiO < sub > 2 </ sub >= 59. 71, Al < sub > 2 </ sub > O < sub > 3 </ sub >= 15. 41, Fe < sub > 2 </ sub > O < sub > 3 </ sub >= 2. 63, FeO = 3. 52, MgO = 4. 36, CaO = 4. 90, Na < sub > 2 </ sub > O = 3. 55, K < sub > 2 </ sub > O = 2. 80, H < sub > 2 </ sub > O = 1. 52, TiO < sub > 2 </ sub >= 0. 60, P < sub > 2 </ sub > O < sub > 5 </ sub >= 0. 22, total 99. 22 %).
From 1925 until his mother's death at age 90 on 11 March 1945, Forster lived with her at West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, finally leaving on or around 23 September 1946.
From his adopted home in Toronto, Canada, Koss directs seven regional Right To Play offices in Europe and North America with 64 paid staff and 90 volunteers.
From 1960 to 1963, 90 Atlas sites were constructed in Nebraska.
From early September 2005 to early December 2005, they ran the " New Waveland Cafe and Clinic " located in the parking lot of Fred's Dept Store on Highway 90.
* From Interstate 75, Exit at either 90 ( northbound ) or 90A ( southbound ) Richmond / Irvine.
* End of the 1989 / 90 financial year: From here on, passengers on scheduled services consistently outnumbered those on non-scheduled services at Gatwick.
From June 2000 to March 2001 she was co-chair of Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen on the national level, together with Fritz Kuhn.
The racial and ethnic make-up of the population was 90. 8 % non-Hispanic white, 0. 7 % black or African American, 4. 7 % Native American, 0. 4 % Asian, 0. 5 % From some other race, 2. 1 % of two or more races and 1. 89 % Hispanic or Latino of any race.
From early September to early December 2005, they ran the " New Waveland Cafe & Clinic " located in the parking lot of Fred's Dept Store on Highway 90.
From 26 October 1939, following the end of the invasion of Poland, Frank was assigned Governor-General of the occupied Polish territories ( Generalgouverneur für die besetzten polnischen Gebiete ), controlling the General Government, the area of Poland not directly incorporated into Germany ( roughly 90, 000 km² out of the 187, 000 km² Germany had gained ).
From its peak in the 1920s, Braddock has since lost 90 % of its population.
From 1960 to 1980, the permanent residential population increased from about 10, 000 to greater than 50, 000, and the summer population grew from about 10, 000 to about 90, 000.
From a long distance T-64, T-72 and T-80 look alike even though the T-80 is 90 cm longer than the T-64.
From 1930 to 1937, Cadillac used a 452 CID ( 7. 4 L ), OHV motor with a 45 ° V. For 1938, a new 431 CID ( 7. 1 L ) design was introduced for the Series 90, with a flathead valvetrain and an angle of 135 °; this resulted in a much lower cowl height.
From its peak in the 1980s, the Leadbeater's possum population is expected to further decline rapidly, by as much as 90 %, due to a habitat bottleneck.
From a high of a fourth place league finish in 1989 90, Macclesfield Town's final standing diminished each season, and following a struggle against relegation in 1992 93, manager Peter Wragg was sacked, and replaced with former Manchester United midfielder Sammy McIlroy.
From the Betsy Ross Bridge, Route 90 heads to the southeast into Pennsauken Township, Camden County as a six-lane, freeway maintained by the Delaware River Port Authority, passing over residential areas as well as County Route 543 ( River Road ) and then featuring a toll plaza in the westbound direction.
From the, 1, 245 or 90. 3 % were Roman Catholic, while 78 or 5. 7 % belonged to the Swiss Reformed Church.
From Merce's death at age 90 through the Board's last meeting in 2012, the Legacy Plan implemented his wish that the Company complete a worldwide legacy tour and then close.
From 1976 to 1978 he hosted the television show 90 Minutes Live on CBC Television.
From left to right: 90 mm fragmentation shell, 120 mm pig iron incendiary shell, 77 / 14 model-75 mm high explosive shell, model 16 75 mm fragmentation shell
* Page, Doug ( 1997 ) From the Rarities Committee's files: problems presented by a pale Blyth's Pipit British Birds 90 ( 10 ): 404-409

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