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From and poll
From 1992, she began to combine her experience in business and finance with meditation, selling access to workshops and seminars on the topic and, by deed poll, changed her conventional, two-word name for the more esoteric Jasmuheen.
From 1890 to 1908, 10 Southern states wrote new constitutions with provisions that included literacy tests, poll taxes, and grandfather clauses that permitted otherwise disqualified voters whose grandfathers voted ( thus allowing some white illiterates to vote ), some with the aim and effect of re-imposing racially motivated restrictions on the voting process that disenfranchised blacks.
From 1959 to 1964 he won Down Beat's critic poll for flute.
From 1964 to 1972, four regional bowl games were played that led up to a wire service poll to determine the final champion of Division II's predecessor, the NCAA College Division.
From 1890 to 1908, 10 of the 11 former Confederate states passed disfranchising constitutions or amendments, with provisions for poll taxes, residency requirements, literacy tests, and grandfather clauses that effectively disfranchised most black voters and many poor whites.
* From 2004 on, the Latgalian language is the subject of the biggest sociolinguistic / ethnolinguistic poll in Europe, held by the Rēzekne Augstskola and the Centre d ' Étude Linguistiques Pour l ' Europe.
From 1973 through 1988 the magazine chose not only NFL MVPs but the top player at each position in the NFL, which was an editorial choice that was ahead of its time and involved a poll of the players.
From 1890 to 1908, most of the Southern states, starting with Mississippi, created new constitutions with further provisions: poll taxes, literacy and understanding tests, and increased residency requirements, that effectively disfranchised most blacks and many poor whites.
From that year through the 1962 season TSN's All-America team was picked by a poll of sportswriters.
From this project, it was able to confirm that twins and their families are representative of the population and that a poll of their opinions would be more accurate than polls in the newspaper.
From 1890 – 1908 states of the former Confederacy passed statutes and amendments to their state constitutions that effectively disfranchised most blacks and tens of thousands of poor whites in the South through devices such as residency requirements, poll taxes, and literacy tests.

From and conducted
From 1 July 1960 through 31 January 1961, six courses were conducted: Workshop in Resident Training in Pathology, Pathology of Diseases of Laboratory Animals, Application of Histochemistry of Pathology, Orthopedic Pathology, Forensic Sciences Symposium, and Forensic Pathology.
From the various experiments they conducted, the researchers found a correlation between the passage of V. cholerae through the human digestive system and an increased infectivity state.
From May 1934 until October 1935, Armstrong conducted the first large scale field tests of his FM radio technology from a laboratory constructed by RCA on the 85th floor of the Empire State Building.
From 1946 to 1958, as the site of the Pacific Proving Grounds, the U. S. tested 67 nuclear weapons in the Marshall Islands, including the largest nuclear test the U. S. ever conducted, Castle Bravo.
From 1995 through March 2004, Phoenix conducted observations at the 64-meter Parkes radio telescope in Australia, the radio telescope of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia, and the radio telescope at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.
From 1782 to 1802, and most intensively from 1783 to 1790, Herschel conducted systematic surveys in search of " deep sky " or nonstellar objects with two, and telescopes ( in combination with his favoured 6-inch aperture instrument ).
From 1965 to 1967, Turnbull and Towles conducted fieldwork among the Ik of Northern Uganda in Africa.
From October 1401, the administration was conducted in his name.
From 1101 to 1118, attacks and sieges were made on the fortresses, conducted by combined forces of Seljuk, Berkyaruq, and Sanjar.
From the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle it is known that the planning for the survey was conducted in 1085, and from the colophon of the book it is known that the survey was completed in 1086.
From then on, he conducted at many different occasions, but mainly during grand tours of various countries where he was paid handsomely for visiting.
From there, they were conducted by various guides to the houses of Cavell, Louis Séverin and others in Brussels, and furnished by them with money to reach the Dutch frontier and with guides obtained through Phillipe Baucq.
From here, sound waves are conducted through a short perilymphatic duct to a second opening, the round window, which equalizes pressure, allowing the incompressible fluid to move freely.
From 1961 to 1964, Jagan was confronted with a destabilization campaign conducted by the PNC and UF.
From this base, the battalion conducted combined operations with various French forces against the German Afrika Korps in Tunisia.
From 2004 to 2006, Stephen B. Plank and colleagues from John Hopkins University conducted a correlational study to determine the degree to which the physical appearance of the school and classroom setting influence student behavior, particularly in respect to the variables concerned in their study: fear, social disorder, and collective efficacy.
The first movement of this symphony, named " 2, 000, 000, 000 Light Years From Home " premiered in St. Louis performed by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra conducted by David Robertson on November 13, 2008.
From 1852 to 1854, Joseph Hekekyan, then working for the Egyptian government, conducted geological surveys on the site, and on these occasions made a number of discoveries, such as those at Kom el-Khanzir ( northeast of the great temple of Ptah ).
From this viewpoint, Richard's paradox results from treating a construction in the metatheory ( the enumeration of all statements in the original system that define real numbers ) as if that construction could be conducted in the original system.
From 1914 to 1926, he conducted the orchestra of Musikforeningen or the Music Society.
From 1734 at the age of six Adam attended the Royal High School, Edinburgh where he learned Latin ( from the second year lessons were conducted in Latin ) until he was fifteen, he was taught to read works by Virgil, Horace, Sallust and parts of Cicero and in his final year Livy.
From 1832 to 1834 Theodore Parker conducted a private school here and his name is still preserved in the Parker School, though the building no longer operates as a public school.
From late 1997 until early 1998, a thorough archaeological survey of the site was conducted.
From there local caiques, Greek owned, Turkish owned and even Turkish-Greek owned, conducted a thriving trade.

From and American
From the point of view of popularity the best-known member of the Commission was Walter Camp, the Yale athlete whose sobriquet was `` the father of American football ''.
From all this we can now see that two streams of development run through the history of twentieth-century American folklore.
The American part of the evening consisted of Paul Creston's Dance Overture, William Schuman's `` Chester '' From `` New England Triptych '' and two works of Wallingford Riegger, Dance Rhythms, Op. 58, and a Romanza For Strings, Op. 56A.
From the American Civil War until World War II, Alabama, like many Southern states, suffered economic hardship, in part because of continued dependence on agriculture.
From its beginnings in the early 19th century through the early 20th century, anthropology in the United States was influenced by the presence of Native American societies.
" From sea to shining sea " is an American idiom meaning from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean ( or vice versa ).
On the debate of what it means to be disabled, American poet Joan Aleshire stated in the book Voices From the Edge:
From this the legend of Pocahontas sprang forth, becoming part of American folklore, children's books, and movies.
From a geostructural perspective the Azores is located above an active triple junction between three of the world's large tectonic plates ( the North American Plate, the Eurasian Plate and the African Plate ), a condition that has translated into the existence of many faults and fractures in this region of the Atlantic.
North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment: From Prehistory to the Present.
From May 1943 onwards there was very close cooperation between the British and American military intelligence organisations.
*" Distress Signal Heard From American Sailor Missing For 17 Days ", The New York Times, October 31, 1976.
From the 1963 season, Brabham was partnered by American driver Dan Gurney, the pair now running in Australia's racing colours of green and gold.
From a popular perspective, the term Chicano became widely visible outside of Chicano communities during the American civil rights movement.
From 1890 on, he had a friend and admirer in Judge Francis C. Russell of Chicago, who introduced Peirce to editor Paul Carus and owner Edward C. Hegeler of the pioneering American philosophy journal The Monist, which eventually published articles by Peirce, at least 14.
From 1839, larger American clipper ships started to be built beginning with the Akbar, 650 tons OM, in 1839, and including the 1844-built Houqua, 581 tons OM.
From 1851 or earlier another type of clipper ship was also being built in American shipyards, the medium clipper.
From 1859 a new design was developed for British clipper ships that was nothing like the American clippers.
From the spring of 1813 until March 1815 about 6500 American sailors were imprisoned at Dartmoor.
In 1971, American novelist Frank Yerby published The Man From Dahomey, a historical novel set partially in Dahomey.
From 1909 a small number of American films, and even one or two European ones, came to include a few dialogue titles, or " spoken titles " as they were called at the time.
From 1898 American producer Charles Urban expanded the London-based Warwick Trading Company to produce British films, mostly documentary and news.
Works such as Marjorie Rosen ’ s Popcorn Venus: Women, Movies, and the American Dream ( 1973 ) and Molly Haskell ’ s From Reverence to Rape: The Treatment of Women in Movies ( 1974 ) analyze how the women portrayed in film related to the broader historical context, the stereotypes depicted, the extent to which the women were shown as active or passive, and the amount of screen time given to women.
* Freedom From Fear: The American People in Depression and War, 1929 – 1945, a Pulitzer-winning history of the era.

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