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From and sociological
From a sociological point of view, Danielle Lindemann has noted the " embattled purity regime " in which many pro-dommes emphasise their specialist knowledge and professional skills, while distancing themselves from economic criteria for success, in a way which is comparable to avant-garde artists.
From a sociological, cultural or philosophical perspective, the question becomes, to what extent ideologies maintain and impose conceptual patterns of thought by introducing, supporting, and adapting fundamental patterns of thinking metaphorically.
From the late 1980s, sociological and psychological theories have been connected with the term socialization.
From then on, all Africans were considered Portuguese citizens, and racial discrimination became a sociological rather than a legal feature of colonial society.
From 1908 till the outbreak of the war Dr. Rivers was mainly preoccupied with ethnological and sociological problems.
From these foundations in Western philosophy arose Enlightenment social contract theory, sociological positivism, and modern social science.
From childhood friendships and teen pregnancy to criminology and counter-terrorism, theories of social complexity are being applied in almost all areas of sociological research.
From the perspective of the 1960s counter-culture revolution, John Markoff, in his book What the Dormouse Said, also follows Englebart's persistence in creating ARC as not only a collection of talented off-beat engineers working in direct contrast to the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory nearby, but also as a sociological experiment that constructed and tested methods for group creation and design.
From the little documentation that exists, it is understood that the concept of intersectionality came to the forefront of sociological circles in the late 1960s and early 1970s in conjunction with the multiracial feminist movement.
From February to November 2008, SSRC President Craig Calhoun had a podcast series entitled Societas, looking at the 2008 U. S. presidential race from a sociological perspective.
" From a sociological perspective, one critic has called the publication " the mass media equivalent of outreach in the skate park.

From and demographic
From the mid-13th century on no more charters were granted, as the demographic pressure had disappeared and other means of repopulation were created.
From decades of research he made estimates for the pre-contact population and the history of demographic decline during the Spanish and post-Spanish periods.
From settlement until the 19th century, the largest demographic group remained White Anglo-Saxons.
" From an economic standpoint, Twister does not exclude any socioeconomic demographic, and has very little cultural resistance, seeing as it can be easily understood globally by all cultures.
From 2002 to 2010, Burger King aggressively targeted the 18 – 34 male demographic with larger products that often carried correspondingly large amounts of unhealthy fats and trans-fats.
From 1820, the cost of such expansionism led the state to increase its exploitation of forced labor at the expense of agricultural production and thus transformed it into a negative demographic force.
From the 1990s, the breakup of the traditional family unit, when combined with a low interest rate environment and other demographic changes, has created great pressure on the housing market, in particular regarding the accommodation of key workers such as nurses, other emergency service workers and teachers, who are priced out of most housing, especially in the South East.
From inception, Virginia Slims have been designed and marketed as a female-oriented fashion brand, generally targeted towards a younger demographic ( 18-35 year olds ).
From 1940 and until 1980, Greater Mexico City experienced an intense rate of demographic growth concurrent with the economic policy of import substitution.
From the Geist and Lambin ( 2002 ) study described in the previous section, the underlying driving forces were prioritized as follows ( with the percent of the 152 cases the factor played a significant role in ): economic factors ( 81 %), institutional or policy factors ( 78 %), technological factors ( 70 %), cultural or socio-political factors ( 66 %), and demographic factors ( 61 %).
From the death of Balinganga up to the arrival of Legaspi in 1570, several successors has ruled the province of Aklan and the seat of the government was transferred to different places due to demographic movement and the exigency of time.
From KJZZ's perspective its designated market area has about the lowest percentage of African American demographic for any DMA in the United States.
From its inception, the station competed fiercely for ratings with heritage competitor KSFM for the very lucrative 18 – 34 female demographic.
From Summer ' 05 to Winter ' 06, " Tower 98-3 " saw its best ratings, defeating rival WVKS in the 18-34 demographic.

From and perspective
From the other perspective, Alcott's unique teaching ideas created an environment which produced two famous daughters in different fields, in a time when women were not commonly encouraged to have independent careers.
From a modern perspective these figures may seem small, but in the world of Greek city-states Athens was huge: most of the thousand or so Greek cities could only muster 1000 – 1500 adult male citizens and Corinth, a major power, had at most 15, 000 but in some very seldom cases more.
From a subjective perspective, antipsychotics heavily influence one's perceptions of pleasurable sensations, causing a severe reduction in feelings of desire, motivation, pensive thought, and awe.
From a geostructural perspective the Azores is located above an active triple junction between three of the world's large tectonic plates ( the North American Plate, the Eurasian Plate and the African Plate ), a condition that has translated into the existence of many faults and fractures in this region of the Atlantic.
From an articulatory perspective this terminology is incorrect, as breathy voice is a different type of phonation from aspiration.
From one perspective, the copula always relates two things as subsets.
From a popular perspective, the term Chicano became widely visible outside of Chicano communities during the American civil rights movement.
From a geological perspective, it did not take long for mammals and birds to greatly diversify in the absence of the large reptiles that had dominated during the Mesozoic.
From the Orthodox perspective, Conservative Jews are considered just as Jewish as Orthodox Jews, but they are viewed as misguided, consistent violators of halakha.
From the time of Deng Xiaoping onwards, there has been a drift of focus towards a Marxist-inspired, moderated by Conficianism, nationalist perspective, and consideration of China's contemporary international status became of paramount importance in historical studies.
From this perspective, much literary critical theory, since it is focused on interpretation and explanation rather than on social transformation, would be regarded as positivistic or traditional rather than critical theory in the Kantian or Marxian sense.
From the perspective of the rotating frame, the additional force terms are experienced just like the real external forces and contribute to the apparent acceleration.
From the perspective of the developing world, the benefits of forest as carbon sinks or biodiversity reserves go primarily to richer developed nations and there is insufficient compensation for these services.
From this perspective, everyone speaks a dialect.
From a neurological perspective, different types of writing system, for example alphabetic as compared to logographic writing systems, require different neurological pathways in order to read, write and spell.
From a theoretical perspective, both tao and dao transliterations if pronounced according to English spelling conventions are equally close to, or far from, the Standard Chinese pronunciation of.
From another perspective, the farmer and the miller both reduce a risk and acquire a risk when they sign the futures contract: the farmer reduces the risk that the price of wheat will fall below the price specified in the contract and acquires the risk that the price of wheat will rise above the price specified in the contract ( thereby losing additional income that he could have earned ).
From a more advanced perspective, each of these definitions may be interpreted as giving the unique analytic continuation of e < sup > x </ sup > to the complex plane.
From a classical perspective, the electromagnetic field can be regarded as a smooth, continuous field, propagated in a wavelike manner ; whereas from the perspective of quantum field theory, the field is seen as quantized, being composed of individual particles.
From the Eastern Orthodox perspective, a council is accepted as being ecumenical if it is accepted by the Eastern Orthodox church at large – clergy, monks and assembly of believers.
From an economic perspective environmental laws may be understood as concerned with the prevention of present and future externalities, and preservation of common resources from individual exhaustion.
From a more modern perspective, Haeckel's drawings were the beginnings of the field of evolutionary developmental biology ( evo-devo ).
From the 1960s to present day educational psychology has switched from a behaviorist perspective to a more cognitive based perspective because of the influence and development of cognitive psychology at this time.

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