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From and basic
From this presumption it is an easy step to the conclusion that any observed increases in the basic wage rate must be due to union behavior different and more aggressive than assumed in our model.
From 1896 there was continuous litigation in the United States over the patents covering the basic mechanisms that made motion pictures possible.
From these two basic types, a few modern designs have been created, such as the Hohner CBH-2016 chromatic and the Suzuki Overdrive diatonic, which have complex covers that allow for specific functions not usually available in the traditional design.
From this same perspective, readers of alphabetic languages must understand the alphabetic principle to master basic reading skills.
From the basic assumptions of neoclassical economics comes a wide range of theories about various areas of economic activity.
From the end of 1938 onward to big Opel Blitz trucks had been powered by the same basic 3. 6 L engine used in the Admiral.
From this basic distinction, post-structuralist studies often emphasize history to analyze descriptive concepts.
From the time of Gaius Marius onwards, legionaries received 225 denarii a year ( equal to 900 Sestertii ); this basic rate remained unchanged until Domitian, who increased it to 300 denarii.
From this point forward all Jewish prayerbooks had the same basic order and contents.
From about the 1920s onwards, it was realised that tensors play a basic role in algebraic topology ( for example in the Künneth theorem ).
From this line of thought one may conclude that, as these conclusions violate our basic moral intuitions, no greater good theodicy is true, and God does not exist.
From 1968 to 1980, the bank concentrated on meeting the basic needs of people in the developing world.
From basic image filter theory the angular cutoff frequency and the characteristic impedance of a low-pass constant k filter are given by ;
From these basic equations the necessary loading coil inductance and coil spacing can be found ;
From the beginning, UEA had a Yearbook-Jarlibro-with basic information about the association and with the addresses of the delegates.
From the mid 50's he moved into singularity theory, of which catastrophe theory is just one aspect, and in a series of deep ( and at the time obscure ) papers between 1960 and 1969 developed the theory of stratified sets and stratified maps, proving a basic stratified isotopy theorem describing the local conical structure of Whitney stratified sets, now known as the Thom-Mather isotopy theorem.
From early in 1942, he had come to share two basic convictions with many military officers: that Germany was being led to disaster, and that Hitler's removal from power was necessary.
From these figures for the size of a Biblical ell, that of the basic unit — the fingerbreadth ( Etzba ) — can be calculated to be either 22 or 21 mm ; Jewish rabbinical sources approximate at either 20 mm, or according to Talmudic scholar Chazon Ish, 25 mm.
From 1994 – 97, the Sixers return to a more basic uniform design, featuring a more ornate lettering.
The economic policies of the anarchist collectives were primarily operated according to the basic communist principle of " From each according to his ability, to each according to his need ".
From the basic relation, the ( co ) boundaries lie inside the ( co ) cycles.
From this premise, it was reasoned that the transmutation of one metal into another could be affected by the rearrangement of its basic qualities.
From the above 4 basic multi-terminal channels, multiple access channel is the only one whose capacity region is known.
From 1988 to 1990, he completed basic training at the German German Aerospace Center, and was then nominated to be in the prime crew for the second German Spacelab mission.

From and functional
From Nial manual: " An operation is a functional object that is given an argument array and returns a result array.
From the point of view of functional analysis, calculus is the study of two linear operators: the differential operator, and the indefinite integral operator.
From a diagnostic standpoint, organic disorders were those held to be caused by physical illness affecting the brain ( that is, psychiatric disorders secondary to other conditions ), while functional disorders were considered to be disorders of the functioning of the mind in the absence of physical disorders ( that is, primary psychological or psychiatric disorders ).
From early on in his account of language, Halliday has argued that it is inherently functional.
From subdivision, styling, and Class A surfaces to mechanical functional surfaces.
From an evolutionary perspective, a convoluted structure such as the inverted retina can generally come about as a consequence of two alternative processes ; ( a ) an advantageous " good " compromise between competing functional limitations, or ( b ) as a historical maladaptive relic of the convoluted path of organ evolution and transformation.
From a functional point of view, therefore, non-Orthodox rabbis are valid leaders of Jewish religious communities, and it is both fatuous and self-defeating not to acknowledge this openly and draw the necessary consequences -- for example, establishing friendly and harmonious and respectful relationships and working together, all of us, towards those Jewish communal and global goals that we share and that unite us inextricably and indissolubly ....
From 2003 until 2008, the Gentoo Reference Platform ( GRP ) was a snapshot of prebuilt packages that users could quickly install during the Gentoo installation process, to give faster access to fully functional Gentoo installation.
* From a functional perspective, the focus is on how entities like businesses or state authorities are used.
From the ENCODE project, scientists have found about 20 % of the TARS were produced from previously unidentified ‘ potential unborn genes ’ which says that there are functional pseudogenes inside these regions.
From a genetic point of view, aversion to breeding with close relatives results in fewer congenital diseases, because, where one gene is faulty, there is a greater chance that the other-being from a different line-is of another functional type and can take over.
From the mid-19th century through the mid-20th, the neighborhood served as the functional equivalent of both a " railroad suburb " and a " streetcar suburb " of Center City ; although it was part of Philadelphia, and not a suburb, it was a leafy outlying part functioning much like a commuter town.
From a functional standpoint, they can be regarded as the semiconductor analog to photomultipliers.
From this, one immediately has the functional equation of the zeta function also, as well as another means to extend the definition of eta to the entire complex plane.
From this quote it is clear that Hobbes contended that people in a state of nature ceded their individual rights to create sovereignty, retained by the state, in return for their protection and a more functional society.
From a functional perspective, throw pillows may provide back, neck and head support, although some throw pillows are very uncomfortable.
From this density, the functional action can be constructed by integrating over spacetime
From the beginning, the process of appointing NMPs has been weighted towards functional representation of discrete interests.
From this study, it is suggested that the " true " action of the supraspinatus is to hold the capsule in position to allow greater functional strength and stamina of the deltoid muscle.
From these two sites, only one was functional.

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