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From and home
From there, his body was taken to the home of Colonel William Inge, which had been his headquarters in Corinth.
From 1969 to 1993, home field advantage was alternated between divisions each year regardless of regular season record and from 1995 to 1997 home field advantage was predetermined before the season.
From 1969-1993, home field advantage alternated between the two divisions, and from 1995-1997 home field advantage was predetermined before the season.
From 1995 to 1997 they played all their games there, from 1998 to 2000 they split their home matches between Murrayfield and Glasgow's Hampden Park, then moved to Glasgow full-time, with one final Murrayfield appearance in 2002.
From the 2008 – 09 season to the 2011 – 12 season, England's home qualifiers and friendlies both home and away are being shown live on ITV.
From 2007 – 2011, the Essendon clash guernsey was the same design as its home guernsey, but with a substantially wider sash such that the guernsey was predominantly red rather than predominantly black.
From the mid-1940s through the early 1950s, he and Blair organized weekly parties at their Beverly Hills home, and they often played an intensely competitive and physical version of charades, known as " The Game ".
From there, Fox sent an epistle to Friends spelling out the role of women's meetings in the Quaker marriage ceremony, a point of controversy when he returned home.
From the 1920s until the late 1980s, the town of Borehamwood was home to one of the major British film studio complexes, including the MGM-British Studios.
From the 1950s onwards London became home to a large number of immigrants, largely from Commonwealth countries such as Jamaica, India, Bangladesh Pakistan, which dramatically changed the face of London, turning it into one of the most diverse cities in Europe.
From 2008 until 2010 the Jaguars wore teal for all home games.
From 1996 to 2007, the Wizards played home games in Arrowhead Stadium, the American football stadium mainly used by the Kansas City Chiefs.
From 1971 to 1975, Moon owned Tara, a home in Chertsey, where he lived with his wife and daughter.
From their ranks came the men and women who returned home and took command of the party apparatus during the 1960s, led an effective insurgency against Lon Nol from 1968 until 1975, and established the regime of Democratic Kampuchea.
From 1961 – 1966, the American TV network NBC carried a karaoke-like series, Sing Along with Mitch, featuring host Mitch Miller and a chorus, which superimposed the lyrics to their songs near the bottom of the TV screen for home audience participation.
From 1925 to 1932 it became the maternity home of the Bergheim district, and after the war served for a time as a shelter for war refugees.
One story from the work entitled From My People describes a slave who went out and sought a mojo conjurer that gave him a mojo to run away from home.
From the team's first season in 1961 to 1982, the team had called Metropolitan Stadium in suburban Bloomington home.
From the start, the Vikings embraced an energetic marketing program that produced first-year season ticket sales of nearly 26, 000 and an average home attendance of 34, 586, about 85 percent of the capacity of 40, 800 for Metropolitan Stadium.
From the many subsequent periods before the ascendency of the Neo-Assyrian Empire Mesopotamian art survives in a number of forms: cylinder seals, relatively small figures in the round, and reliefs of various sizes, including cheap plaques of moulded pottery for the home, some religious and some apparently not.
From 1975 until his death in 1996, he and his wife spent their winters at a second home in Palm Springs, California, USA.
From 1964 to 2008, the Mets ' home ballpark was Shea Stadium.

From and traveled
From Cyprus they went to the port of Antioch in Syria, and thence traveled for a year to the Khan's court, going ten leagues ( 55. 56 kilometers ) per day.
From the 13th to 15th centuries cannon armed Chinese ships also traveled throughout Southeast Asia.
From May 1828, until February 1829, he traveled with Roderick Impey Murchison ( 1792 – 1871 ) to the south of France ( Auvergne volcanic district ) and to Italy.
From 1717, he traveled to Berlin, Halle, Leipzig, Dresden, Copenhagen, and also to his hometown, where his brother still lived.
From India, the ex-king traveled to Europe and settled in Italy, and later in Switzerland.
From there, the students traveled to other places and spread the use of their alphabet.
From 1830 to 1832, Morse traveled and studied in Europe to improve his painting skills, visiting Italy, Switzerland and France.
From 1851 to 1853, Truth worked with Marius Robinson, the editor of the Ohio Anti-Slavery Bugle, and traveled around that state speaking.
From the 1870s onwards, the word torpedo was increasingly used only to describe self-propelled projectiles that traveled under or on water.
From his fourth voyage, he brought envoys from thirty states who traveled to China and paid their respects at the Ming court.
From India it traveled to East Africa and West Africa.
From 1931 until 1935, he traveled to and studied in Wilno, Vienna, Zurich, Paris, and Cambridge, England.
From there they traveled directly south to Sarajevo and from there to Dubrovnik ( Ragusa ) on the coast, actually in Croatia.
From 1781 to 1783, Ann Lee and some of her followers traveled on an extended missionary tour of New England, gathering converts and establishing a network of followers.
From Egypt, he then traveled north to Cyzicus, located on the south shore of the Sea of Marmara, the Propontis.
From the heart, the air traveled to every member through the arteries.
From this base HBC trapping parties traveled throughout the Cascades in search of beaver and other fur-bearing animals.
From 1849 to 1851 Bremer traveled by herself in the United States.
From 1852 to 1855, Moritz Wagner and Carl Scherzer traveled to Central America, arriving in Guatemala City in early May 1854.
From 1944, she directed research for the Commission of European Jewish Cultural Reconstruction and traveled frequently to Germany in this capacity.
From 1913 to 1915 Picabia traveled to New York City several times and took active part in the avant-garde movements, introducing Modern art to America.
From Saint-Denis, Stephan traveled around France, spreading his messages as he went, promising to lead charges of Christ to Jerusalem.
From the turn of the century, the # 40 " interurban " streetcar traveled through Millbrae, linking the city with San Francisco and San Mateo.
From there he traveled to Berkeley, where he met artist Clyfford Still, and the two began a close friendship.

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