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from Brown Corpus
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From and Palazzo
From 1666, the award winner could win a stay of three to five years at the Palazzo Mancini in Rome at the expense of the King of France.
From 1589-92, the three Carraccis completed the frescoes on the Founding of Rome for Palazzo Magnani in Bologna.
From 1481 to 1485, he was employed on frescoes in the Sala dell ' Orologio of the Palazzo Vecchio ; for its Sala del Giglio he frescoed an Apotheosis of St. Zenobius ( 1482 ), an over-life-sized work with an elaborate architectural framework, figures of Roman heroes, and other secular details, striking in its perspective and structural / compositional skill.
From Bacon to Now ‑ The Outsider in British Figuration, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence
Keith Patrick, Maité Lores: From Bacon to Now ‑ The Outsider in British Figuration, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence
From 1908 to 1938, the city used it to house its Museum of the Risorgimento, which was moved to the Palazzo Carignano in 1938.
From Venice, Cockerell visited Andrea Palladio's buildings along the Brenta ( river ) and at Vicenza, passing on to Mantua and the Palazzo del Te, Parma, Milan, Genoa and back to Rome from where he set off in March 1817 to return home via Paris.
From the end of the sixeenth century, at first in interiors such as the Palazzo Sampieri, Bologna, where Annibale Carracci provided overdoor paintings, they developed into a minor genre of their own, in which the trompe l ' oeil representations of stone bas-reliefs, or vases of flowers, in which Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer specialized, were heightened by sotto in su perspective, in which the light was often painted to reproduce the light, diffused from below, that was entering the room from its windows.

From and you
`` From now on, Sally and me and her folks aim to give you our turn when it comes up and fall in behind you and Rod's outfit ''.
From here you can easily include a side trip to the old whaling port of Nantucket, Massachusetts, which looks just as it must have two centuries ago.
From the curio cabinet on its south wall and the bureaus beneath, you abstracted seventeen ivory, metal, wood, and stone sculptures of Oriental and African origin, two snuffboxes, and a jade-handled magnifying glass.
From the back left of the painting you can see the artist himself looking out at the viewer, and the painting behind the family depicts Lot and his daughters, thus once again echoing the underlying message of corruption and gat.
From the steamboat's cabin Kurtz was placed in, he is heard yelling at the manager: "' Save me !— save the ivory, you mean.
And He is called Angel and Apostle ; for He declares whatever we ought to know, and is sent forth to declare whatever is revealed ; as our Lord Himself says, “ He that heareth Me, heareth Him that sent Me .” From the writings of Moses also this will be manifest ; for thus it is written in them, “ And the Angel of God spoke to Moses, in a flame of fire out of the bush, and said, I am that I am, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, the God of thy fathers ; go down into Egypt, and bring forth My people .” And if you wish to learn what follows, you can do so from the same writings ; for it is impossible to relate the whole here.
From there, you are likely to be referred to a neurologist or a neuromuscular specialist.
From there, depending of your order of operation, you can break out the rollers and being rolling the large open space on each wall space.
Chicago Jazz wrote: " From the first note of Jazz Impressions, you know you're in for something interesting and different.
From this new point when reached, march on again according to the number indicated, and continue on, following the requirements of the numbers reached, until you come upon a square with a number which will carry you just one step beyond the border, when you are supposed to be out of the woods and can holler all you want, as you will have solved the puzzle.
From licenses MR and upward there is also a " B " Condition which may apply to your license if you do your testing in a Synchromesh or Automatic Transmission Vehicle.
Remarkable to many was the sudden exhibition of homosexual affection in public, as described by one witness: " From going to places where you had to knock on a door and speak to someone through a peephole in order to get in.
From 2010 Oyster Pay as you go can be used on all National Rail services within London.
From your perspective as the borrower, this is identical to a standard loan where you are not taxed when you get the loan, but you have to pay it back with taxed dollars.
From December to March the weather is unsettled and usually rainy and windy but you can also often expect great amounts of sunshine averaging around 5 hours a day.
In 1953 Kjell Askildsen debuted with the short story collection Heretter følger jeg deg helt hjem ( From now on I'll walk you all the way home ).

From and continue
From there, he was sent to the Theresianum at Vienna to continue his studies.
From the Black Sea, trade could continue to Asia along the Silk Road, another ancient trade route.
From this, it might be wondered why any rational government would engage in actions that cause or continue hyperinflation.
From that time, the Taborites lost their importance, though the Hussite movement would continue in Poland for another five years, until the Royalist forces of Poland defeated the Polish Hussites at the Battle of Grotniki.
From the astronomical perspective, days continue to lengthen from equinox to solstice and summer days progressively shorten after the solstice, so meteorological summer encompasses the build-up to the longest day and a diminishing thereafter, with summer having many more hours of daylight than spring.
From the ages of thirteen to sixteen he was second violinist in the Orchestre du Capitole de Toulouse, and he would continue to play the violin as an avocation for the rest of his life.
From the mouth of the Yonne, larger ships can continue upstream to Nogent-sur-Seine.
From there, where the Braddock Road turned north to Pittsburgh, the Cumberland Road would continue west to Wheeling, West Virginia ( then part of Virginia ), also on the Ohio River.
From the 1990s, scrubs became popular in Britain, having first appeared in the USA ; however some nurses in Britain continue to wear dresses, although some NHS trusts have removed them in favour of scrubs as in many other countries.
From this intersection the three highways, continue southwest towards Blanchard and further on to Chickasha in Grady County.
From Amsterdam Centraal these Intercity trains continue trough Utrecht Centraal either to Eindhoven and Maastricht or to Arnhem and Nijmegen.
From 1967 Braathens SAFE was granted permission to continue their service between Bergen, Ålesund and Trondheim northwards to Bodø Airport and Tromsø Airport.
The remaining members announced that the band name Heavenly was to be retired, but that they would continue, using the name Marine Research, a moniker under which they released a single album, 1999's Sounds From The Gulf Stream, on K Records ( it was not released separately in Britain ).
From a stop at University Boulevard, the line would head along Fletcher Road and Lower Road to a stop at Middle Street, then continue along Middle Street to a " Beeston Town Centre " stop near the existing bus station.
From the place of safety they would continue the work and prepare to help Christ establish Utopia upon His return.
From this point, County Routes 526 and 571 continue along the right-of-way towards U. S. Route 130.
" John Rewald, one of the first professional art historians to focus on the birth of early modern art, limited the scope to the years between 1886 and 1892 in his pioneering publication on Post-Impressionism: From Van Gogh to Gauguin ( 1956 ): Rewald considered it to continue his History of Impressionism ( 1946 ), and pointed out that a " subsequent volume dedicated to the second half of the post-impressionist period "— Post-Impressionism: From Gauguin to Matisse — was to follow, extending the period covered to other artistic movements derived from Impressionism and confined to the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
From 1834 until his death, he was faithfully cared for by his housekeeper, Jeanne-Marie le Guillou, who zealously guarded his privacy, and whose devotion prolonged his life and his ability to continue working in his later years.
From then, the antics of this mouse and " Kat " would continue in the bottom portion of The Dingbat Family.
His best-selling book, Man's Search for Meaning ( published under a different title in 1959: From Death-Camp to Existentialism, and originally published in 1946 as Trotzdem Ja Zum Leben Sagen: Ein Psychologe erlebt das Konzentrationslager ), chronicles his experiences as a concentration camp inmate which led him to discover the importance of finding meaning in all forms of existence, even the most sordid ones, and thus a reason to continue living.
To continue the story a bit further: From 1744 to 1746 La Vérendrye's position in the west was held by Nicolas-Joseph de Noyelles de Fleurimont who accomplished little.
From 1800 it was impossible for Cadoudal to continue to wage open war, so he centered his efforts on conspiracies.

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