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From and Thames
From the roundabout are four exits ; one to the high street, one to Kingston upon Thames, and two others which go to the main A3 London to Portsmouth Road which has been the main route from the south of England docks to Central London for several hundred years.
From these points around Blackheath at above sea level, south of the River Thames, the route heads east through Charlton.
* Wilson, David M .; Anglo-Saxon Art: From The Seventh Century To The Norman Conquest, Thames and Hudson ( US edn.
From the ponds the water flows underground for to join the River Thames.
From Bristol to Bath the waterway follows the natural course of the River Avon before the canal links it to the River Kennet at Newbury, and from there to Reading on the River Thames.
From Painshill Park the river flows northwestwards towards the Thames, passing West End Common and at Esher the mean flow of the river is.
From over 600, 000 years ago, during the Pleistocene ice age, until the Anglian Stage around 478, 000 to 424, 000 years ago, the early River Thames flowed through the area where Chelmsford now stands, from Harlow to Colchester, before crossing what is now the North Sea to become a tributary of the Rhine.
From there the river flows through Marlborough, Hungerford and Newbury before flowing into the Thames on the reach above Sonning Lock at Reading in Berkshire.
From there the line was to continue as a single tunnel under the River Thames to Waterloo.
From ancient times, at least early as the Iron Age period ( before the Roman invasion of 43 AD ) and through Anglo-Saxon times, it stretched from Berkshire through Oxfordshire and crossed the River Thames at Cholsey, near Wallingford.
From the City of London, via the Thames Conservancy, the PLA has inherited ownership of the bed of the river and foreshore from Teddington to the Yantlet Line ( between Southend and Grain ).
* Mascetti, Daniela and Triossi, Amanda, Earrings: From Antiquity to the Present, Thames and Hudson, 1999.
From the twelfth century onwards large mansions lined the Strand including several palaces and townhouses inhabited by bishops and royal courtiers, mostly located on the south side, with their own river gates and landings directly on the Thames.
* Wilson, David M., Anglo-Saxon Art: From The Seventh Century To The Norman Conquest, 1984, Thames and Hudson ( US edn.
* Wilson, David M .; Anglo-Saxon Art: From The Seventh Century To The Norman Conquest, Thames and Hudson ( US edn.
From 1869 onwards the MBW acquired all the private bridges crossing the River Thames and freed them of tolls.
* Wilson, David M .; Anglo-Saxon Art: From The Seventh Century To The Norman Conquest, Thames and Hudson ( US edn.
From Battersea Bridge in the west, the Thames Embankment includes sections of Cheyne Walk, Chelsea Embankment, Grosvenor Road, Millbank and Victoria Tower Gardens.
From 1989 to 1998, she was a Manager at Thames Water.
From 1989 – 1993, she was Head of the Faculty of Advanced Nursing at Queen Charlotte's College in Hammersmith ( now part of Thames Valley University ) and she also served as General Secretary of the Community and District Nursing Association.
From the top of the Derby Road Bridge in Grays one can look down to Thurrock Yacht Club, Grays Beach children's playground and the River Thames where one can occasionally see large ships travelling up and down.
From 1987 until his death from motor neurone disease, Trethowan was chairman of Thames Television.
From the beginning of World War I regular patrols were made along the Thames estuary from this station, as part of English Channel defences.
From London to Didcot, the line follows the Thames Valley, crossing the River Thames three times, including on the famous Maidenhead Railway Bridge.

From and Lock
From Teddington Lock to the head of navigation, the navigation authority is the Environment Agency.
From Bath to Netham Lock where it divides into the New Cut and the Floating Harbour is.
From Kings Norton Junction at the northern end the canal immediately passes through the unusual King's Norton Stop Lock, the only guillotine-gated stop-lock on a canal.
* Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels-Music From The Motion Picture ( 1999 )
He is known for his film work, which has included roles in British films such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels ( 1998 ) and Snatch ( 2000 ), both for Guy Ritchie, as well as Hollywood productions such as Rob Roy ( 1995 ) along with the Alan Moore comic book adaptations From Hell ( 2001 ) and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ( 2003 ).
From left: Singaporean Chief Minister David Marshall ( Singaporean politician ) | David Marshall, Tunku and Tan Cheng Lock at the Baling Talks, December 1955.
From the head of navigation at Cricklade to the start of the tidal section at Teddington Lock, the river is managed by the Environment Agency, which has the twin responsibilities of managing the flow of water to control flooding and provide navigable water depths and also regulating and promoting navigation on the river.
From north to south along State Route 66, one can see pieces of the original canal in Delphos, at a small historic park located at the " Deep Cut ," in Spencerville, Lock Two ( a hamlet mostly consisting of period brick buildings ), New Bremen, Minster, Fort Loramie, and Piqua.
From the sea, it followed the River Blyth until it reached the Town River, which it followed to Halesworth Lock.
From 2006 a large indoor market hall was constructed in a yard between the Camden Lock Market and the Stables Market that was previously used for open air stalls.
From Reading the race follows the non-tidal River Thames for through Henley-on-Thames, Marlow, Maidenhead, Windsor, Staines and Kingston before reaching the tidal River Thames at Teddington Lock.
From Lock 4 to Lock 5, complete with weir, to the north is a quiet public park, again worth visiting on foot or bicycle.
From behind the veil of time, Vector Prime ’ s spirit reached out to bolster Optimus Prime in his moment of need within the black hole, as he finally reacquired the Cyber Planet Keys and Omega Lock, enabling Primus to finally seal the threat.

From and canal
From Okhla the canal follows the high land between the Khari-Nadi and the Yamuna and finally joins the Banganga river about below Agra.
From 1930 to 1931 the US Army Corp of Engineers survey team of 300 men, surveyed the route of any future canal, called the Forty-Niners route because it followed closely the route that miners took in the 1840s California Gold Rush.
From 1880 to 1889, the French Compagnie Universelle du Canal Interocéanique under the direction of Ferdinand de Lesseps, who had successfully built the Suez Canal, attempted to construct a sea-level canal in the same general area as the present Panama Canal.
From its origin at the Delta the canal runs some southwards through the west side of the San Joaquin Valley, providing irrigation water to farmlands along its length.
From the circular canal two sac-like projections called the lemnisci run into the cavity of the body, alongside the proboscis cavity.
From Norton to Foxton, the route is a narrow canal.
From below Foxton to Leicester it is a wide canal.
From here the canal follows the course of the River Bulbourne through Bourne End with the well-known swingbridge at Winkwell, and the " Port of Berkhamsted ".
From Milton Keynes, the canal is planned to pass beneath the M1 utilising an existing cattle creep, then cross over Brogborough Hill, and across the Marston Vale through to the River Great Ouse in Kempston.
From here to Linqing, the canal is called the Lu or ‘ Shandong ’ Canal.
From east to west the towns along the path of the canal include:
From a legal standpoint Nasser had the right to nationalize the canal as long as he paid off its shareholders.
From the pinna the sound pressure waves move into the ear canal, a simple tube running through the middle ear.
From about 1854 to 1900, an industrial complex existed in and around Columbia, Marietta and Wrightsville that included 11 anthracite iron furnaces and related structures, as well as canal and railroad facilities servicing them.
From the 1840s to 1913, canal boats carried Shelby County's products to Cincinnati or Toledo.
From there the canal ran along the path of the current Roaring Run Trail, through the entire length of the Borough, entering the Kiskiminetas River again across the river from where the current borough of East Vandergrift is situated.
From Old Turn Junction, 13 locks drop the level of the canal by, after which there is a short flat stretch from St Chads Cathedral to Aston Junction.
From the Strood basin ( centre right ), the canal disappeared almost immediately into the tunnel
From the Gravesend basin, the canal began with a straight section aligned with New Tavern Fort, Gravesend.
From the beginning the canal was plagued with various problems, and in 1827 the Portsea section of the canal had to be drained due to complaints about salt water contamination in some of Portsmouth's wells.

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