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From and autumn
From January 1925 to the autumn of 1926, he stayed at the University of Florence.
From spring to autumn, several festivals take place in Meissen, such as the pottery market or the Weinfest, which celebrates the wine harvest.
From mid-summer to early autumn, the vines can produce small fruit that take the same color as the vine, and are approximately the size of a common pea.
On 12 January 1533 he writes from Bologna, in attendance upon Pope Clement VII From the autumn of 1533 he made Naples his permanent residence, his name being Italianized as Valdésso and Val d ' Esso.
From late September through early November, the area experiences an abrupt autumn during which normal temperatures drop very rapidly and cloudy, wet weather quickly picks up.
From autumn 2004 to April 2005 he was the resident restaurant critic of The Guardian's Saturday magazine supplement.
From the autumn of 1929 until the summer of 1931, each Gregorian calendar year was usually divided into 72 five-day weeks (= 360 days ), three of which were split into two partial weeks by five national holidays.
From the autumn of 1791 on, the king tied his hopes of political salvation to the dubious prospects of foreign intervention.
From autumn to spring it hunts mainly on wood-living insect larvae, frequently from thin dead branches in living trees.
From the autumn of 1927, Bacon stayed at the Paris Hôtel Delambre in Montparnasse.
From the autumn of 1919 onwards, the RIC was forced to abandon its barracks in isolated areas.
From the spring to autumn each year Church would travel, often by foot, sketching.
From late spring to early autumn, the sulphur shelf thrives, making it a boon to mushroom hunters and a bane to those concerned about the health of their trees.
From the summer of 1920 on she abandoned her poetry until August 1922 ; during the autumn and winter she wrote her final poems, stimulated by the review Ultra ; the short-lived review, started by Elmer Diktonius, Hagar Olsson and other young writers, was the first publication in Finland to embrace literary modernism and it hailed Edith as a pioneering genius and printed her new poems.
From this time until her death in the autumn, the queen remains inside the nest, laying eggs.
From the autumn of 1935, the projected work was called " SS-Schule Haus Wewelsburg " ( that is, " SS School, " House Wewelsburg ").
" From that time I was interrupted till this last autumn, when I made the other.
From autumn 2008, judges in all civil and family cases began to wear a newly designed robe with no wig, collar or bands, over an ordinary business suit and tie, with the exception of circuit judges in the county court, who opted to retain their former style or robe, but without wig, wing collar and bands.
From late autumn 1916 to 1918, during the World War I battles on the Romanian front, Piteşti was occupied by the troops of the Central Powers.
From the 1990s, Poon Choi became popular among urban dwellers and can also be enjoyed at many Cantonese restaurants in the autumn and winter or on special occasions throughout the year.
From autumn 1940, SM. 79s were used against the Kingdom of Greece, then Yugoslavia.
From autumn to spring a range of plant sizes can be found which may result in variable success from chemical control.
From autumn 1944 until the end of World War II in 1945 he took into his family Uta Ranke-Heinemann, who had fled the bombs and destruction in Essen.
From midsummer on to autumn, typhoons occasionally strike the area.
From the autumn of 1894, the hall was adopted as the venue for the annual winter season of concerts of the Philharmonic Society of London, which had formerly been held at St James's Hall.

From and 1909
From 1906 to 1909, Attlee worked as manager of Haileybury House, a charitable club for working class boys in Stepney in the East End of London run by his old school.
From 1909, they were managed by the Port of London Authority, or PLA, which amalgamated the companies in a bid to make the docks more efficient and improve labour relations.
From this province were detached the province of Lyon, called Occitania ( 1862 ), that of Toulouse ( 1869 ), and that of Canada ( 1909 ).
From 1909 a small number of American films, and even one or two European ones, came to include a few dialogue titles, or " spoken titles " as they were called at the time.
From the eleventh century they rested at the church of Saint Adalbert, now Saint Bartholomew, on the island in the Tiber in Rome ; in 1908 Pope Pius X permitted them to be translated to the new Cathedral at Nola, where they were reinterred on May 15, 1909.
From 1909 to 1912, rewards were offered for a living specimen no specimens were found.
From 1909, Albert attended the Royal Naval College, Osborne, as a naval cadet.
From 1909 – 1912, Kilmer was employed by Funk and Wagnalls, which was preparing an edition of The Standard Dictionary that would be published in 1912.
From 1909 to 1912 he studied at University College, Oxford in England, where he was a member of the Bullingdon club and established the Oxford University Russian Society.
From 1895 until 1909, Latrobe was the home of the Latrobe Athletic Association, one of the earliest professional football teams.
From 1895 until his return to Paris in 1909, the Nadar photo studio was in Marseilles ( France ).
From 1909 to 1951, Charles G. Dawes lived in this Charles G. Dawes House | house at 225 Greenwood St. in Evanston, Illinois, which was built in 1894 by Robert Sheppard.
From 1906 to 1909, Clement Attlee worked as manager of Haileybury House, a club for working class boys in Limehouse run by his old school.
From 1909, he came under the influence of the Cubists and the Golden Section ( Section d ' Or ).
From 1909 to 1916 Gilman single-handedly wrote and edited her own magazine, The Forerunner, in which much of her fiction appeared.
From 1852 to 1909, steamboats made regular trips up the Colorado River from Port Isabel, Sonora, passing Hardyville regularly.
From 1909 to 1972, it was the home of Miltonvale Wesleyan College.
From 1887 to 1909, the city grew to become one of the largest lumber milling centers in the country and even had a population at the time of close to 3, 000 people.
From 1909 until 1970, Glencliff, located in the northern part of Warren, was the mailing address for the New Hampshire State Sanatorium, located over the town line in Benton, at an elevation of on the slopes of Mount Moosilauke.
From 1911 to 1925, attempts were made-which were ground-breaking for that time-to improve navigation for the Sassnitz-Trelleborg railway ferry, established in 1909, using the emission of radio waves.
From 1909 to 1919 the radial engine was overshadowed by its close relative, the rotary engine — which differed from the so-called " stationary " radial in that the crankcase and cylinders revolved with the propeller.
From 1901 until 1909 he was a professor at the prestigious institute at Göttingen, where he had the opportunity to work with some significant figures including David Hilbert and Hermann Minkowski.
From 1909 – 1916, he served as one of the Philippines ' two resident commissioners to the U. S. House of Representatives, lobbying for the passage of the Philippine Autonomy Act or Jones Law.
From 1905 to 1907 Bethmann Hollweg served as Prussian Minister of Interior, then as Imperial State Secretary for the Interior from 1907 to 1909.
From 1909 – 1910, his brother Monte Attell, called the " Nob Hill Terror ", held the Bantamweight Championship, making them the first brothers to hold world titles simultaneously.

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