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From and dated
From his Transylvanian period dates Alsted's Prodromus ( printed 1641, but dated 1635 ).
From chat logs dated 4 November 1999 and 25 November 1999, it appears that " the nomad " carried through the reverse engineering process on a Xing player, which he characterized as illegal.
From 1372 John gathered around himself a small court of refugee Castilian knights and ladies and set up a Castilian chancery which prepared documents in his name according to the style of Pedro I of Castile, dated by the Castilian era and signed by himself with the Spanish formula ' Yo El Rey ' ( I, the King ).
From the Hansard Records of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, dated Monday, June 14, 2010, it is clear that the boundaries of the proposed Upper Fort Garry Heritage Provincial Park, described in Bill 27 – The Upper Fort Garry Heritage Provincial Park Act then under consideration, would not include the Manitoba Club building.
From another point of view, however, these two poems 16 and 17 are supremely interesting, since they are the only ones which can be dated.
From the magazine issue dated January 26, 2009.
Goebbels wrote the following paragraph in an article dated 12 January 1941, 16 years after Hitler's first use of the phrase " big lie ," titled " Aus Churchills Lügenfabrik " and translated " From Churchill's Lie Factory.
From 1670 to 1684 dated pennies were produced each year, showing the king facing right with the inscription, while the reverse shows a crowned " C " with the inscription.
From the internal testimony of the texts, the individual books of the 27-book New Testament canon are likely dated to the 1st century CE.
From 2000 to 2004, de Rossi dated singer Francesca Gregorini, the daughter of Barbara Bach and the stepdaughter of Ringo Starr.
From certain indications in the latter and the evidence of some odd leaves discovered by David Laing, it has been concluded that there was an earlier Edinburgh edition, which has been ascribed to Thomas Davidson, printer, and dated c. 1540.
* The Dangerous Lives Of Doves in Israel By Kevin Peraino | NEWSWEEK Published 10 Jan 2009 From the magazine issue dated 19 Jan 2009
From www. collectionscanada. gc. ca Gordon and Gotch map of Montreal dated 1924.
From 1979-1981 she dated and became engaged to Girl frontman and future L. A.
From a New York newspaper dated 1831:
From 1966 all annuals were dated.
From a manuscript dated circa 1200.
From Virginia, his first letter to Dr Morison at the Oxford Physic Garden was dated 1679: in it he listed the bounty of American oaks that would supplement Britain's impoverished flora: dwarf, black, white, red, Spanish, chestnut, live or willow, shrubby.
From 1996 to November 2003, Parker dated actor Billy Crudup, with whom she had a son, William Atticus Parker, born on January 7, 2004 ( Crudup had left her two months earlier ).
From 1996 to November 2003, Crudup dated actress Mary-Louise Parker, with whom he has a son, William Atticus Parker, born on January 7, 2004.
From 1988 to 1991, Paradis dated French singer Florent Pagny.
From 2002 to 2007, Jenkins dated Vanessa Carlton.
From 1998 to 2001, Kay dated Denise Van Outen.
( From Railway Herald dated 28 September 2008.

From and poems
The details of the setting of `` Neutral Tones '' are not, strictly speaking, metaphorical, but they combine to create a mood which is appropriate both to a dismal winter day and to the end of love, and in this way love and weather, the emotions and the elements, symbolize each other in a way that is common to many of Hardy's best poems ( `` Weathers '', `` The Darkling Thrush '', and `` During Wind and Rain '', for example ) and to some moving passages in the novels as well ( Far From The Madding Crowd is full of scenes constructed in this way ).
Mácha also authored a collection of autobiographical sketches titled Pictures From My Life, the 1835 – 36 novel Cikáni ( Gypsies ), and several individual poems, as well as a journal in which, among other things, he detailed his sexual encounters with Šomková.
Lawson is widely regarded as one of Australia's greatest writers of short stories, while Paterson's poems The Man From Snowy River and Clancy of the Overflow remain amongst the most popular Australian bush poems.
" Stevens demanded the removal of the poems " A Woman Waits for Me " and " To a Common Prostitute ", as well as changes to " Song of Myself ", " From Pent-Up Aching Rivers ", " I Sing the Body Electric ", " Spontaneous Me ", " Native Moments ", " The Dalliance of the Eagles ", " By Blue Ontario ’ s Shore ", " Unfolded Out of the Folds ", " The Sleepers ", and " Faces ".
From May to September 1912 he traveled — again on foot — from Illinois to New Mexico, trading his poems for food and lodging.
Around 1918 he visited her house and was so taken with the simplicity of the décor he was inspired to write the poems De Outremer à indigo ( From ultramarine to indigo ).
From this point on, he began signing his poems with the name Sōseki, which is a Chinese idiom meaning " stubborn ".
From the age of 14, Nazeer began reading poetry and he wrote many poems himself, especially between 1946 and 1962.
From 1785 to 1795 he published in two volumes a collection of original poems, to which he afterwards made many additions.
From his knowledge of classical literature came several poems from this volume, including a poetic drama based on the murder of Agamemnon by Clytemnestra, and a cycle of seven poems, each for one of the Muses.
From the 10th century, the poems begin to syncretize pagan and Christian elements.
* Canadian Poetry Online: Roo Borson-Biography and 6 poems ( Camouflage, Ten Thousand, Loyalties, Summer's Drug, Save Us From, Leaving the Island )
From 1700 he initiated what has been called a " successful racket " where he would write occasional poems, typically eulogistic or nuptial verse, have them bound up in notably ostentatious armorial bindings, which he would send to the wealthy person whose arms he used.
From the summer of 1920 on she abandoned her poetry until August 1922 ; during the autumn and winter she wrote her final poems, stimulated by the review Ultra ; the short-lived review, started by Elmer Diktonius, Hagar Olsson and other young writers, was the first publication in Finland to embrace literary modernism and it hailed Edith as a pioneering genius and printed her new poems.
From that period until 1870, besides his original poems, he made many translations to Serbian from Hungarian of works by Sándor Petőfi and János Arany, two of the greatest Hungarian poets, from Russian of the works of Lermontov,
From the mid 1930s, Niedecker moved away from surrealism and started writing poems that engaged more directly with social and political realities and on her own immediate rural surroundings.
From the 6th to 12th century CE, the Tamil devotional poems written by Nayanmars ( sages of Shaivism ) and ( Alvars, sages of Vaishnavism ) heralded the great Bhakti movement which later engulfed the entire Indian subcontinent.
He published a series of books of and about Belizean literature, including " Literature and Education in Belize ", " Creole Proverbs of Belize ", " From One Caribbean Corner " and " Caribbean Corner Calling ", the last two containing poems in English and Belize Creole.
Armantrout's poems have appeared in many anthologies, including In The American Tree ( National Poetry Foundation ), Language Poetries ( New Directions ), Postmodern American Poetry: A Norton Anthology, From the Other Side of the Century ( Sun & Moon ), Out of Everywhere ( Reality Street ), American Women Poets in the 21st Century: Where Language Meets the Lyric Tradition, ( Wesleyan, 2002 ), The Oxford Book of American Poetry ( Oxford, UP, 2006 ) and The Best American Poetry of 1988, 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2007.
From 1848 to 1853 he submitted a number of poems to the Southern Literary Messenger under the pen name Aglaus, where he attracted some attention for his abilities.

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